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72.44% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 92: Preparations???

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Chapter 92: Preparations???

"What's wrong?" Nyx asked Ian, who just got off from a call it seems, he was staring at his phone with a sad expression.

Seeing Nyx, Ian smiled at her but he couldn't hide his sadness in his eyes.

"My dad is angry with me and told me to never go back home." Giving a sad smile to Nyx, Ian said.

"My mother, she is trying to calm my dad but his anger is not going to subside anytime soon. He said some things that hurt me and I did the same, so I don't have anywhere else to go."

Nyx felt guilty hearing Ian.

If it weren't for the kidnapping, everything would have been fine.

Nyx bit her lower lip, looking down and clutching onto the hem of her skirt.

Nyx then opened her mouth to say one word.


Seeing the guilt-ridden face of Nyx, Ian panicked.

"Hey, hey HEY! Nyx! Stop that, it's not your fault or anyone's fault. Don't feel guilty over something like this, please!" Ian hastily said to Nyx.

"I don't regret anything, Nyx. In fact, actually, I'm kind of relieved by this. Yes, it is kind of sad but to me, I feel relieved and free." Ian said genuinely smiling.

Driving the motorized wheelchair and stopping in front of Nyx, Ian took both her hands on his. Holding Nyx's hand tightly and staring deep into her cerulean coloured eyes, he spoke up.

"Don't think too much, Idiot! Okay? So listen up, now that I don't have a place to live? And listen very well, I have been thinking deeply. I MEAN IT! I thought about it for the past two weeks a lot."

"I want to join you guys, I want to join Nameless."

Hearing Ian, him saying that he wants to join Nameless Nyx was surprised.

"Ian, are you sure? You have seen for the past few weeks what's going on here. You might die, you know." Nyx said in concern, the Ian she knows is a funky goofball. He always jokes around doing crazy things, a true musclehead.

The things that Nameless does, it's not black or white but grey.

It's a bit both of evil and good.

They are no Saints nor they are demons.

They are good guys but also bad too.

Ian is a justice-loving idiot, but she can see the resolve in Ian's eyes.

"If I die? Then I will die. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die." Ian said kissing the back of Nyx's hand.

"Eeeeek!!!" Nyx cringed hearing Ian's cheesy lines.

"The smiths- There is a light that never goes out. It's such a good song, you should hear it sometimes." The goofball Ian again started his weird obsession with classics.

Nyx sighed, shaking her head before she burst out laughing.


Hugging the Idiot, Nyx told Ian.

"Welcome to Nameless, Mad dog!"


Aaron stared at the people sitting around the meeting room.

Aside from Nyx and Ian, everyone was here in the meeting room.

Everyone had a serious look on their face.

Tonight's operation will be the key to sweep Trinity Crown in one sweep.

A projector was on the table and it was displaying a picture and information about a woman in her 50s.

"The woman is the Lynchpin of Trinity Crown. Trinity Crown is famous for its information network across Country O. She is the one who handles the information bank. Her granddaughter is really ambitious you see, we already have recruited her granddaughter into Nameless. Also, as long as we get rid of this old hag, we will have control over the south completely."

"With this old hag gone, Hawthorne will call out to every higher up associates on Trinity Crown for an emergency meeting. For all of them to come here in Star City will probably take a couple of days, that will be our only chance to completely take over and get rid of Trinity Crown in one sweep. If we fail? Then we will have to go at it for month's, who knows it might even take a year to fully achieve our goal. So I don't want to lose this golden opportunity. The security will be the highest we have ever seen. It's high-risk, high-reward. We cannot fail, we must not fail." Aaron said solemnly.

"Terry, you and your people will start preparing from today, Julian and Hidelio will help you. Timothy, you and Zulkernyn will take the harbour and the warehouses. We have already been through about this once before so I won't need to tell you once more right?" Looming at Zulkernyn, Aaron smirked.

"Yeah, yeah! I know, go and loot a damn f*cking ship and transport everything from the warehouse to the ship. And also, provide support to Timothy." Grumbled Zulkernyn giving a hateful look at Aaron.

With Timothy's friends and Zulkernyn's people, they will completely clean up everything Trinity Crown has in the harbour and the warehouses.

Their only job is to loot and nothing else.

Terry has recruited capable people under him, they were also screened by Aurora and Aaron.

Everything is fine.

In the past few week's Terry has been going around picking up people here and there.

He has a natural talent for picking up strays.

But only a few of them under Terry has been recruited in Nameless, not all of them.

But it wasn't the case for Timothy.

He has some retired military friends that he recruited in Nameless.

They are veteran soldiers with lots of experience unlike the people under Terry.

Timothy's squad isn't big but their quality is the best.

For now, Timothy's squad is the first generation elites under Nameless.

Zulkerny's people are only helping Nameless with transportation, nothing more.

But Zulkernyn has also recruited a couple of people under him.

Not only that, but those couple of people under Zulkernyn are also completely loyal to Nameless.

Loyalty is one of the utmost creeds Zulkernyn follows.

So the Assassin's of Nameless will without a doubt be a force to be reckoned with.

"Aurora, the red-light district is all yours." Giving a smile to his sister Aaron said to Aurora.

"Why do I always get the weird jobs?" Sighing Aurora got up from her chair.

"Well, the briefing is finished, let's get going! Chop-chop! Get out!!!" Aurora clapping her hands a few time told others to leave.

"And you, you're coming with me, oh! our mighty King." Grabbing Sabastian by his collar, Aurora dragged Sabastian with her and left the meeting room with others.

"Hmm, I should get Nyx and depart quickly or else Aurora will beat me up again." Aaron muttered in a soft voice alone in the meeting room.

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