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45.92% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 62: Big Mom Vs Jaw...

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Chapter 62: Big Mom Vs Jaw...

Chapter 62

Title: Big Mom Vs Jaw...


As the blue flying slash goes towards Big Mom's castle, the owner of the castle (Big Mom) appears standing on a dark cloud, her hair was up in flames and so was her sword. As she sees the flying slash she just frons in slight annoyance. 

As the slash gets within slashing distance her sword (Napoleon) seems to be alive and covered in fire with a malicious look on its face. Big Mom then just swings her sword, putting all of her strength behind it.



As the flying slash crashes with Big Mom it creates a deafening roar as the flying slash gets dispersed. Big Mom has a terrifying look on her face as her eyes land on Jaw. He has already destroyed some of her fleets by sinking some ships just going around. He didn't care what type of ships they were, whether carrying an army or civilians. If they were carrying the Big Mom flag, they were getting sunk. 

This is a power play by Jaw, showing other people what would happen if they decided to join or cooperate with Big Mom in any way. Yes… it was obviously unreasonable in the eyes of the average person. But to Jaw this wasn't anything about hate or such things, he simply plans to destroy Big Mom, since this has already started… then one of them must due. At least that is so in Jaw's opinion. 

Big Mom brings her sword backward preparing to throw a giant slash at Jaw. She has an angry smile as she shouts out.

<Ikoku Sovereignty>


As she slashes, her tremendous physical strength is displayed as the attack flies at Jaw. The attack is a powerful one as it obliterates everything on its way. 

Jaw has a calm look on his face. He needs to be calm or else his Observation Haki won't work at its best and he will lose his future sight while angry.

He takes a slow breath and as he sees Big Mom's attack come towards him. He uses <Geppo> and charges towards the attack. His body crackles with lightning that is emitted from his sword.

As the attack of Big Mom is within his range, Jaw's sword arm becomes a blur to anyone looking at it.

<Thunder Sword Style: Heavenly Dicing>


Big Mom's attack is 'cut' into small pieces and dispersed.

But he doesn't stop there and he charges against Big Mom. He has already laid his plans in motion. Kisame will be rescued and the Big Mom pirates will be completely defeated. That is all that there is to it. 

Jaw and Big Mom meet in the middle and clash their swords. 


This time there was no trick and Jaw could hold back Big Mom as his arms bulk up. Still, he looks into the future… {and sees that Big Mom will try to use Prometheus to shot fire at him.}

That is when Prometheus shoots fire at Jaw while he is preoccupied with holding back Big Mom's attack. Jaw doesn't care as he takes the attack head-on and even uses it to allow himself to slip into Big Mom's guard and he swings his sword towards her midsection.


But his sword is blocked by a trident covered in Haki, cracks appear all around the trident.

{<Square Mochi> and Katakuri attacks Jaw with a square-looking fist.}

Jaw sees this future and immediately jumps back a little as Katakuri uses <Square Mochi> to reinforce his fists while punching. He dodges and that is when he slashes at Katakuri's throat. Katakuri sees the future too and tries to dodge, but he is a little slow as a giant gash appears along his chest. Blood flows like a fountain out of him and he flies back. He didn't even have time to turn himself into mochi due to Jaw's fast attack speed.

"This is no longer a battle you can interfere in, Katakuri." Sneered Jaw, no longer seeing Katakuri as someone at his level. "Go along and play with some of my children. Be careful though, some of them can bite."

As he says that Jaw slaps the air creating a sonic boom.

<Ten Thousand Brick Palm>


As if hit by an invisible force, Katakuri is thrown backward. 

{Big Mom takes this split second to attack Jaw and punch him in the skull and Jaw crashes on the ground.} That is the future that Jaw sees, so he uses Armament Haki in one of his arms and blocks her slap.


Though it pushes him down a little, Jaw can still use <Geppo> to reposition himself and attack again. 

This time as he gets close to Big Mom, he can see the enraged look of the old hag and a small smirk appears on his face. 

In an instant, he used <Geppo> and <Suru> midair, in combination it gave him a great speed midair that allowed him to maneuver around Big Mom.



-Jaw POV-

<Thunder Sword Style: Thousand Slash>

"UAAAAAA!!!!" Screams Big Mom as dozens of deep cuts appear all over her body. She looks at it with a strange look in her eyes. I just smile at this and get close...


I suddenly feel a giant lightning bolt hit me for a split second in which it paralyzes me. Big Mom smiles again as in that second she punches me in the face with her full strength.


I can feel myself almost pass out as her fist strikes me, my brain rockets inside of my skull. Sh*t… I did see the attack in the future but couldn't dodge it as it was happening at my blindspot. The split second when I need to again look into the future. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bit her strength is truly monstrous… I almost got defeated by one punch from her. That is when I have my concentration fully on and attack again…

This time I sneakily pull out a small knife from my pocket as my sword slices through Big Mom's flesh, making a huge injury. I take out the small knife and stab it into her wound deep inside.

"Huh??" Big Mom is surprised by this as suddenly she starts feeling a little dizzy and… she falls of her could. 


And she lands headfirst on the ground. That was a Seaprism small knife. This is why I will never eat a devil fruit, for example, even if I am quite sure of myself about defeating Big Mom in this fight. The fight itself would take days for it to be finished… also I would be a fool that there was a high chance of Big Mom outlasting me in a fight of endurance. Thankfully I used Seaprism stone, an absolute weakness to Devil Fruit users. Also my little way of beating the Yonko, I might not outlast them in a straight-out fight, and might even lose quite badly if the terrain isn't in my favor. But if I use this little trick of mine, I can beat the sh*t out of Kaido and Big Mom…

I approach Big Mom as she is lying on the ground. This trick is unlikely to work twice on a person… so she got to die now. Her children and her whole family will have to go too, even the infant ones. They all threatened my family, so that is unacceptable. 

I just walk to Big Mom, I don't brag or even say anything to her as I swing my sword downwards at her.




As we can see Jaw isn't someone who fights fairly. He hasn't eaten a Devil Fruit so Seaprism stone against him is pretty much the same as using an average weapon. On the other hand, when he uses it against Devil Fruit users… it's their Achilles Heel… the MC is a perfect counter against anyone with  Devil Fruit. Raw Power wise Big Mom easily surpasses the MC… but in a battle…

P.S: The MC is obviously fighting dirty… he is a prate. What did you expect?🤣🤣🤣

P.P.S: When this story reaches 1000 Power Stones, it will get +1 Bonus Chapter that day.

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