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40% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 54: Plans For The Future…

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Chapter 54: Plans For The Future…

Chapter 54

Title: Plans For The Future…


-Jaw POV-

I must say that maybe Life Return can be the way for me to be able to break my limits at a whim. This is like a gear 2nd, in a way a power-up for me. Also, I can eat as much as I want and I can easily digest that food as quickly as I want. Also, my mastery of it is quite good in my opinion, I can manipulate the muscles just in my arm to bulk up so I don't lose any speed while I gain power.

Though it looks weird when I do that, I don't care about my appearance. Also, Life Return is about mindset as it is about body control. Though for me, it wasn't that hard to learn since my body is already at its limit, and learning new things is easy due to not needing to train my body to be able to use the technique.

Itachi has truly outdone himself this time. He single-handedly just raised the strength of his family. By giving us training methods and knowledge from the marines. Kalifa is also a good teacher, but at the same time, she knew nothing more about the Life Return Technique than it just existed. 

Anyway, I have already learned the six powers and have created plenty of variations of them. So now I should be moderately strong inland too. Though sadly, I still don't think I can defeat a Yonko even as my strength has raised. I can now compete with them on land, but defeating them is questionable, maybe have a 40% chance or something like that. Against Whitebeard, I have a 10-20% chance of winning on land. Those are neither possibilities that I am willing to take, only a fool or a gambling addict takes chances like that. 

I might not be the smartest man in the world, but I am still not stupid enough to play with fire.

Hmmm… maybe when I am around thirty years old I will have around a 50% chance against Big Mom and Kaido on land. The reason that I can't go any higher is because fire is my weakness so to say. I can't use Fishman Karate and even my skin dries. Both Bid Mom and Kaido can use fire.

Still, I can be careful about this and play it safe, I can defeat them in most of the world which consists of water. Also, I never plan to ever fight fairly, I am a pirate. If I am fighting fairly then I should change my profession to being a fool.

As my children grow up and their strength starts becoming high enough for them to influence a Yonko battle. I will use them to crush the other Yonko. If Kakashi and Kisame grow to just the minimum of what I have in my vision of their future strength. Then my chances of defeating a Yonko, even Whitebeard on land go to 90-98%. An almost assured victory, also if Mikoto can touch a Big Mom with her Mark-Mark fruit, then we can just send daily bombs at her and eventually kill her. Katakuri is no longer a match against me, I am a direct counter to him.

Then there is Kaido… I can defeat him if we fight. His crazy endurance and stamina is a bit of a problem, but it's not that big. Only to weaklings does Kaido's endurance seem unbeatable. To me, it is only a minor inconvenience, and even I have achieved something similar, I constantly have an invisible Armament Haki around my body. Bullets, swords, punches, etc… they do not affect me. Especially now even cannonballs are only dangerous because of their shock damage which can rock around my brain inside my skull and knock me out.

Hmmm… I should start some aggressive expansion tactics soon. I have stabilized my power and no Yonko (except Whitebeard) dares to meet me at sea. I am planning to target Big Mom soon, I should… no not yet. I better wait until my older children grow up. Then I can start taking some of the islands Big Mom has under her protection.

Currently, of all of the Yanko, I have the 3rd largest territory, my territory is also very divided… most of it is. The most territory in the New World is held by Whitebeard, then comes Big Mom, then me and Kaido us last. I don't think Kaido cares about any of that. He has Wano, and after that, it has some islands around it. But at the same time, Wano is the place where it is said that Seastone originated from. So the place is bound to be very rich in resources and it's self-sufficient.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It trades in weapons most of the time, while I trade in raw materials (and weapons too but mostly for the World Government), Big Mom trades in food and such things. Whitebeard does his own thing, he doesn't really care to raise his power anymore and just puts islands under his protection if he sees them being in danger or poor. 

We the other Yonko can yap as much as we want, but none of us can beat a Whitebeard at his current age (64). He is beyond dangerous… I plan to get his fruit and give it to one of my children. But at the same time, I can't beat Whitebeard currently.

I better let the World Government weaken him for me before I take advantage of that. I will also get the Yami-Yami No Mi while I am at it. 

A smirk appears on my face as I guide the cells inside my body to reinforce my muscles and such. But currently, my most dangerous enemy is the World Government, we are cooperating at the moment… but nothing more. I give them weapons and some raw materials that I mine from the bottom of the sea. Though they give me a lot in return for my services, they give me devil fruits, Seastone weapons (chains, spears, handcuffs, etc). They also give me certain leverage that none of the Yonko have, I can go and get some scientists from Vegapunk's hometown and they don't make a fuss about it.

Our relationship might seem stable, but I have always known that they will stab me in the back as soon as it suits them. So I am leveraging as much as I can from them, building as much of my power as I can. I also have some of the Kings & Queens that attend the Reverie in my pocket. Meaning that they technically can't have the tools to gather the whole world against me if they decide to, that is the worst-case scenario for me so I have made that almost impossible now. 

Sadly King Tacos had to die so he could put the seeds of doubt in the other kinds. He was killed by Cipher Pol, everyone (smart) can see that as clear as day. So this pushes more people to make deals with me, just in case the World Government decides for them too to have… an 'accident'.



This was a full overview of Jaw's plans and what he has been doing and why he has been doing so. He has an alliance with Whitebeard but he will betray the old man in the blink of an eye if it benefits him.

We also get a view on how the geopolitical map in the world is. Some could say that Jaw is strengthening the WG by selling them weapons, but the same can be said about Jaw, as the WG is giving him Devil Fruits, Sea Stone weapons and such.

Everyone has their own little schemes going on, and this is an overview of Jaw's.

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