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97.34% One Piece: My Infinity Gauntlet! / Chapter 110: Chapter 110: Physical Combat with Oars!

Chapter 110: Physical Combat with Oars! - One Piece: My Infinity Gauntlet! - Chapter 110 by Levaa full book limited free

Chapter 110: Chapter 110: Physical Combat with Oars!


Will was punching too much, just trying to break both of Oars legs as fast as possible, and Moria finally found the right moment to punch Will out of the way!

But as he just knocked Will from his feet, Oars left leg gave a crisp fracture!


A careless Will, who had been knocked a few hundred meters away, crawled out of the pit and spat a mouthful of bloody saliva a few times!

 That's a powerful punch!

After receiving this blow, Will did not become cautious, but was stimulated as he stared at Oars, who was already unable to stand up, and began to crawl instead!

He wondered what the limits of his body were, so he temporarily ignored the use of his six devil fruits in his hand and went straight for the fallen Oars!


In the face of Oars the Demon's stout right arm, Will did not even flinch this time, but also swung out his right fist with all his might and struck it with a heavy blow!

The contrast between Will's 'slender' and 'thin' arms and Oars huge, sturdy arms is stark!

But when the two collided head-on, there was no one-sided condition!

Will held on for more than a second before being knocked back more than a hundred meters by the tremendous impact, breaking the trees in the process and plowing out two long marks on his feet!

But Will still stands firm in his stature!

The huge Oars, however, were dragged by the impact and rolled over several times, appearing in disarray!


Will's eyes were slightly red, it's the only time where he can fight with his body alone so he wouldn't miss this opportunity to find such a good sparring partner!

Moria was already fearfully ready to abandon Oars because he had discovered that Oars, who had been 'resurrected' with his shadow, was no match for Will, not even in a physical fight!

But Will, who should have been at a physical disadvantage, suddenly shouted out, which made Moria who was about to run become furious!

I'm not afraid of you!

Moria managed to control Oars, who had broken his legs, to sit up, and then faced Will, who was not afraid of rushing forward, with another humongous punch!

Just what I wanted!

Will grinned as he ran and also struck another punch with all he got!


The tremendous impact of their collision turns into an invisible wave that blows away everything around them!

Will felt the blood of his whole body churning, and under this kind of head-to-head melee, his body still suffered a lot!

But he forcibly suppressed the illusion of vomiting blood, gritted his teeth and did not retreat!

At that moment, Moria manoeuvred Oars to withdraw his right fist, and at the same time, his left fist, which was ready to strike, struck out at Will!

"Hahaha! Good! Come!"

Will had no intention of retreating, but did the same thing!

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

Left fist to left fist, right fist to right fist!

The picture goes against it like an ant is fighting an elephant!

But Will's boldness and unbeatable physical strength made the scene extremely passionate and agitated!



After yet another confrontation, Oars's modified right wrist finally was overwhelmed and broke!

"No way!"

Losing his balance, Oars fell again, and Moria, hiding in Oars body, shouted wildly!

Will, who had faced Oars more than a dozen times, let out a long breath and began to recover the blood that had been surging through his body.

The Demon Oars, who had been prepared for years as a killer weapon, were simply defeated without even reaching Kaido but were defeated by a newcomer Shichibukai head-on in a physical fight...

This fact that Moria did not want to believe also defeated his naivety for many years!

I am... Gecko Moria... is the weakest of the Seven Seas...

Will's sarcastic voice rings in his ears!

No! I'm the strongest!

I was right to stick with it all these years!

This loss was an accident... When I find the right shadow to fuse with Oars... When I create the zombie army that will defeat the Beast Bandits... Wait for me... Wait for me, wait for me, wait for me... Kaido! WAIT FOR ME!

Moria's eyes turned blood red!

Just as Will's hands finally stopped shaking and was about to use the power of the Gate Fruit to pull Moria out of Oars, he suddenly realized that at some point Oars had stopped moving!

The Shadow of Oars... is Gone!

Instead, Moria himself was replaced by the Shadow Warrior!




As Moria unleashed his most powerful move, all the zombies that survived all fell to the ground at the same time like real corpses!

Countless shadows are coming at Moria from all directions!

When Moria used his strongest move, Will wanted to use the door fruit ability to directly interrupt him, but then thought about it for a moment and deactivated the door fruit light as he quietly watched Moria swallow all the shadow...

"Whew, whew, whew... Hoo..."

"You will regret it for not interrupting me in the middle!"

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Moria, who had swelled several times, couldn't even see his legs, and could only rely on his arms to support his huge but uncontrollable figure!

What an idiot!

Seeing Moria in this state, Will smiled instead!

Looks like he did the right thing by not interrupting his shadow absorption!

Absorbing the shadows of a thousand people was already the limit of Moria but at the cost of what Jinbei says in the original: "Moria relied too much on the power of others, but had no control over his own moves!"

Is Moriah strong at this time?

Very strong!

At this point, Moria's full force could even crack the island with a single slap!

But at the same time, in Will's eyes, Moria's state at this time was again so weak that he shook his head!

If Moria had only absorbed the shadows of 500 or even 800 people, he might have been able to keep this already fierce battle going!

He was able to fight Kaido 9 years ago for a lot of time with this move!

But when his crewmates were slaughtered, the state he was in was also gone and he became a fish ready to be swallowed by a shark!

(If the master of the shadow dies, the shadow disappears as well.)

Levaa Levaa

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