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Chapter 59: Children from Vassal Families! Being talked about!

Chapter 59

In the future, if he bound himself to another target specializing in another weapon, style, and art, he would have difficulties adapting to that if he were not already accustomed.

Thus, it was important for him to learn these things himself and put some effort as well.

He must utilize the system to the best of its capabilities rather than just waiting for the rewards all the time.

He would become a useless person if he did that, which no one wanted.

Plus, it would be too boring for him.

The system only allocated the rewards when it was deemed so by the system's standards. And waiting for that would be quite risky, so he had no other choice but to train hard like everyone else did.

With this, he wouldn't feel bad in the future either; he was like that; if he kept receiving rewards with no effort, he would feel a lack of confidence when facing those who had put in efforts for the power.

He made sure to train harder than others for the great power he gains.

"The demon hunt is on the edge now; I can only wait to see what will happen there…"

He had some concerns, from his sudden participation to the schemes the higher-ups have been cooking and how he might get dragged into unnecessary conflicts and troubles.

He could only wait and see what would happen on the site of the trial itself instead of overthinking.

It was time for others to know about him… the clan was going to know about the hidden existence that they have all ignored so far…

It was time…


In the central area of the clan

A group of people were gathered in a place some distance away from the residential area.

The most noticeable feature in the group was the presence of many children.

They were the children of the Mystic Purge Clan, specifically from the direct lineage of the family.

There were a total of 20 children, 8 from the main family and the rest from the vassal families.

What were the children from vassal families doing in there?

It was an opportunity; a great opportunity for them to make their families climb higher in the hierarchy and maintain a closer bond with the main heirs of the clan.

Not only that, it was witnessed that the rewards for the event were always very extravagant and mouth-watering.

Even experts and veterans would crave such rewards in the outside world that were being spent on growing children.

The Mystic Purge Clan rewarded generously to those who had strength.

Oliver reached the venue promptly, and no sooner did he reach, he received all sorts of stares from the present individuals.

"Look over there, who's he?"

A child from a vessel family asked his neighbor.

"He has white hair… is he from the main lineage?"

"But I never knew about him? My dad informed me about all the heirs and I thoroughly learned about them… if it was someone familiar, I would have recognized?"

"Uhh, I cannot sense any espera from him too. He's not weak, is he?" Someone questioned.

"I know, from my sources, he's the isolated one. I think his name is Oliver. The clan has some rumors that he has no talent and was thus isolated to save shame on the clan's name."

A somewhat taller kid said as he looked at others, his voice had a hint of contempt. Naturally, they all have been raised to value strength and power above everything else and would look down on the weak.

He did not seem to fear the consequences of belittling a main heir of the clan, knowing Oliver's meager status in the clan, he believed that no one would say anything to him.

The others who heard this were either shocked or seemed to be aware of it already.

Immediately murmurs filled the group of children…

"What a joke! To think there was someone like this in the main family of the clan."

"Seriously, why are they even letting him live in the clan's estate? Kick him out already."

"My parents would have disowned me had I been born without any talent!"

"Fucking bastard, enjoying clan's resources while being useless."

"Haha, even so, he has some guts to be able to participate in the demon hunt event! Does he not fear death or is he simply stupid enough to believe that he could have a chance here?" A kid couldn't help but be curious and ask.

Another one sneered as he replied, "You've got it wrong. It's not that he doesn't fear death but it's due to the clan's age-old tradition that all main heirs must participate in this event."

The murmurs kept getting heated about him; they simply did not care whether Oliver could hear them or not.

It was a rare opportunity that they got to trash talk about a main heir of the clan. It must be the first time ever that the children from the vassal families were bold enough to even speak ill of a main heir.

It was chilling!

Some still chose to remain silent and just observe the situation, and it was evident that the silent ones were the ones who were more influential and powerful than the ones chattering loudly.

Oliver ignored them just like he ignored poop on the streets.

He slowly distanced himself towards an alienated corner waiting for the elders to arrive.

"Ha? Look at this. Who do we have here?"

Oliver paused as he heard a familiar voice behind him; his blood started to boil as he instantly recognized the cocky voice.

It was the 3rd brother.

The bastard who had beaten him last time.

Oliver turned around and was now face-to-face against him.

He calmed his nerves down; this was an opportunity that he had been waiting for a long time.

This was the perfect place to get his revenge for last time.

"What are you looking at?"

Oliver looked to the side where the feminine voice came from; it was the 3rd sister.

Great, both of them were here.

It would be easier to crush them together.

"I asked, what are you looking at?"

The 3rd sister directly grabbed his collar when she saw Oliver ignoring her presence.

She felt as though she were being ignored by an ant.

Oliver said nothing and just looked at her with cold eyes.

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