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Once Bitten, Twice Shy Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Author: Shan Xi

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Chapter 1: Publicly Denounced Their Marriage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Mr. Timothy Barker, do you take Ms. Samantha Larsson to be your wife, to have and to hold, and to keep her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?"

Samantha Larsson's eyes were twinkling with excitement and anticipation. Finally, she was going to be his wife.

However, Timothy Barker still did not answer even as time passed by. Samantha looked at him with slight confusion, and their eyes coincidentally met.

His gaze was unfriendly and gloomy, lacking the gentle love it had before. In fact, there was a hint of puzzling indifference in it.

Timothy looked at her unsympathetically for a while. Then, he uttered those words coldly and clearly, "I don't!" 

An uproar erupted in the crowd.

Samantha was stunned. Her beautiful eyes widened, staring blankly at Timothy.

What was happening…

They had been dating for many years. Moreover, as soon as they reached the legal age, he proposed to her.

Samantha had always been the apple of Timothy's eyes!

However, when Samantha reached out to grab Timothy, he shook off her hand ruthlessly, as if he was throwing off something dirty. Samantha was caught off guard, and the force caused her to stagger two steps back, barely able to steady herself.

Next, Timothy announced, "The wedding is canceled. Furthermore, all collaboration between the Barkers and Larssons will cease from today onward!"

After saying that, he coldly peeped at Samantha as if he was mocking her, or maybe he was even laughing at himself. He did not say anything more and strode off.

Samantha stood there dumbfounded. The mocking chattering from all directions instantly drowned her. She felt a stiff cold as if thousands of swords were piercing her heart.

The Larsson family's daughter was dumped at her wedding, and the Barker family ended all the collaboration between them. To make things worse, the Larsson Group's stock price plummeted, their projects were suspended, and funds were cut off.

At home, her overwrought mother roared at her, "We've nurtured you for so many years, yet you turned out to be so useless! You can't even keep a man! Didn't you and Tim had sex? Why did he publicly denounce your marriage despite that? It's so humiliating to our family!"

Samantha's face was ashen when she heard such rude remarks, and she clenched her hands.

It was true. Their relationship had been great all these years. The night before their wedding, they even fell into a passionate abyss and they made love. Everything was going smoothly, and she still could not understand what she did wrong. Why did Timothy suddenly turn against her so ruthlessly!

At the Barker Group.

Previously, Samantha could smoothly enter and exit the building, yet that day, she was blocked by the guard at the entrance, making her wait for four hours at the door.

The sun was exceptionally scorching. Samantha waited until her face was flushed and she was sweating all over. Finally, she saw someone walking out.

It was Timothy's assistant. 

He stood in front of Samantha, and he sounded respectful and polite as he said, "Ms. Larsson, Mr. Barker ordered me to pass on a few words. He said he's bored with you and asked you not to show your face ever again!"

Samantha's face paled and her words were stuck in her throat, unable to say anything.

She did not expect that the man who treated her so tenderly and doted on her would say such hurtful words in a blink of an eye.

Samantha bit her lower lip as hard as she could, almost making it bled. Then, with great difficulty, she finally found her voice. "Then, please help me pass on some words to him… For the sake of our feelings for so many years…"

She suddenly stopped mid-sentence. Feelings… Hah! There were no feelings between them anymore…

Hence, she changed her words. "For the sake of our past as I've saved him once, please ask him to extend a hand to the Larssons. Then, I'll do as he wants, and I'll never appear in front of him again!"

Perhaps because Timothy really wanted to sever their relationship, the Barker Group gave the Larssons a sum of money in the name of funding. On the other hand, Samantha also fulfilled her promise and left to go abroad.

The loving relationship for the past few years was like a dream the completely dispersed as the wind blew. 

Two years later.

Samantha pulled her luggage and walked out of the airport. She stared at the strange but familiar city, and a complex feeling rose in her heart.

If it were not for her brother's health worsening, she would never return.

Moreover, there was also a reason that she was unwilling to admit… A few days ago, she received an anonymous email mentioning that Timothy's excuse was untrue. Two years ago, he said he was bored of her and broke off the engagement, but there was actually a secret! If she was really interested, she could investigate it, and she would find a big surprise! 

Her driver, Charlie, had been waiting for her at the entrance. Samantha got into the car, and they soon drove away.

The car was not heading toward the Larsson's residence or the hospital. However, more than an hour later, they stopped at a clubhouse.

Charlie monotonously informed her, "Ms. Larsson, Mr. Larsson is waiting for you inside."

Samantha frowned but did not question anything. Instead, she got out of the car blankly.

It was a private party, and there were not many attendees. Nonetheless, those present were all wealthy and respectable individuals.

Simon Larsson saw Samatha and hurriedly approached her. Without even greeting her, Simon immediately took out a key card and handed it to Samantha, ordering her, "Go and serve Mr. Godfrey. Our company's recovery depends on you."

Samantha's long and curly lashes fluttered. Even though she had expected that from Simon, she still felt disappointed when he said that.

Then, Samantha hid her self-deprecating gaze and looked at Simon, obediently answering him, "Alright, father."

After she said that, Samantha turned around and left.

Simon watched as the slender and beautiful Samantha walked away, and he smiled in satisfaction. 

Several men in luxurious clothing in a booth at the side saw the scene unfold in front of them. They all turned to the lanky figure hiding in the dark.

Timothy's handsome face was indifferent. In fact, there was no emotion in his eyes. It was as if Samantha was an unimportant stranger.

However, everyone ineffably felt a chill down their spines. 

Samantha took the key card and opened the door.

Mason Godfrey was only in a robe. When he saw her, his gaze was burning with lust, which he did not even try to hide. With his stout figure, he rushed toward Samantha. "Pretty lady, you're finally here!"

Mason reached out to her excitedly. His chubby hand grabbed Samantha's wrist, and he led her to the big bed.

Samatha let him guide her. She was even smiling when he pushed her onto the bed. 

Mason felt that he could not control himself anymore, and he impatiently threw himself at her.

However, in the next second, Samantha raised her hand, and Mason felt something piercing the side of his neck. Then, everything suddenly turned black as he felt his body weakening.

Samantha sat and kicked Mason, who had already passed out, down the bed. 

Her gaze was ice-cold.

Before she returned, she still had some hope for Simon. In the end, it seemed that she was nothing but a commodity in his eyes.

Nevertheless, Samantha was not the same person she was two years ago, and she would not be the obedient girl letting him mistreat her as he wished!

Then, Samatha harshly tossed the keycard onto Mason. After tidying her clothes, she walked out in her high heels.

As she walked out of the clubhouse's entrance, Samantha saw a tall man languidly leaning against a car. There was a cigarette between his slender fingers and wisps of smoke faintly floating around him.

His obsidian eyes turned to her, and there was a familiar gentle light in them.

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