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33.33% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 45: Goro Goro No Mi...

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Chapter 45: Goro Goro No Mi...

Chapter 45 (BONUS CHAPTER)

Title: Goro Goro No Mi...


-Jaw POV-

I am currently getting ready on one of my ships on the futuristic port York New Island. Enel has finally appeared on Sky Island, so this is my chance to get his fruit. But at the same time, I must be careful and can't have him escape me. If he somehow decides to escape, I can't exactly stop him, he does travel at the speed of lightning after all. 

I am simply not that fast and even with my future vision, though I can stop his attacks. I can't just chase him at his speed.

As I get on the ship, I see Kakashi, Mikoto, Escanor, and Ichigo waiting for me. I just smile at them. "Ready?"

They nod, they are all twelve years old but their size looks more like an older teen due to the training they have gone through. Their muscles have tightened, just like Coby's did after his marine training. This is the kind of law of this world, just like a shadow is a second soul and such.

As we are about to set sail I hear someone call out. "Oy! Dad, wait up!!!"

I just look at where the voice is coming and see that it is Kisame covered in bandages. Did he fight with Jinbe again? He has been doing that a lot lately. He wants that 2nd strongest Fishman so much… saying things that as my son if he is anything lower than 2nd then he isn't worth being my son. He is sometimes nice like that, that is why he is one of my favorite kids… and I have hundreds of them. 

Still, I can't be too soft on him. He has been spending this last year just fighting Jinbe. I don't want him to waste his time on things like that, he will need to train a couple more months with me personally before he can defeat Jinbe. 

"So did you defeat Jinbe yet?" I ask him as Kisame uses <Geppo> to get into the ship. 

He smiles at that and says. "Hell yeah…I just did…"

I am a little surprised at that. But I guess Kisame's Haki and physical strength must have grown faster as he fought against Jinbe. I need to stop him from becoming too arrogant…

"That is good, but you are still nowhere near strong enough to be my second in command." As I tell him that I remind him that literally, every other 2nd in command from the other Yonko would wreck him, and he is twelve-year-olds so expecting him to take on Yonko commanders at that age is unreasonable. But he is my son, he will be able to overcome this, and there will be no place for arrogance anymore as the sibling of his who will eat the Rumble Rumble Fruit will surpass him in strength. 

I look at Kakashi as I think of that. He will be perfect for the fruit. He is smart and with the combination with his fruit he will definitely easily surpass Kisame by quite a major gap.

Kisame just immediately starts doing push-ups as I say that he isn't strong enough. So his simple mindset becomes his weapon as he hits his problem head-on by training more.

I smile at that as I gaze with a side-glance at Kakashi when he sees his brother training. He closes a book that he is reading and he goes back inside the ship. I know that he is going to train 10x harder now as lately he hasn't even been able to put up a fight against Kisame. Their sibling rivalry is beautiful. Kakashi is a diamond and Kisame is an Emerald, and my duty as their father… it is my responsibility to bring out their full potential!


As we set sail Mikoto brings out an intelligent bird and tells it to fly in a certain direction. There are a lot of species like that in this world, this is a white dove as it flies and Mikoto then crouches down, closing her eyes as she touches the ship…


Slowly the ship starts floating and it flies off after the bird at a sustainable speed. We fly above the clouds and I smile at that as I see all of this. Mikoto has gotten good at using her fruit and she is now technically 'targeting" the bird who is flying. But she has decided the speed at which she is 'targeting' so actually we are more like floating now.

I see that Mikoto is concentrating to hold this. We should arrive in Skypea in a couple of days. She will have to push herself a little but I know that she can do it. Even if she can't it doesn't matter, we will just go undersea by coating.



It takes around one day and a half before we catch sight of the Island. Mikoto seems to get more used to this flying method of our ship as we had to follow the bird.

Immediately as we are about to arrive there I smile as I look at the hull of our ship and see a lanky man with blonde hair and weird ears. He saved me the trouble of even looking for him.

"Well hello there young man." I call out to the man with a friendly look on my face. 

"You should bow down to god." Says Enel as he appears in front of me in the blink of an eye. I don't even flinch, my smile still on my face. I don't need to get angry at a dead man.

He extends his hand and touches my shoulder.

[50,000,000 Vari]

....nothing happens…

"Hm?" Enel seems confused by this as I point at a coin that I have between my fingers and touching his skin. The coin is made out of Seastone… I got it from Wano, it has a Jaw written on one side, and on the other, it has my pirate flag symbol. It was expensive as sh*t to get this behind Kaido's back. But I have too much money anyway and can't spend money faster than I am making it.

Anyway, I don't give Enel any time to react as…


I grab him by the throat using Haki and I lift him by his neck and...


I slam him on the ground head first and due to the coin being connected to his skin he can't even use his devil fruit ability.


I can hear his neck crack and he dies. I then call my children. "Bring the fruits here, let's see which one got the Lightning Fruit."

I told them to hide just in case. But that was unnecessary it seems.

Kakashi comes out and he has a blue fruit, it seems like an apple with strange swirls which seem to kinda resemble lightning.

The rest of the siblings come out and look at Kakashi with a smile on their faces. This is one more powerhouse on the family and another layer of protection for the family.

Kakashi smiles a little too.


He takes a bite and his face pales a little, but in the end, he quickly eats the rest of the fruit.

"Damn… that was really gross." Though he says that, he has a smile on his face. 


I can't help it as I look at him with a look of pride on my face. "Try using it…"

He nods, closes his eyes, and concentrates.


Electricity appears on his hand. He opens his eyes and looks at his hand with a face full of surprise and amazement.


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As we see the MC used the Seastone coin to stop Enel's powers from working. He didn't want to take a risk of him running away. He didn't take a risk too and was extremely careful about this. If he lost something like The Lightning Fruit because of his arrogance… yeah...

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