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Chapter 19: Lougetown(1)

Lex and his crew traveled for a week and reached their first destination the Town of beginning and the end,"Lougetown".

Lex assembled his crew,"Ok people,we are docking in Lougetown for days, resupply here and enjoy your time I'll be back in 2 days".

As Lex finished talking the ship docked and he got out.

Lex jumped from his ship and started looking around,there were many shops and vendors near the harbour but nothing caught his eyes,he made his way through the crowd and after a few minutes made his way to the centre of the city, it was crowded and in the middle stood a long structure, it was the execution platform where the infamous "Gol .D.Roger" was executed.

The execution was magnificent, there were guards standing below it,Lex made his way through the hustle and bustle and stood right below it.

Lex was lost in his thoughts,"So this where the person who conquered the seven seas perished and gave hope to countless pirates... so anticlimactic, wherever it's of no use to me".

Lex left the execution platform and made his way towards the old district he had objectives

He walked to a narrow streets filled with dust and twisting and turning he reached his first destination a bar called 'Gold Rogers' with a smirk on his place Lex went in the building and climbed down and in the basement he saw a pathetic bar filled with dust and dirt with no view of any living person,all the furniture either broken or rusted.

Lex made his way to the bar counter and sat on the bar stool to the extreme left and glared at a able infront of him, there sat an old man wearing a white, red-hemmed shirt, earrings, necklace, hat, and glasses he looked sickly and with a glass of rum in his hand this was Raoul. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Raoul starred at Lex,"Brat what are you doing here? This bar is closed and you are too young to come here go away".

Lex smiled,"Wow old man no wonder you don't have customer with such a shitty attitude"

A vain popped on Raoul's head when he tried to reply Lex cut him,"Old man what's with that skull on the table? It's soo huge, whom did it belong to?".

Raoul controlled his anger and replied,"This skull belonged to 'Killer Giant' a villain who killed countless Pirates but he met his end at the hands of the Pirate King"....Raoul continued for half an hour taking all about Gol D Rogers and his exploits, Lex was not interested at all but kept nodding and acted excited.

Raoul seeing Lex's interest didn't stop but was stooped by a knock on the door.

Seeing the person enter both Raoul and Lex's face turned sour.

It was muscular, white-haired and brown-eyed man, with a distinct trait of smoking two cigars at once. He was wearing a large thick white and blue specialist marine jacket which he keeps open, with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists, and hem. The jacket beared the "justice" written on the back of it. Many cigars are strapped to the jacket. He carried a Seastone-tipped jitte weapon, He was "Smoker" the Marine captain and person in-charge of Lougetown.

Smoker blew a puff of smoke and looked around and spotted Raoul and Lex,"Hm old man looks like you got a customer" Raoul scoffed

Smoker turned to Lex,"Kid don't you know that only Marines are allowed here so you better go".

Lex was annoyed at this point,"Captain Somker I have some business with Raoul so run along now".

Raoul was looking at Lex surprised he had no clue what this kid wanted with him.

Smoker started laughing,"Kid if you know me then it might be good for you to leave"

Smoker used his Logia power and released some of his smoke which covered Lex and he meant to throw him out.

Lex seeing smoke surround himself smiled,"You Logia people think yourself high and mighty just because nobody can touch you,don't you?"

Lex used his haki and grabbed smoker which made Smoker drop his cigar to the ground in astonishment

"Baka how can you touch me? I'm made of Smoke"

Lex didn't say anything while smoker was still in shock he broke the smoke surrounding him, he ran towards Smoker and grabbed his neck, Smoker was caught off guard and couldn't escape his grip

Lex looked at Smoker who was struggling and spoke,"Let's take this outside, I don't want anything to happen to this establishment"

Lex still grabbing onto Smoker carried him outside

Raoul meanwhile was shaking seeing the whole scene happening infront of him, he knew of Smoker's strength and was astonished to see him getting beaten by a kid,he couldn't believe it.

*Meanwhile around the world*

A shocking news was published that rocked the world.

A new Yonko was born and the world government put a ridiculous bounty of 4,048,900,000 belly, it was none other than 'Red haired Shanks'

The world was lit, no one expected that such a young person could be so powerful and that he could rival Whitebeard.

All the crew members of the Red haired Pirates had huge bounties on them but one thing that was curious was that there was no Bounty poster for Lex even though he had been present and played part in all the exploits in the red haired crew.

RoScore RoScore

Well with the recent reveals I had to change a few things especially about Shanks, his bounty and the timing of him becoming Yonko...

And one thing more,I'm not going to be 100% accurate there are going to be changes to fit the narrative but it's not going to be anything do read and enjoy and leave a comment

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