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46.42% Our Lazy and Idiotic but Abnormal Life / Chapter 78: The raid. (Part 2)

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Chapter 78: The raid. (Part 2)

Sabastian just cut off both arms of the Trinity Crown member, who was sitting at the round table.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrtr my haaaaaaaannnnddds" The guy who got his arms cut off by Sabastian, screamed in pain. Blood was squirting out from the severed arms.

Everyone inside the warehouse was startled by the scream.

Sabastian didn't waste any time, it was just a short window of opportunity to do so much, so he doesn't want to let go of any single opportunity made by his startling actions now.

Since everyone was startled and stunned by the screams of the Trinity Crown member who got his arms cut off, Sabastian quickly slashed at the nearest person he could reach.

A deep cut was made on to the person's chest.

Three members of the local gang who were playing cards were about to pull out their guns but they suddenly halted their actions and plopped down onto the ground.

He could see from the corner of his eyes that Aaron was the one who shot those three down with his cane.

'That's cool!' Sabastian thought.

Sabastian kicked the round table making four of the thugs on the other side of the round table to stumble and fall to the ground.

Then he turns to the only person standing near him, jumping onto that person swinging his ninjato cutting that person's right hand off! Sabastian made a 360 turn swinging the ninjato slashing once more severing the leg of that person.

He turned around to see Aaron has already knocked off 9 members of the local gang including the boy he wants to recruit tonight.

Sabastian then turned to the four who were on the ground, he stepped onto a chair and jumped over to the other side of the table.

Seeing that the four remaining gangsters who were trying to get up, he quickly walked towards them slashing them and cutting their arms and legs off before he made a run towards Aaron to help him out.

There were only seven gang members left standing.

One was charging towards Aaron.

Aaron turned the handle of his 'HaloCutie', with a metallic sound of *tiiing* a blade popped out making the cane look like a scythe.

He also charged towards the guy who was charging towards him.

Avoiding the guy, Aaron raised his hands holding on to 'HaloCutie'. He swung the cane towards the guy's neck then pulled with all of his strength.

The head got cleanly cut off from the body and dropped on to the floor, the head bounced once then rolled to the side.

Blood spurted out from the severed neck like a fountain.

Sabastian stared at Aaron in awe!

To him, it was like a work of art.

Weird and horrific as it may be to other people, but to people like Sabastian? Aaron or Aurora, who are from magical worlds where the countries are in always at war and endless battlefields of all.

This kill of Aaron was a clean-cut kill, a magnificent kill.

(A/N: These people are psychos don't mind them, they've seen enough s*it that they got their head wired up in a twisted way.)

Aaron smiled creepily turning to the remaining six gang members, overly tilting his head and suggestively looking down on them with his scythe on his shoulder which was dripping blood on the floor.

(A/N: And yes, it's one of those anime poses. I think its called the Shaft head tilting pose.)

The six remaining gang members watching Aaron were trembling in fear.

'Who the f**k is that kid!!!' All of them had this one thought in their head.

Sabastian standing behind the six remaining gang members sighed.

He readied his ninjato and started cutting off their arms and legs.

Finishing up, Sabastian stood in front of Aaron with a frown on his face.

"You stink!" Sabastian said pinching his nose.

Unlike Aaron with bloody clothes just killing one person.

Sabastian didn't even have a single drop of blood on him, slashing up and cutting up people.

"Hahahaha" Aaron laughed like a 3rd rate villain hearing Sabastian.

"But are you okay?" Sabastian asked in a concerned tone.

Right after Sabastian inquired, Aaron leaned forward, his whole body started trembling and he was breathing hard almost looked like he was out of breath.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu arrrghhhhhhhk!!! S*it my whole body hurts like craaaazzzyyyy!!!" Aaron screamed in pain. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His body is weak, rough and hurried movements make him suffer from intense pain.

"Well, serves you, right!" Sabastian snorted since Aaron didn't say anything else but complain about his weak body, Sabastian figured he's fine.

Sabastian stood beside Aaron and waited for him to pull himself together.

"Hooooh! Well, let's bet on it. What's inside the case?" Aaron said waving his hand towards Sabastian signalling that he's okay.

Aaron and Sabastian went to pick up the briefcase.

Luckily they didn't have to go search anyone's body for the key to the briefcase, since it was already open.

"I bet, its drugs." Sabastian said, not giving any chance for Aaron to say anything.

"F**k you!" Aaron cursed, giving the middle finger to Sabastian.

Sabastian chuckled hearing him swear.

From experience, he can quite guess what might be inside of the briefcase.

They opened up the case and to Aaron's surprise, it's a tie.

Inside the case were stacks of money and packets of drugs.

"Well, we both won and lost." Sabastian said shrugging.

One of the Trinity Crown members stopped screaming in pain and shouted at both Sabastian and Aaron

"You guys will pay! Trinity Crown will hear of this."

He was about to say a few more things before Aaron cut his throat with 'HaloCutie.

"Agrhh! Now, I have to go around and kill them." Aaron said with an annoyed tone and face.

Sabastian's way of the sword is kind of a pain in the ass, sometimes.

10 min later, after Aaron killed everyone inside the warehouse just leaving Jack's older brother Terry.

Aaron came here tonight to recruit Terry to Nameless.

Killing these gang members we're just extra for this recruitment mission.

Both Sabastian and Aaron dragged the paralysed Terry to one of the SUV outside.

Leaving Terry at the back seat of the SUV, they went inside once more to grab anything valuable they could find.

After looting everything and putting everything inside the car.

Sabastian sat on the driver seat and Aaron beside him at the passenger seat.

"Let's pray to our dear friend 'Darkness' that we don't get pullover for anything." Aaron said feeling nervous.

"Yeah, but shouldn't we pray to 'Luck' instead of 'Darkness'?" Sabastian said looking at Aaron beside him.

"Hell, no! If we pray to 'Luck' that b*tch 'Karma' will meddle with our luck!!!" Aaron yelled, thinking of a certain ever grinning b*tch of a goddess, who mess people up with their 'Karma'.

"Yeah, you're right! We don't want to get into tomorrow's news with a headline saying, two 12-year-old boys with bloody clothes got caught driving a stolen SUV with an unconscious paralysed passenger, stacks of money and guns on them..." Sabastian said with a monotone voice, inwardly praying to the goddess of 'light' and his dear best friend 'Darkness'.

Starting up the car they both left the warehouse.

Inside the warehouse, there were dismembered body parts laying around.

On a wall, there was a symbol of a Viper with a rose on its mouth curling around a Sword was painted on with blood.

Hyacinth_FS Hyacinth_FS

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[(5/7) Weekly chapters released.]

After the Trinity Crown arc, there will be a time skip of a few years.

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