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2.22% One Piece: Reborn as a Fishman (COMPLETED) / Chapter 3: Roger's Crew...

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Chapter 3: Roger's Crew...

Chapter 3

Title: Roger's Crew...



Well then I guessed it right... he would be here after all… even the age of Shyarly is around the same timeline. 

And I have been visiting her every day to keep in touch. Though I told her to not look into my future and that knowing my own future would be boring. Well, why I didn't have her look into my future was because of different reasons, but we still became good friends. She even tells me her secrets… which is pretty much when she steals a cookie or something… she can't even hide those secrets as she usually spills them while trying to show off. Well, she is a kid after all… 

Anyway, while I was thinking that I started walking towards where the ruckus was happening. Well then time to go to the Undersea Forest, it seems like that is the place where they are.

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Once I arrive there, I see Roger, the future pirate king, and his crew. Must say they are a… very diverse bunch.

I then heard Rayleigh say. "Neptune, what we are after is the treasure left behind by the weapons creator. We are not interested in the weapon, right Roger."

Then I hear the future Legendary pirate himself speak in a jovial manner. "Hahahaha... I never said something like that, did I? Well, don't worry I don't have enough time to come back and steal your shaggy daughter..."

 Neptune instead of being calmed down by Roger's words he instead gains a furious look on his face. "WHO SAID SHE WILL BE SHAGGY."


As I get close to them, no one notices me as they are all joking around. When I get nearer to them, I look at Roger's crew with a serious expression on my face and decide to make myself known by saying. "Hey… Gol D Roger... will you let me join your crew!"

Then as if the time itself stopped, all of the Fishman and even Roger's Crew stop moving. They then all look towards me... 

Rayleigh is one of the calm ones and with a smile on his face as he asks in a casual and friendly way. "Who are you kid?"

Roger doesn't even let me answer and he makes a face like he ate a lemon and said.

"No way I will let a damn kid join my crew..."

I just take something out of my pocket, it is a little bottle and offers it to Roger. "This is some sake, you can have it if you let me join the crew."

"Ok, you are in." Says Roger with a calm look on his face as he takes the Sake Bottle.

Everyone else screams towards him.


And again everyone except Rayleigh is shocked… that guy must have gotten used to his antics by now.

Roger looks at the rest of his crew and just shrugs. "Well, what would you have me do? He gave me sake. I couldn't refuse that."

Everyone in his crew starts reprimanding him about how careless and reckless he is. But in the end, Roger just says. "I have made my decision and it is final. I can't just go back on my word."

*tch* "Yeah… ok captain, but next time try and consult us a little okay." Says one of the guys.

Roger smiles at this in a silly way. "Sorry guys, won't happen again."

"You always say that Roger… you always do…"

And that is how my adventure with 

Gol D Roger started... 


After some time Roger's… no… our ship is fully coated again and we are sailing under the sea. I also met Buggy and Shanks.

"So you are a Fishman huuuhhhh… that is cool..." Says Shanks, in a curious voice.

Then Buggy intervenes and says in a serious manner. "Ehhh he is weird looking."

Then I just look at him with a questioning face and say to him. "And you have a big red clown nose."

Immediately he gets angry and screams at me. " BASTARD WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!!!"

Buggy attempts to punch me but I just easily dodge by sidestepping his attack, he then pulls his fists backward and screams.

[Bara Bara: Gatling Gun]

I just dodge all of his attacks again very easily, he is really easy to predict plus my Observation Haki is pretty good...

I then hear someone from the crew say. "Woah look at the new kid he seems to know 


Then another person says.

"How old was he again"

"I heard he was six. That is quite good for his age to have Haki."

I then suddenly stop and as Buggy's punches are about to land I just grab them in an iron-like grip and don't let go.

Then I look at Rayleigh who seems to be chilling and smiling while looking at us fighting. 

"Hey let me go you weird fish." Says Buggy as he tries to pull his hands away from my grasp.

In the end, I just throw Buggy at Shanks who catches him and I go towards Rayleigh...


I bow with my head hitting the floor and say.

"Please teach me about this Haki sir..."

Then as Rayleigh is about to say something, Roger comes out of nowhere and says. "Wait, Wait… I will, I will explain!"

He has a childish smile on his face and he makes exaggerated hand motions while he explains. "Haki is like voooom and them pow I hit super hard and then..."

He keeps going on and on... but I can't really understand anything if he explains it like that.

I just look at Rayleigh helplessly, he just politely laughs at me and says. "Hahahaha I will explain it to him, Roger. He doesn't seem to understand your explanation"

Immediately Roger crouches down in depression and draws circles in the ground with his finger as a dark depressing aura surrounds him. "Why is everyone too stupid and dumb to understand my explanations."

Oy! I can hear you, don't talk about me like that as if I am not here. 


-Time Skip-

One month passes aboard the future Pirate King's ship and… I am currently blindfolded.

"Humans and Animals are different... especially humans who can use haki as they can." Says Rayleigh as his presence dampens and hides, but I have been training Haki for almost 5 years.

Also, I am no slouch in it myself even though I didn't have a teacher then I do now, and I can see why Luffy and Zoro became so strong in just two years... it was because they simply had the best teachers. 

"Hide their presence." As he says I can hear his voice, and actually slightly sense his presence to my right.


I doge sideways when he swings at me with a metal pipe. But I don't stop there as I immediately punch towards him.

<100 Brick Fist>  

But he just blocks my attack with his palm... with no injuries on him whatsoever. Well, that was to be expected...

I have also been training to be a ShipWright and a Doctor. I mean I have the one of best ShipWright and one of the best Doctors here, the doctor is Crocus and it would be a shame not to learn from here with the best teachers. Though obviously, I am not doing the learning from them as a full-time thing, after all, I am more concentrated in Haki right now. But knowing how to fix a ship or how to stop yourself from bleeding to death or getting poisoned… it never hurts anyone to know those things.

I can sense that Shanks is looking at me and I hear him say. "He sure trains a lot... he is a kid who is supposed to be playing and having fun you know."

Then I just 'look' towards Shanks even with my blindfold on and decide to challenge him. "Wanna have a spar..."

I can sense his aura go from bored to 'smiling' as he answers to me with a simple. "Sure.."

Buggy decides to let everyone know what is happening by telling out loud and notifying everyone about it. "Everyone there is something fun happening on deck! Shanks and Jaws are going to fight!"


After some time a circle of people is around us… they made us wait, these guys are grade one asśholes.

"Beat his ass Jaws I just bet 100,000 ß on you so you better not lose. The bets are 1 with ten so if you win I will get 1,000,000 ß... I will even buy you a new sword..." Wow, he is a horrible person, I look towards Oden and see that he even has a flag with my face terribly drawn in it. He is just always weird like that...

Then we hear Rayleigh explain the rule which is just no hitting below the belt... then after that… he says...










 I will try to keep the character's personalities as close to the original as I can. Especially the unknown characters on the crew. The MC decided to go with Roger's crew to train.

P.S: This story has 30 Chapters in advance on Patron if ya wanna check it out.

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