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46.1% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 77: The raid. (Part 1)

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Chapter 77: The raid. (Part 1)

Sabastian and Aaron, both were watching four Trinity Crown members who are waiting outside the warehouse near their SUV's.

Looking at the two black Toyota Land Cruiser, Aaron sighed.

"We only have a big ass truck and a shitty sedan. Cant we just steal one of the SUV? We can leave the vehicle at our hideout outside the city?" Aaron asked Sabastian with puppy dog eyes.

The past couple of months they have spent their times together, Sabastian found out this weird hobby of stealing that the Blood Siblings and Nyx recently developed.

Sabastian went on a few raids with them, they looted everything valuable as long they can get money out of it. No matter how small the amount is.

In their previous life, 'Ian' wasn't like this. He even despised the act of stealing and robbery.

'I guess being reborn in a world without magic and being rich but not being able to spend money as they wish with the extra baggage of creating a secret organization changes people.' Sabastian thought in his mind.

"Okay, just one though. But you have to make sure that it's completely traceless and no, I mean no, you are not going to drive until I give you permission to drive!" Sabastian said with a stern expression staring at Aaron's light green eyes.

"Tsk, okay. I get it, alright!" Aaron clicked his tongue in defeat. He knows why Sabastian put that no driving condition. Some time ago, Aaron almost killed everyone by driving recklessly at the highway.

Still, he was quite content that they got a new vehicle for their organization, and it's much better than that broken sedan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So I can knock two of them with a single blow each but the other two will be alerted and might make some noise so any idea? About how to do it as silently as possible?" Sabastian asked Aaron, who was looking at the four Trinity Crown members who are going to visit the deities of 'Death' soon.

"Hmm I do, in fact, have a way." Aaron said to Sabastian before he tapped his silver wristwatch.

"This thing can shoot 4 projectiles, I also modified it a bit. So it will take about 5 seconds to paralyze the target. The best thing about this compare to my 'HaloCutie' is it's so small that it feels like a mosquito bite when you get hit by it." Arron said.

Sabastian nodded in awe, then went to do the work that he came here tonight for.

He silently and stealthily approached the four members of Trinity Crown who were talking to each other.

Sabastian hid behind one of the SUV, then signalled Aaron to do his part.

Aaron changing his location stood behind a pile of neatly stacked bricks.

Aaron raised his left arm and breathes in some air, holding his breath he took a steady aim at two of the members of Trinity Crown.

In succession, he shot two projectiles by pressing the crown of his watch at two members of Trinity Crown.

The two idiot's thought some mosquitoes, might have bitten them so they were about to rub the area where the projectiles dug on in their neck.

Sabastian jumped onto the other two hitting them at the back of their heads knocking them out.

The two poisoned members were about to shout when they suddenly stopped moving before they plopped down on to the ground with their eyes open but completely paralysed from head to toe.

Aaron approached Sabastian and the members of the Trinity Crown who were laying on the ground. Two were paralysed with their eyes open and two were knocked out of consciousness.

"That watch of yours, it's something really terrifying! And good job, by the way when are you giving one to me?" Sabastian praised and complimented Aaron, also asked for a similar watch of his own.

"When I get the materials, I will make one for you. But costs too much you know. My research and development department eats up money like a black hole, bruh!" Aaron complained about how little money he has for his projects. 1/4 of the money goes to him in 'Nameless' for his research and tech developments.

"Wow! You already created a department for your own use, that's so cool, tsk." Sabastian clicked his tongue in annoyance and made a sarcastic remark.

Aaron shrugged his shoulders in response to Sabastian.

Aaron with a smile on his face crouched down and looked at one of the paralyzed Trinity Crown members.

"Gimme your weapon." Aaron said holding out his hand towards Sabastian.

Sabastian gave his black ninjato to Aaron.

Pulling out the blade from the sheath, he stared at the horror-filled despairing eyes of the Trinity Crown member.

"It's nothing personal, so requiescat in pace, my dude!" Aaron said, before he thrust the ninjato at the man's chest where the heart is.

Pulling out the ninjato, he did the same thing with the other three. Killing them, he then wiped the blood from the ninjato blade with their clothes before giving the ninjato back to Sabastian.

"Well, that wasn't bad and messy at all. It was a clean and swift death, hmm." Sabastian said pulling Aaron's hand, helping him stand up.

"Yeah, now we will go inside. The same thing but this time I will paralyse those with the guns before you go, then you slash them up and I will be killing them to finish it off." Aaron said to Sabastian.

Both of them went inside the Warehouse once more after finishing their work outside.

Inside they counted that a total of 23 people are in the warehouse.

The four members of the Trinity Crown were talking with three of the people of the local gang.

They were talking about something on a roundtable with the briefcase in the middle.

All the seven people at the table had guns on them.

"Can you handle those seven on your own? All you just have to do is, cut them up. It doesn't matter if they scream or not, no one would come in here anyway." Aaron asked Sabastian pointing at the roundtable where the members of the Trinity Gang are having a meeting.

"Yep, can do!" Sabastian gave an angelic smile that stumped Aaron a bit that he was in a daze for a couple of moments.

'Who the f*ck smiles like that thinking about cutting up people!!! At least smile like a villain or something not this pure bliss smile, heck even my smile is creepy as f*ck!!!'

Aaron looked around and marked those people with guns in his mind.

Aside from the 7 at the round table, only 5 people have guns on them.

Holding his cane like a rifle, Aaron got ready to shoot and paralyse those people.

He gave a nod to Sabastian to go and start cutting up people at the round table.

Aaron took note that he has seven darts in his cane and two small projectiles on his watch.

All of them laced with poison that will paralyze people in 5 seconds.

He took aim at 3 people in front of him and waited for Sabastian's cue to start.

In a minute, a heart-wrenching scream was heard startling everyone at the warehouse.

With the scream as his cue to start, Aaron shot three darts to the three people who were going for their guns.

*thooosh thooosh thooosh*

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