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Chapter 75: Magic Basics (Pt. I)


Monday, 17th of August, 2020


The bright light from the sun blinded the platinum blonde-haired girl as she walked to her classroom with two lunch boxes in her hands. Humming while skipping to her class, she slid open the door immediately, surprising Arnettia who was by the first door.

Avangenille, who was behind the tall male, laughed at the poor boy who was now ghostly white.

"..." His soul could be seen flying out of him as Vinnetra and Orion who passed by sweatdropped at the scene.

"What in the world happened to him?" Orion inquired, raising an eyebrow at the ghostly white Arnettia.

"Whoops! My bad! Hehe..." Shizuka rubbed the back of her neck while giving them an apologetic smile, "Tia-san~ Wakey-wakey~"

As she leaned over to whisper, Arnettia could feel her breath enveloping him. His ears turned red, and not knowing what to do, he quickly backed away from her. He covered his ears with both his hands, looking at the girl by his desk in bewilderment.

"Haha~ Are you awake now, Tia-san~?" She gave him a closed-eye smile. Now it's her turn to back away as she placed her two lunch boxes back into her bag. With one of them being empty, indicating that she had eaten it as a breakfast.

Vinnetra laughed hysterically at the magenta-haired male, holding his stomach as he hit Orion, who was beside him the whole time. Tears were threatening to come out of his ash-coloured eyes.

"Oi! That hurts you moron!" Orion snapped at the raven black-haired male, with a vein popping on his forehead.

"BWHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!" The raven black-haired male didn't seem to care as he continued to laugh, walking wobbly to his seat. Elloise who was sitting beside him laughed as well from Vinnetra's contagious laugh.

"Hmm? What's so funny?" A familiar voice broke their laughter as they froze up. Turning their heads robotically towards the back door of the class-- Yes, each class has two doors-- Sweats came running down their faces like a waterfall as they saw Yuzuru standing at the doorway.

Mizuto behind him, peeking over the gold-eyed male's shoulder, "Hmm? What do you mean, Yuzu?"

Turning his head towards his older brother, Yuzuru glanced at him with his gold eyes, "I thought I heard some laughter. Is there somethin' goin' on here?" The two casually walked towards their seats, with the platinum blonde-haired girl watching them.

"Oi, answer me, would ya?" Yuzuru deadpanned at the two frozen males, consisting of Vinnetra and Elloise, who hugged each other in fear. They were scared that Yuzuru would be on a rampage again if they found out that ANOTHER boy had a slight crush on his sister.

Though some boys who did were bothered by the fact that they have more competition over the girl, others didn't mind more rivals. The more the merrier, right?

"Haa... Oi, Shizu, can you tell me what happened?" Yuzuru flopped down to his seat lazily, resting his head on his arms on the desk. The girl just smiled mischievously at her brother, crystal blue orbs staring intensely at his gold ones, "Uhh... Shizu?"

"Yuzu-Nii, why don't you guess what happened~?"


"Just guess~"

"Hah? Hmm..." Yuzuru took her joke too seriously, placing his hands under his chin in aa thinking motion, "You just cracked a joke?"


"Make funny faces?"


"Uh..." Yuzuru ruffled his taupe brown hair as he ran out of ideas after saying two of them, "... Someone fell???"

"No~ Guess again~"

Shizuka was staring at her brother in amusement, knowing that he's going to rage when he finds out what she did-- Well, what Arnettia reacted with...

The platinum blonde-haired girl was not that dense to miss his blush, as she did intend to tease the magenta-haired male. What she didn't know was that his reaction was a sign of him liking her, and overall flustered by her proximity to him earlier.

She just thought that his blushing was the cause of her whisper-- It was, but there were more to it.

"Uhh... Mizu-Nii, got any idea?" Yuzuru glanced behind him, asking his older brother for any suggestions. Mizuto hummed in response, indicating that he's thinking, "... Nope, no idea."

His simple answer caused Yuzuru to deadpan at the wood brown-haired male, knowing that he's too lazy to answer him. Mizuto was reading, after all, so he would be too immersed in his book rather than answering Yuzuru's question.

