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97.25% One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean / Chapter 177: Aftermath (2)

Aftermath (2) - One Piece: Reborn as a Skypiean - Chapter 177 by Master4thWall full book limited free

Chapter 177: Aftermath (2)

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Chapter 177

Title: Aftermath (2)


"Germa has been captured." The bald Elder amongst the Five Elders blurted. "It was Lucifer again."

Lucifer. This name has been very active these days. Ever since his return from wherever he vanished to, Lucifer has been on the news every Tuesday. It was like the world was circling around him now, it was as if he was the main character of this world now.

"That's not all." The baldy continued. "He has announced the Drum Kingdom as his territory. We have also found traces of Moria's ships leading to the Skypiea. And from the mouths of the CP9, it's clear the ship has been modified and is now floating 10 thousand meters above us."

CP9 somehow managed to come back with this piece of news, even though they did lose one of their members. This proved the high security of Sky Emperor, so high that even members of CP9 couldn't enter there!

"Is that all? He even formed a new title for his strongest soldiers recently. More infuriatingly, he announced it himself." The badly finished words while releasing a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Sky Emperor, Amon. It's time to initiate a new bounty for him."

Everyone in the room remained silent with a solemn look on their faces. This time, it won't be Amon alone. Raki, Wyper, Urouge, Tsum, even the new addition, Boa Hancock – the ones they had knowledge on, they would also get their bounties increased.

The Five Elders nodded to each other. Amon was too dangerous to be left in a mere 2.4b belly.


Monkey D. Dragon was a cautious individual, a person who always stayed passive, rarely raising his fist against others. Because he knew, when he would do that, the old fools would turn their heads towards him.

The reason for his caution wasn't them though, as he knew, with enough planning, he could take down all four Emperors. But now, there was a variable.


From his encounter with Imu, he knew Imu was a little different from others, different from himself. It wasn't his will or his desire that was different, it was something else – something Dragon couldn't quite point at.

He has seen Amon thrice, up until now. He walked the same road as him and ate at the same restaurant as him a few times. From what he believed, Amon still doesn't know of such incidents. 'This boy is not cautious enough.' Yet, from this uncautious man, he could feel something. Something… similar to Imu-sama, something vastly different, yet the same.

So every time he saw Amon's name in the newspaper, he got a chill down his spine. Today was no different. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"German 66 has been defeated by the Einherjar Pirates!"

"The missing ship of Gecko Moria found in Skypiea!"

"The appearance of the Seven Deadly Sins."

Dragon read the newspaper on his table with a scowl on his face. New bounty posters also came with the Newspaper, but he didn't care about bounties.

What he cared about was – the things that have been revealed to be associated with Amon. 'But why did he name them Seven Deadly Sins?' Dragon asked himself. 'He is a self-proclaimed God, so why would he promote evil with this name?'

It was a thing to think about. Seven Deadly Sins were the incarnation of evil, why would Amon bestow his commanders with such a title? More so, when he is a 'benevolent' God himself.

'No…' Dragon soon found the reason. From his knowledge, Amon's devotees are mostly the Birkans, as the Skypieans are still a little bit doubtful of him. The devotees do good deeds, yes, but they won't think twice to do bad deeds if Amon orders them to.

'He is deliberately doing this, naming them in this "evil" way. He wants to tell them that it doesn't matter if you are evil, as long as you devote yourself to me, you will get a chance in your life too.' He is basically playing with their minds…

A manipulator. Dragon registered in his mind. 'This kid… what's his goal exactly?'

Dragon feared he already knew what it was. For that reason, he realised, he wouldn't be able to sleep tight tonight.


Things were going smoothly. Amon was happy with the speed of the procedures. His current goal was to gain a huge bounty for all the 'Sins' and then lure newbies to work for him.

The war, the final war would be big. He needs a large army for that, for him to stand against everyone. It won't be easy, but when has that ever been?

Amon had a few posters in his hand, six posters to be precise. They had Amon, Hancock, Raki, Wyper, Urouge and Tsumi's photo printed on the front. They were bounty posters.

Priestess Tsumi, Bounty - 260 million bellies

Pirate Empress, Bounty - 500 million bellies

Mad Monk Urouge, Bounty - 600 million bellies

Flame Sultan, Bounty - 800 billion bellies

Heavenly Sky Princess, Bounty - 1.1 billion bellies!

Finally…. Sky Emperor, Bounty 3.3 billion bellies!

Flame Sultan is Wyper's new title, Heavenly Sky Princess is Raki… Amon chuckled as the chair almost fell backwards.

"Sky Princess…? Fucking hilarious." Minutes passed with his chuckle filling the room. Amon barely stopped himself from chuckling more as he then looked at his poster.

"I guess Moria's defeat, Drum Kingdom's defeat, along with CP9's defeat caused my bounty to jump up. But that's still too much." Amon recalled how many assassins were taken down before they could even reach Angel Island. "The father of the three Nobles did send some high-class assassins, so that also adds up."

He also recalled - the news he got a few months ago. The Celestial Dragons were debating hard to make his bounty increase. It seemed they have finally succeeded with these new things backing his dangers up.

'3.3 billion isn't bad at all.' Amon was amused.

"`It's still below every other Emperor though.`" The sword's voice caused Amon to chuckle some more.

"And why do I care? It's only a matter of time before I surpass Roger's bounty. Just a… matter of time." Amon answered, with a strange grin on his face.


Amon imagined - once - twice - thrice - what he will do after reaching the top, what he would do after becoming Absolute. The sword made a strange sound, as if sighing.


Amon was soon out of his small mind game. He was now sitting in a different room, playing with a Rubix cube, a new product of the <Sky Inc>.

'This would sell pretty bad…' Amon mumbled in his mind as he solved the cube in less than a millisecond with a spark of lightning in his hands. 'People of this world are too dumb for this.'

Sighing at this failed product, Amon shrugged as he put it down. He then looked around the room, it reminded him of the rich and classic office room he saw on T.V in his past life, something he never got to see with his two eyes before.

This was inside Germa's HQ. 'Pretty modern.'

Nodding to himself as he rolled the chair, he looked ahead where five people were kneeling, their eyes vacant.

Amon barely stopped himself from laughing softly as he looked at the brainwashed puppets. He didn't use his own technique, he rather used Germa's Technology to do it. Unsurprisingly, it worked better than his hands, after all, his brain hasn't surpassed the ability of a Supercomputer… yet.

Germa soldiers are brainwashed puppets, Amon felt a sense of irony hit him - seeing their leaders being brainwashed from the same machine. 'Is this what they call Karma?' Amon didn't care though, he had people who could even control that Karma.

Normally it's not possible to brainwash people above Vice Admirals, no matter if it's by Amon's hands or the machine's hands. But it was possible with the Germa. Because their actual power level isn't Vice Admiral level, they only reached that level after wearing their Raid Suits.

Now –

"Vinsmoke Judge, why not explain the Lineage Formula to me?"

It was time for Angel 3.0




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