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One punch man:Traveling between worlds One punch man:Traveling between worlds original

One punch man:Traveling between worlds

Author: Joel2018_Assis

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Saito's Powers, Abilities and Harem

Saito Tatsumaki

Son of Saitama and Tatsumaki.

Limitless strength and speed: As Saito is Saitama's son, there are no limits to where his physical strength and speed can reach, and this is quickly increased as the fight progresses.

Immense Defense: He also has unusual resistance and can withstand anything thrown at him, in addition to being able to survive in space without any problems.

His reflexes and senses are high and he can also sense a person's intention even if they are very far away from him and he can amplify this using his psychic powers.

High Esper Powers: Being the son of two Espers, Saito has immense psychic control, making him the strongest Esper in his home universe. Saito can use his esper power to move objects just using his mind, shoot several meteors at high speed, move the planet's tectonic plates to create destructive earthquakes.

Saito can create force fields using his own energy on himself or on allies, in addition to being able to do this in combat and being able to fire highly accurate psychic shots with the same power as a normal punch.

He can also use this energy as a sword and use it as a lightsaber if he wants to.

Advanced telepathy: Saito surpassed his mother Tatsumaki in terms of telepathy, being able to communicate with several people at the same time without causing damage to their mind, in addition to being able to invade the enemy's mind and make them a puppet, leaving them in a vegetative state, or simply disables all brain commands that give movement or disable a person's powers. (Example:He did this to Iida)

High adaptation and copying: Saito can adapt to any physical combat situation, having a high ability to copy any of his opponent's techniques just by observing, he can also use these techniques to create his own version of the technique he copied.

This is the list of things that Saito can do in his base form without using the things he took from other universes.

Let's get to the easy part which is the Harem!

Boku no hero: Mina, Momo, Rumi and Toga. I was thinking about including Toru and Tsuyu, but I missed the opportunity to create development in both of them. Yes, I don't like Harem without having at least given a logical reason for them to stay with the MC.

One Piece: Nami, Vivi, Shirahoshi, Viola (I had chosen Rebecca, but I changed my mind), Carrot, Reiju, Carina, Yamato, Ulti (Maybe), Hyori and Lilith.

Bleach: Yoruichi, Rangiku, Soi Fon, Neliel, Halibel (Maybe), Isane, Bambietta, Candice, Senna, Mashiro (maybe), Lisa (maybe), Tatsuki (maybe).

Bleach has a lot of "maybes" because I'm not sure if they're going to be in the Harem or not. Bambietta is the most interesting on the list due to her nature and Saito's charm, but I'm not sure if she will work out or not. Ah, another detail Giselle is impossible to join the Harem because "she" hates him and Littorio....she really can't.

Gurren Lagann: Yoko. Just herself.

Black Clover:Noelle,Mimosa,Sol,Vanessa,Meroleona,Secre(maybe),Kahono, Rebecca (maybe),Sally(maybe).


DBZ:Android 21 and the Kaioshin of Time (see Xenoverse) and the Kaioshin of the West (maybe)

I had planned to start DBZ with the Bills saga, but I changed my mind and chose Buu's saga, it could have been Cell's, but... Saito would sweep the earth with Cell. Now about the two Kaioshins, I'm thinking about whether this idea of mine will work or not.


There are certain things that I removed from the list so as not to give too many spoilers to you guys. If you have any questions about the list, just let me know.

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