'You are no help here...' Yuzuru kept to himself, turning back to his sister.

Avangenille was holding a laugh in, knowing what the girl's intention was. Vinnetra and Elloise who was frozen earlier held in their laughs as well, careful not to let the gold-eyed male hear them.

The bell rang and all of the students went back to their respective classes, leaving the hallway empty and quiet-- Except for the hallway in front of class 1-6, seeing their rowdiness erupt once again.

"Alright, quiet down!" Their homeroom teacher, Asuma, clapped his hands to get the children's attention, "We're about to start class. Meet me up at the sixth gym after you change your clothes~ Now, chop-chop! We don't have all day~ Also, don't forget to bring the weapons you chose the other day."




"Wait, what does Mr Ashitaka teach anyway?" The tangerine of the class, aka. Elloise wondered to himself out loud.

"I think it's about Magic or something," Shizuka answered him quickly as she walked out of the class with the other girls.

"Huh... How can I forget that?"

"Maybe you spaced out when he explained?" Zannera commented in, flopping his rabbit ears up and down with his hands.

"Yeah, that's probably it~! Come on, let's go~!"

"Aye aye~"


The class gathered in the sixth gym building, the gym they had been using since the very beginning of school. Their weapons were still encased in their hands. Some carried them at their backs, others were just dangling off of their shoulders.

"No matter how often we go here, I could never get used to this big place..." Seiya commented, eyeing the tall ceiling with his Alice blue eyes. Riedence beside him nodding, since he's not much of a talker.

"'Aight, children! Gather around~!" Asuma clapped his hands again, with the students of class 1-6 gathering in front of the khaki brown-haired male, "Today, your upperclassmen are going to teach you the basics of Magic as my helpers."

At the same time, several students walked into the building, all of them being a bit taller than the average height of class 1-6. Vinnetra and Yuzuru gaped at their height. And they thought Arnettia and Riedence were tall-- Oh, they were wrong!

"They are second-years from class 2-6~ They will help me teach you all Magic Basics, as I will watch over you~ The second-years will do this as a part of their training, so make sure all of you will work together~" Asuma gave them a closed-eye smile.

However, instead of comfort, the first-years felt shivers went down their spines for some reason... Innyse, Riedence, and Isseiris all stayed stoic, but they felt it as well. Though they said nothing, just like the others.

"'Aight, pair up~! I've already prepared the pairings over here~" Asuma pointed beside him as a Mophorix Screen appeared with all of their names on it, along with their profile pictures, "You have till the bell rings, hurry up now~"

"Uh... Sir," One of the second-years raised his hand, catching the khaki brown-haired male's attention.

"Hmm? What is it, Insantius?" He inquired at the second-year who had cyan scales on the side of his face. His tongue was snake-like, with his hands being cyan-coloured as well.

"When will this last?"

"Hmm? What do you mean?" His question confused the teacher, causing him to tilt his head slightly.

"Uh..." The snake-like male walked to the teacher, gesturing him to bend a little to his height as he whispered something to the khaki brown-haired male.

"Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Ah, right~!" Asuma gave all of them the same closed-eye smile from before, sending the students goosebumps again.

Vinnetra rubbed his arms in an attempt to comfort himself, while the platinum blonde-haired girl beside him went over to Avangenille and hugged her out of nowhere. Avangenille chuckled at the shorter girl's behaviour, patting her head lightly.

"Why you second-years will have to teach them for a whole week, of course," Asuma said cheerfully to them, "Now, go to your partners~ We don't have any time to waste~"

As he was walking back, he turned back to them, "Oh, and club activities will start next month~ Make sure you've already joined one~!"

"But we're in the same club!" Zannera exclaimed while deadpanning at their supposed supervisor, "You are our supervisor, for Gaia's sake!"

"Yes, yes~ Now, move along~" Asuma quickly dismissed the were-rabbit, as he seemed like he didn't want to talk about it, even after Shizuka's persuasions.


'Hmm...' The platinum blonde-haired girl stared at the large Mophorix Screen for a second before flicking her finger, '... Amaranth pink hair... Gold tips... Mulberry eyes... Pointed ears-- Wait... Isn't that the same as Ria-chan?'

