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62.22% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 84: Jaw’s Plans...

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Chapter 84: Jaw’s Plans...

Chapter 84

Title: Jaw's Plans...


So Jaw made the deal with "Big News" Morgans, after that he just lied back on his throne with a satisfied smile on his face. 

'Things are coming along nicely. When the time for the perfect chance comes… I will finally be able to take this world. Right now, if I go to straight out war against the World Government. I will lose, it's as simple as that. But my chance will finally come.' concludes Jaw, as only a couple more steps and he will everything will fall into place.


-Jaw POV-

Sitting here in this room, the smile won't go off my face. The World Government wouldn't let me even expand on Paradise, much less any of the Blues. It all comes down to power really, if I was stronger than them, then I wouldn't have to really ask them anything and I would just take it. Sadly, they are stronger… I am not necessarily worried about someone like Im or something like that. 

If he was so strong he wouldn't have to hide his existence and even have to get rid of people throughout the history of the world. Even if he was strong, I am pretty sure that with the right strategy he can be dealt with. Plus my children are getting stronger, Kakashi and Kisame can both hold back Admirals on their own. They are my official commanders, but still. I am hiding a lot more than that, I have Nagato with his Float-float Fruit, he doesn't have any official bounty because he is mostly quiet, and even when he fights he gives the credit to his siblings. 

He also is strong and should be able to hold back an Admiral in the case of a fight. I would leave Akainu to Kisame because that guy is crazy strong. Kisame should be able to hold him back, especially with his future sight. Kakashi would handle Kizaru and Nagato would handle Aokiji.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Now that the Admirals are being held back there comes the monsters… Garp and Sengoku. I can take on Sengoku on land… if there is some water around and I have Seaprism stone on me. On the other hand Garp… that guy… he will need to either die off or maybe be swarmed by Itachi's clones. Still, I can stalemate the top combatants for a time. But what about the Vice Admirals, there are a bunch amongst them who can be considered for the Admiral title if one of the Admirals dies. Meaning that I am not quite ready to fight the World Government, especially since there are still some old monsters like Kong and maybe the Gorosei.

All of that is unimportant currently as I have Kaido and even Whitebeard to stand as my allies. Then there is Shanks too, I have no idea where he stands, I am not sure what he asked Roger before he went to Laugh Tale. Was he asking for forgiveness? Is that why he cried after it? Maybe Shanks had been poisoning Roger or something like that. 

Nah, I doubt that, but I won't deal with fiction. I must deal with reality, I now understand why the marines stopped fighting when Shanks told them to and they even allowed him to take Ace's and Whitebeard's dead bodies to bury them. I am stronger than Shanks, but if I went to ask the marines that, they would start attacking me. It's not about power, its reputation, and respect. Sengoku knew that Shanks came to stop the war, he came to stop it and not play petty tricks. Shanks is a pacifist by nature, he would let someone spit on him and he would never hit them back. 

To me that is dumb, but to him, it makes all the sense in the world. Now the question comes… will I have to kill Shanks or not? The guy is a pacifist and is okay with things being in order, the World Government might not be saints, but they keep order around the world. 

Hmmmm… my attack move must be fast when I decide to attack. I must take over all of the Blues under 24 hours if I declare war against the Government. I must isolate them from the world because then there will be no turning back anymore. Either I win this war or me, my children, and every goddamn fishman on the planet is bound to get slaughtered if we decide to attack.

Damn… I haven't even started having full control of the Bles, I have alliances with a bunch of kingdoms. But none of them would fight with me in the case of a World War. That Ancient country who fought against the World Government lost only because it had just Wano as its strong ally. 

But I also don't want to fight a war that I am unsure of winning. It needs to have at least an 80% chance to succeed or I won't even start the war at all. I will be content with letting someone else weaken the World Government and Marines before I attack them.

I wonder how my sons on East Blue are doing. I know that Naruto is okay and even seems to have joined the Strawhats. Well, I guess luck works in strange ways. But about my other son in East Blue, he…


-General POV-

Naruto and Dead Cat have Momoo wake up and they tie their ship to the creature. Momoo is pretty obedient as Naruto talks to it and explains to it what to do. Surprising the other crew members, after all as far as they know, fishes shouldn't understand what a human is saying.


Arlong looked at the men in front of him and asked. "Are you sure you wanna start a rebellion against me?"

The whole population of Cocoyashi Village had come to fight him as Nami's treasure was taken away by Marine Captain Nezumi. Of course when Nezumi guessed that Nami was hiding exactly 100 Million Beries, then everyone knew that this means that Arlong put the marine guy up to this. 

The fishmen had gathered on one side and the humans on one side. Arlong wasn't really worried about the villagers being able to overthrow him or something like that. He was only sad because he would no longer have any leverage against Nami. 

'Well, that is a shame…' Ponders Arlong as he yells out loudly. "My brethren, KILL THEM ALL!!!"

Immediately the fishman and humans charge against each other but suddenly out of nowhere. A shadow covers them all, Arlong looks up and he is shocked to see a ship flying towards him.


It crashes into him and the rest of the fishman look at the crater in worry as some other people come out of the crater. It was the Strawhat crew, Usopp had a terrified look on his face. Zorro and Sanji had angry ones while Luffy and Naruto were laughing out loud in joy. 


"Oi! Luffy, Naruto, you wanna kill us or something." Yells out Sanji. He could see his life flash past his eyes. 'I still haven't finished my dream of finding fishman island and seeing mermaids… I mean find All Blue.'

Dead Cat then jumps on Naruto's head and points towards Arlong who rubs his head as he gets out of the wreckage. "That is the guy you gotta beat Luffy."

Luffy nods at this and some Fishmen mooks try to stop him, but Naruto looks at them and smiles. "You are about to taste my new move…"

He runs his fingers along his body, opening zippers everywhere and he looks at the fishman goons. "<Zipper-Zipper Machine Gun>"

Suddenly, gun barrels appear out of his zipper openings. Or more specifically, the barrels of the weapons Don Krieg used to own.

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!....

Countless bullets rain upon the fishman, and Arlong is angered by this and goes to hit Naruto.

"Gum-Gum Pistol."


But a fist hits him in the face and he is thrown away.

"Your fight is with me bastard!" Says Luffy with an angry look on his face. "No one messes with my Nakama!"



Yes, another one of Jaw's children is in East Blue.

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