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One Piece: Thunderclap One Piece: Thunderclap original

One Piece: Thunderclap

Author: justadudewithapen

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - A Cliche Ending...and Beginning


*Sirens blaring!*

"Ah shit..."

There I was, laying down, almost motionless with a broken body but concious for some reason.

They say your life flashes before your eyes right before your death. I remember reading some theories saying it's your brain trying to search for similar experiences, going through everything you've been through in your life, frantically searching for something to do in that situation.

Well it's not like it experience death just once anyway.


Although it made me realise how mediocre my life was. Average looks, average height, average academically and even an average 9-5 job that paid kinda well unlike what people on social media made you believe. But at the end of the day it was just that...average.


I looked to my left and saw two male figures running towards me with a stretcher. Honestly at that point I just wanted to sleep. I felt tired.

I saw a bunch of cops handcuffing and pinning a dude on ground. Yep, that's the man that ran me over. The fucker was drunk and skipped the red light. Strangely enough, I didn't feel any resentment towards him.

Looking back I didn't really have much to look forward to back at home. Didn't have a girlfriend or much friends left after my college graduation. Life happened some moved away some stayed in touch...well as much 'in touch' one can be once they have a family to look after.

My life became rather monotonous at some point. Wake up, workout, eat, go to work, get back home, eat, read manga and sleep.

Without even realising the world of manga became my escape from a boring life.

I turned my head to my right and there was my bag laying in a pool of blood. My laptop was absolutely wrecked...something I was thankful for *wink*.


Breathing is becoming slightly harder.

Just then something caught my eye. It was a book with bright colours. Even looking at it brought a smile to my face.

(One piece volume 104)

It was my favourite story. The one that brought joy to my rather monotonous life.

'What a shame, I'll never get to see what exactly is the One Piece' *sigh*.

Things are becoming rather blurry at this point.

It doesn't really hurt much now.

'I wish I can get another chance in life.'

'Dying without really achieving much is rather disappointing.'


(3rd Person's pov)

It was a sunny day and the perfect weather for a fisherman like Old Rock.This was not his real name but something the villagers called him. He was a tough man, standing at 7 feet height and had massive bulging muscles on his body.

At 60 years of age he was sailing the seas for decades at this point. For him, this was just another Tuesday.

....or well it was supposed to be that. He was returning back to his village from a rather successful trip when he spotted a small figure floating towards him barely holding on to the piece of wood that kept him from drowning in the ruthless sea.

He squinted his eyes to look at the figure before he realised what it was and his eyes widened.

"What the...!?"

Quickly rowing his fishing boat towards the figure, Old Rock reached it within a matter of minutes and what he saw shocked him.

There, lying on the small plank was a little boy, no older than 10 with severe injuries.

Horrified he quickly pulled the little boy in his boat and started examining the extent of his injuries.

Luckily most the wounds seemed superficial at best. Although the boy looked severely dehydrated and sunburned.

"I have to take him to see Mary, fast."

He quickly started rowing the boat towards his village after giving the child basic first aid and some water.

(35 minutes later)

It didn't take long for him to reach the island port. Quickly docking the boat he spotted one of his helpers and called him over to take care of the fishes.

"Oi brat! Come here take these fishes to the market." Rock said in his gruff voice.

A lankey figure came rushing towards Rock and saluted him.

"Sure boss"

He peeked over to see a small child in Rock's boat and was immediately worried seeing his conditions.

"Boss who's that!? Did you kidnap him!?"

A vein popped on Rock's head when he heard that.

"You stupid brat!"


He slapped the lanky dude on the back of his head, making sure not to hit too hard

He didn't want to kill his only helper.

"Go back and do your damn job. Accusing your grandpa like that...stupid brat."

"Oh and Bob go back and make a bed for this little boy as well. I'll bring him back home once Mary treats him"

The lanky dude now named Bob nodded him head in understanding. He casted a final glace the boy in Rock's boat before picking up the fishes and running towards the market.

Old Rock picked up the small boy and rushed towards the a particular house at some distance.

It didn't take long for him to reach the house and as soon as he did he hurriedly knocked on the door.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Who the fuck is it!?"

A rather unfriendly voice came from the house that sounded like it belonged to an old lady.


...and well and and old lady did open the door and greeted Old Rock with a disgruntled look.

Before Old Rock could even say something see ushered him inside seeing the little boy in Rock's hand. She had a basic idea what he wanted.

Wasting no time, Rock layed the boy gently on the bed before being pushed to the side by a grumpy Mary.


It only took a few minutes for her to inspect the kid while Rock told her how he found the child.

"He isn't in a life threatening condition. I'll wrap up all the injuries and give him a few IV's. He's dehydrated and looks like he's been stranded on the sea for quite some time." she remarked.

Looking at the little kid her grandmotherly insticts were kicking in.

"Comeback tomorrow. Looking at his conditions he'll wake up by tomorrow morning. Let him rest for now. And you get out now. Shoo."

Rock looked at the old woman with a deadpan face but then he just sighed and nodded his head.

"Alright I'll be back by tomorrow."

"Hm? Yeah okay." Mary who was not paying attention to him at this point just nodded her head.

Once Rock left, she looked at the boy and when she noticed him clutching something in his hands.

She gently pulled it out and looked at the thing.

"A locket?"

It looked rather expensive.

She examined it looking it all over when she found a name on at the back of it.


Her eyes widened when she read the name.

"You're one of them...!?"


"It had to be a D. This little is going to bring troubles to this island. The ones with D in their name always do.

She looked down at the little boy and smiled gently.

"Rest for now Raiden."

She left the room and closed the door quietly casting one last glance at the sleeping boy.

The boy who slept peacefully not knowing how big of an impact his presence will make in the world.


justadudewithapen justadudewithapen

AN - Hi y'all this is my first time writing something hopefully it'll be good. If you have anything to point, any mistakes I made while writing it please feel free to tell me I'd like to learn and improve it. Thank for reading the chapter.

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