The girl looked around for someone who looked like Riveria, jumping up to get a better view, the person she's looking for, found her as well as he walked towards her.

"Are you Ichijou Shizuka?" The male asked politely, giving her a closed-eye smile.

"Ah, yes I am~ And are you, my partner?"

"Looks like it." He eyed the Mophorix Screen again, confirming his target, "Yup, it's me."

He gave her a simple thumbs-up, causing the girl to gave one back.

"My name's Necrosier Lywstel, nice to meet you." He offered his hand, with the girl shaking it gently.

"Nice to meet you too, Sier-senpai~ My name is Ichijou Shizuka, as you already know, but you can just call me Shizuka~ I hope we can work together for the next six days together, haha~"

"Haha~ Yes, likewise." He didn't mind the nickname Shizuka gave him. Both of them searched for a clear area to practice their magic.

"Ahh, by the way, Sier-senpai, are you by any chance related to Ria-chan? You have the same last names." She prepared her Spellbook and staff, warming up her limbs afterwards.

"Ah, yes. She's my cousin," Necrosier warm-up his limbs as well, earning a hum from the girl after he said that, "Well, shall we get started?"

She nodded, giving him a closed-eye smile.


"Hmm... That's a little tricky..." Necrosier placed his hand under his chin, thinking about what the crystal blue-eyed female had told him about her condition, "Well, the first basic is Mana Charging, so let's try that."

She nodded as she followed the amaranth pink-haired male.

"Try to gather your mana here." He pointed at his chest, "Your heart is where the mana flows freely. It allows your mana to circulate better if you focused it at your heart after you used all of your mana up."

The girl nodded and gathered her last remaining of mana to her heart, successfully doing it after one try.

"You're a quick learner I see, haha~ It took me a full week to learn it," He then bends his knees forward and clenched his fists, as if he was ready to punch someone, "You better get into a fighting stance when you're charging up your mana."

The girl tried it several times, but failed afterwards, "How do you do that while charging Sier-senpai? It's exhausting..." She sweatdropped at the male who straightens himself.

"Haha, you'll get used to it. Charging your mana takes time, so your enemies or opponents might take that chance to attack. That's why you must always be in a fighting stance. You can't use weapons since they might strain your muscles."

"... How does that work?" The girl tilted her head in confusion, not understanding what the male had said.

"When you use weapons, you have a load point, may it either be on your hands, palm, fingers, arms, and other parts of your body. Charging your mana requires you to focus on gathering your magic energy around your heart, which takes a great amount of concentration if you're not used to it."

He then took his large silvery-white spear with split ends on it, "Your body will become tired easily, even if you already can charge your mana from the first try."

The girl stretched her arms, indicating that she was indeed tired, "Yeah, my body's aching from that one Mana Charge..."

"Haha~ If you practice daily, you should get used to it in no time~ Now, let's try your fighting stance first. After you get that down, you can make your style and perfect it. Then combine it with Mana Charge."

The girl's eyes sparkled with stars in her crystal blue orbs, "I can make my style?"

"Yeah, cool right?" Necrosier chuckled at her, now excited, behaviour. She nodded vigorously at the older male, giving him a bright grin.

"Let's start now!"

"Weren't you tired earlier?" He asked her, slightly surprised that the platinum blonde-haired girl still had any energy left.

"Nope! I'm all healed up! Where should we start~?"

"Haha~ Calm down, let's have a break first. I'm sure you're hungry. We haven't eaten lunch yet." The amaranth pink-haired male took out his lunch box from a small blue portal, indicating the gate of his Space.

At the same time, the bell rang and all of the second-years erupted into cheers, startling the younger ones. The girl got her lunch box out as well using her Spellbook. Eating with a satisfied expression plastered on her face, the pair chatted about random things.

To be continued...



There are several types of Slayers in this world, aside from what has been mentioned before. Can you guess what they are?


Xierryne Xierryne

And, a new character is here~

I hope you all enjoyed my story ^^

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