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0.13% Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning / Chapter 1: Rebirth! Unlimited Buff!
Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning

Online Game: Unlimited Buff Talent From The Beginning

Author: Random Pork Stew

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Chapter 1: Rebirth! Unlimited Buff!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

"I… have been reborn?"

Lin Bei rubbed his eyes and looked around at the familiar scene. He could not come back to his senses for a long time.

This was the male dormitory of Magic City University. It was where he had stayed ten years ago.

"2042, August 1st, 10:31…"

Lin Bei stared at the date on his phone and took a deep breath. "I have actually been reborn ten years back in time!"

Furthermore… August 1st was the time that the ninth server of the virtual game Second World opened!

Lin Bei's eyes flashed and he immediately got out of bed. After packing up in haste, he ran out of the dormitory and rushed to the spot where the game login tokens were sold near Magic City University.

In 2038, Second World was officially launched.

With extremely-high virtual realism, by 2042, the largest number of people being simultaneously online in the world had reached a terrifying one billion, making it the most influential online game in history!

Top players were even more famous than celebrities!

"This is an opportunity!"

Lin Bei was excited. As a reborn player, his mental skills and experience were ten years ahead of the other players!

If he used it well, it would not be difficult for him to become a top-notch player!

"This way… Mom, Dad, and Little Sister won't die!"

Grief flashed across Lin Bei's eyes.

Her younger sister was born with a rare illness. In order to treat her, her parents worked hard every day. They had many jobs and were extremely tired.

He was also very hardworking and worked hard to get into Magic City University, one of the most competitive universities in the Dragon Country. He originally wanted to accomplish something through learning and find a job to share the pressure of his family after graduation. However, who would have thought that a sudden car accident would directly shatter his entire family!

His parents died in a car accident, and his sister gradually became depressed because the family could not support the huge medical expenses. In the end, she died from illness, leaving Lin Bei alone.

"I will not allow such a thing to happen again!"

Lin Bei was extremely determined. "I want to become a top player! I want to build a team! With my ten years of experience and skills, I want to win the league title and obtain the huge prize money!"

He remembered very clearly that at the end of December 2041, in the fourth WWL World Championship of Second World, a shocking battle broke out between the two teams, Divine Descent and Nine Heavens.

After fighting nine rounds, the number of viewers online had increased to 1.5 billion!

This was equivalent to the total population of the entire Dragon Country!

Correspondingly, the profits from this competition were also very considerable. Just the advertising share alone had reached a terrifying one billion!

As the MVP of a normal competition, Deity Apollo from Divine Descent alone took 200 million, shocking the world!

And this was only the benefit of a single competition!

Lin Bei's breathing was heavy and his eyes were firm.

He would never miss such an opportunity having been reborn!

He wanted to turn everything around and let his parents live. He wanted his sister to live!

He wanted to earn money!

And let his family live a comfortable life!

And now, an opportunity was placed in front of him!

That was Second World!

In his mind, countless strategies and information about Second World flashed past: leveling locations, hidden missions, dungeon strategies, Boss distribution, PK techniques, synthesis formulas, and so on. He knew everything like the back of his hand!

"With these and the fact that the ninth server has just opened today, I can definitely seize the opportunity!"

Soon, Lin Bei arrived at the virtual helmet sales area near the school.

He glanced at his phone and saw that he only had 3,000 Ocean Blue coins. This was his living expenses for two months.

The lowest grade-D virtual gaming helmet was priced at 2,999 Ocean Blue coins.

These… were his parents' hard-earned money.

Gritting his teeth, Lin Bei bought a grade-D helmet.

"Once I enter the game, with my world-leading experience and skills, I can quickly earn more money and give my parents and sister a better life!"

Now that the server had just opened, it was time to race against time. It had already been more than two hours since the server opened at 8am. If he was slow by a step, he would be slow all the way. If he did not enter the game as soon as possible, even if he had more experience and skills than others, he might lose a lot of opportunities!

