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One Piece: One Punch Man One Piece: One Punch Man original

One Piece: One Punch Man

Author: Saitama_Blast

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: One Punch Man System

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East Blue, Squall Island Marine Branch Base

"Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred!" Byakuya finished his hundred squats, his legs trembling as he struggled to stand up, wiping away sweat. 

"Phew, just one hundred push-ups left! After the push-ups, I can finally activate the system!" 

Ever since he crossed over three years ago, he had taken on the identity of a deceased marine soldier's son. 

As is typical for transmigrators, Byakuya naturally possessed a cheat system, the One Punch Man Template System. 

In the One Punch Man World, Saitama, the protagonist, belonged to the ceiling level of strength.

In that world, anyone's strength paled in comparison to Saitama's, as distant as millions of galaxies or even the universe

The force of Saitama's full-powered punch could even pierce through the Planet. 

His speed was such that he could travel from Earth to the Moon in just a few breaths. 

Compared to the power levels in the pirate world, it was incomparably higher. This cheat system was ridiculously powerful.

However, activating the One Punch Man Template System required some annoying conditions. 

Byakuya had to follow Saitama's training regimen: one hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats, and a ten-kilometer run every day. 

He had to do it all, without fail, for three years straight to successfully activate the system.

Thus, for the past three years, Byakuya has been diligently working to meet his training goals. 

But such exercise levels in the pirate world had only a minimal effect. 

Due to the system's rules, Byakuya hadn't participated in the training expected of marine soldiers. 

This meant that Byakuya's strength had hardly improved over the past three years.

Yet, Captain Vaughan, mindful of Byakuya's deceased father and Byakuya's status as a minor, had kept Byakuya stationed at the marine base, ensuring his safety.

Over time, this naturally sparked dissatisfaction among some marine soldiers. 

Plus, Lieutenant Commander Harley, who had always been at odds with Captain Vaughan, incited discontent among the soldiers, exacerbating the resentment throughout the marine branch.

Of course, Harley's actions weren't specifically targeting Byakuya; he simply aimed to stir up resentment against Captain Vaughan through Byakuya. 

Byakuya had heard countless mocking remarks like those just now. 

From initial anger to now calm composure, these words had toughened Byakuya's mentality immensely.

Throughout these three years, Byakuya always knew what he wanted and what he needed to do. 

Today, the time for reaping the rewards had finally arrived. 

"Last set of exercises, one, two... ninety-nine, one hundred!" 

Byakuya took a deep breath, his eyes shining with unusual brilliance, as he completed one hundred push-ups with the most standard form.

At the same time, an ethereal voice resounded in his mind.

[Ding, activate One Punch Man Template System!]

[Host: Byakuya]

[Template: One Punch Man - Saitama]

[Fusion Degree: 1%]

[World Power Source: 0]

[Exchange Store not yet opened]

Hearing the sudden sound of the system, flashes of light flickered in Byakuya's pitch-black eyes. 

It had finally come. 

However, what disappointed Byakuya slightly was his assumption that activating the system would grant him Saitama's full power. 

That was the strength capable of destroying stars. 

However, according to the system panel, he could only fuse with 1% of Saitama's strength for now.

Before Byakuya could dwell too much on it, he felt a surge of immense power bursting forth from within his body, coursing through his entire being. 

Byakuya trembled all over, instantly losing control of his body, allowing this power to remodel him. 

His bones were crushed and reshaped, his muscles torn and regenerated.

Blood continuously oozed from his pores, quickly soaking his clothes, wrapping him like a cocoon of blood within moments. 

Apart from his consciousness, every part of Byakuya's body was undergoing drastic changes.

"Damn it! If I knew it would be this painful, I should've completed it in my room."

Intense pain continued to assault Byakuya's nerves, yet he clenched his teeth and made no sound. 

Byakuya also felt a bit worried; if anyone else were to witness this scene, explaining it would be troublesome.

Fortunately, although the transformation process was painful, it was quick. 

Within just a minute, the transformation was complete, unseen by outsiders. 

As the intense pain receded, Byakuya now felt a sense of fulfillment like never before, to the point of creating an illusion.

"Am... I invincible?" After a moment, Byakuya shook his slightly dazed head and moved his body slightly. 

Crack! Crack! The cocoon of blood covering his body began to crack continuously, and his bones sounded like firecrackers exploding.

"This feels amazing! I guess this is what they mean by 'no pain, no gain'."

Subsequently, Byakuya cautiously surveyed his surroundings, seeing no one nearby, he quickly ran back to his room. 

After washing away all the bloodstains and changing into clean clothes, Byakuya began to contemplate matters regarding the system. 

Byakuya had originally thought that after unlocking the system, he would be able to possess one hundred percent of Saitama's strength.

However, he ended up with only one percent. Nevertheless, Byakuya had anticipated this outcome. 

Although he didn't know how strong one percent of Saitama's strength would be in the pirate world. 

Based on Byakuya's insights gained during his three years in the Marines, it should at least surpass Captain Vaughan by quite a bit. 

That was good enough.

Moreover, this fusion degree should be able to increase, and the method to increase it might lie within the world's power source. 

Byakuya quickly asked the system. At this moment, the ethereal sound of the system prompt resounded once again.

[World Power Source: The extent to which the host participates in altering the original plot of this world, as well as personal status, influence, and prestige, will increase the world power source. The world power source can be used to increase fusion degree, exchange items, and exchange subordinate characters.]

As Byakuya had expected, the appearance of the world power source was meant to help him increase his fusion degree. 

According to the system's explanation of the world power source, Byakuya also had his understanding. 

If the development in the anime belongs to the fixed development route of the original plot, then Byakuya's appearance is a variable.

It means that the future direction will be different from the original plot. 

The greater the change, the more world power source Byakuya can harvest. 

Not only that, Byakuya's status, influence, and prestige are also taken into account. 

In this regard, the acquisition of a world power source is closely related to every choice Byakuya will make next.

A crazy idea popped into Byakuya's mind. 

If I were to kill a Celestial Dragon, wouldn't my reputation on the sea skyrocket, allowing me to gain a large amount of world power source? 

Thinking of this, a terrifying killing intent flashed in Byakuya's eyes. 

Changing the original plot could also earn me a large amount of world power source.

Then what if I killed Luffy? The harvest would be more terrifying!

<End Chapter>

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