Taking a deep breath, Lin Bei hugged the box containing the login device, his heart heavy.

At eleven o'clock, Lin Bei returned to his dormitory on time and entered the game alone.

It was August 1st, and school would only start on September 1st, so the others had yet to return to school.

As for him, he originally wanted to go to school a month in advance to prepare and get a scholarship from the college's science and technology competition when school started, but now… he naturally threw this matter to the back of his mind.

A 2000-dollar college scholarship might not even be as valuable as top-grade equipment in Second World!

What he needed to do now was to go all out and earn money in the game!

[Iris recognition binding… binding successful!]

[Would you like to log into the game?]

"Log in!"

[Log-in successful! Please select the server you wish to enter!]

A huge light screen appeared in front of him. On it, nine balls of light flickered. The balls of light were of different colors. On each ball of light, a line of words floated quietly.

[1st Server: Divine Opening]

[2nd Server: Heavenly Advent]

[8th Server: Heavenly Canopy]

[9th Server: Heavenly Might (New)]

The nine servers were all different game worlds; from maps to monsters, they were all different!

Without another word, Lin Bei chose the new server, "Heavenly Might". Heavenly Canopy, the most recent server among the rest, had been launched for about half a year. The resources inside had been divided up. If he went in now, he would not have many chances.

"Enter Heavenly Might!"

[Selection successful! System connection in progress… Please wait…]

Soon, Lin Bei's figure was enveloped by the light emitted by the ball of light representing Heavenly Might. Then, the light in front of him circulated, and the world changed and he appeared in a dazzling hall.

In front of him stood six blurry figures. These were the six initial professions of the Second World. They were: Warrior, Mage, Priest, Archer, Assassin, and Summoner.

[Congratulations player, you are the 52,025,000th player to log into "Heavenly Might"!]

[Please name your character!]

"There are already 50 million players! As expected of Second World!"

It had only been three hours since the server opened at 8am, but so many players had already rushed into the new server. From this, it could be seen how popular Second World was on Ocean Blue Planet!

"The pressure is huge…"

Lin Bei muttered and finally locked his gaze on the frame in front of him.

In "Second World", there was a need to choose a name.

When players created characters, the System would immediately generate a talent. Some were powerful, some were weak, and there were all kinds of talents. There was almost no pattern to speak of.


That was not the case!

There was actually a hidden algorithm for the birth of talents in Second World!

Before his rebirth, the world had just discovered this!

Of course, they could not crack these algorithms at all because the core program of Second World came from the ruins of an alien civilization. With the current technology of Ocean Blue Planet, forget cracking the algorithms, they could not even break through the outermost firewall!

However, it could be confirmed that the level of talent generated was related to the name when the character was created!

"Others don't know what kind of name can give them good talent, but… I know."

Lin Bei smiled. In his mind, the names of the top players from his previous life kept appearing. These people were at least level-A talents and were ridiculously strong.

However, in his impression, there was only one level-SSS talent.

Coincidentally, this person was a super big shot who had risen in the 9th Server's Heavenly Might!

"I hope he hasn't entered the game yet. Otherwise, I can only change to some level-SS talent."

Lin Bei prayed silently in his heart and entered the name of his character in the blank name column: [Inner Peace].

[Confirm character name?]

The System notification sounded again.

Lin Bei grinned.

There was no hint that the name was repeated. In other words, that person had yet to enter the game to create a character!

Heaven is on my side!


Lin Bei said with a smile.

One had to know that there was only one level-SSS talent in the entire server ten years later in his previous life!

But now… this level-SSS talent was going to be him!

[Character creation successful! Talent randomly generated… Please wait…]

[Congratulations to player "Inner Peace" for obtaining a level-SSS talent—Unlimited Buff!]

[Unlimited Buff: Level-SSS. All buffs on players will last for an unlimited amount of time.]


Looking at his talent column, even as a reborn person, Lin Bei could not help but curse.

This talent… was too awesome?!

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