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100% Outlaw Knight, Deja Vu / Chapter 1: S01Episode01 - Sometimes i remember

Read Outlaw Knight, Deja Vu - Chapter 1 online

Outlaw Knight, Deja Vu original

Outlaw Knight, Deja Vu

Author: MarkoVanAryen

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Chapter 1: S01Episode01 - Sometimes i remember

I was born a long time ago in a world dominated by huge interstellar corporations in league with planetary governments and ancient royal houses extending reign on many star systems.

With aspirations beyond the galactic borders, star nations federations and empires connected civilizations and cultures to expand creation in a complex web of possibilities.

To avoid imprisonment in centralized interstellar monopoly and decay of the natural sense of freedom, multifunctions naturally formed to maintain free people's cultural aspirations in resistance to extreme renegade clans. All part of a larger-scale war of forces encompassing many galaxies to a cosmic dynamic structure beyond your imagination.

" Deja Vu"

Star System - Ayertuv

Planet -Letovi G08

Stardate- 15.078 Gold Year Dragon Cycle

Battles occurred a long time ago in the orbital worlds above, for many the only escape was to descend in the worlds below...

I was making alone ride around the desert with the hoverbike, it was near sunslow horizon, two suns that never set just a slow descend every cycle day to horizon line to rise above us in equal time bounce. These lonely escapes were making me feel alive part of a larger story vision I sometimes feel deep meaning in my soul roots... and things I still require to remember... Accelerating in the vastness all around me, the landscape contracted along my vortex route to catch the binary star alignment once every 27 cycles.

It was a calm evening, no other raiders around. Many were preventive or afraid from the last rebels raids, more intrusive than ever they reached Nus Gate, and robbed some villagers of their water I was not worried, as I was a rebel deep inside me wandering alone in these lands from childhood, I knew always sensed that I was sometimes watched by them. But if you stay off their zone, especially Dragon Valley and some ancient sacred ground you are fine. At least worked for me guided by a sense of discretion, and respect silence I felt to hold even when I crossed borders in their territory. After some miles the free float was losing momentum, a distant murmur of engines was barely heard occasionally. Releasing from the low tens position, I set the bike on auto-free to drink some water.

As I raised, looking around a pale long trace of smoke-dust was stretching afar parallel to my right on the route I marked so far. This was strange I have a follower or someone from the city may be on the same route? The smooth hoover flow was disturbed passing on some field denivelations, I lie on hand to maintain equilibrium and turned view on my left side. Boom! very close another larger trace of sand and smoke was elongating parallel to my other side.

Now things looked different weird enough, off the ordinary. I sensed this appeared a hijack in progress or not? They are rebels? what the fuck is going on here I started the engine slow switched to manual holding calmness, as both long parallel smoke traces were sideways contracting fast.

I warmed the engine and open charge for turbo, in case of a possible unexpected escape.

Who knows what is preparing here I only encountered rebels in childhood many years ago. There were more raiders two on the left and three on my right approaching fast. Appearing to enclose my path they arrived at 30 meters on both sides and holding distance.

There were two on each hoover bike and just one on one bike leading, talking on a walkie station. Their bikes were so dusty and no color to distinguish marks. I elevated the bike above them at 3.6m as to complicate their potential plans... in response, they copied my move simultaneously. Air currents cleared some dust their bikes were black...Rebels have black hoovers. The strangers approached less then 15 m fixing me with deep looks and tension in a timeless moment exchange if forces scan doubt, then talking between them apparently more interested in the bike, to one I could distinguish some kind of mark two silver dragons twisted on a round circle sparkling flash of sunlight. On the left a girl raised, holden binoculars, and scanned my hoverbike and making me a Classique final sign" we are watching you".Then the leader from the right accelerated for a more advanced position made directional commands.

The strange raiders released the enclosure and distanced near behind, I was holding my finger on the turbine, and they suddenly faded in a lateral haze of sand the way ahead announced a tight valley and cliffs...

I relaxed a bit the tension was high for a while, but now this valley announced us more close to the city.

Reducing speed I had echo flashes of the dragon mark symbol, then from above two black hoovers crossed my sky in a spectacular way I never imagine these hoovers are capable of. They were still around these strange rebels Scouters or some kind, the noise faded taking adistance.

After a while, without any other surprises, I got off this tide valley for desert vastness unveiled the main road ahead with some high hills in distance, just before the city.

I turned slowly to align to reach on top of the hill for a wide panorama, to orient myself and where those rebels disappeared. There were many questions here bugging my mind.

Once on top I stopped there for a moment, no signs of the rebels probably was nothing, we were also in a more circulated zone very close to rangers scanners. I took my binoculars to scan the landscape slowly I moved from south to reach north est covering a wide 270' panorama there was nothing, the city was behind ... then from below raised dust unveiled very very far five dark silhouettes in motion, there they were I zoomed in and out playing with focus and wide range. From both sides, the other two groups united centering a heavy group of unknown people with unveiled intentions and suggesting moves for a larger plan. They were heading northeast it was clear no one goes north from this zone if you do not rebel or trouble itself. This was a rare encounter, in the meantime, the suns reached alignment cross, a spectacle of multicolored light beams ejections followed by a cold breeze, city fade lights was spreading on the southwest. My sight to the north was covered by an ionized pink blanket with a dancing orange aurora stretching all over the landscape covering everything to 360 and the city. As I regretted my observation on the rebels, you could not be stunned by this celestial phenomenon and give a few moments.

In this period the 9th alignment of the Suns announced the pivot for season changes, discrete clouds were seen in the horizon arising from the other side of the planet.

I stayed a few more minutes to admire the view and returned to the city, it was late. Other traders and landers were scarcely aligned activity close to city walls. I was so hungry and I forgot about the rebel's encounter once reached the city's north gates.

Without any other interferences to appease my hunger, I went directly to the closest tavern near the trader's market.

The market was still crowded for chip opportunities evening trades, people were azzumzing in all directions. Here you can find everything from minerals to bat wings or lasers, engines, gems to spices tech, radio antennas.

Few elders were waving at a bear evening talks with some youngers around.. on taverna bar.

Trying a passing fast and feinting preoccupation of things in my mind to avoid talks as they all knew me. I gestured a reserved salute of a tired man after a long day...

" Hoy Jan!" one elder summoned me unexpectedly.

" Good evening" stoping my rush pass.

"Jan, Quitilla was searching for you today"

" What for" I replied irritated.

" A job of some kind, there was an off-world trader, a collector in town" accenting last words to make sure caught my attention.

" And? what does have especially with me.." I outlined to close this, another more direct elder close to my family continued. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Something from the desert, as it appears you are one of the few still wandering there and with knowledge of the zone..?" he closed

" Well maybe I am, tell Quintilla to abord me directly, maybe I am interested"

" You should the outlander had heavy pockets" in the meantime kids were playing noisy around the hoverbike.

" Hey spread along kids! the engine is warm" kids laughed and naturally ignored me they were fascinated like I was many years ago, and I replied to my dialog to close it and continue my business.

" Well... heavy pockets heavy bounds attract danger, you told us that" the elders looked deep, I waited... I respect I said" maybe il come back later for a talk" pfff these elders, I was hungry I don't eat words I eat food.

" Fair you know, fair you know son" I distanced and they continued their evening, with memories of a long time ago... Jan was a good boy serious" another" I remember is grandpa was my fried for 30 cycles

Entering the tavern it ok not too many around old music playing in the background, I laid on the bar" Wath you eat today? Jan, you look exhausted" Rocko the tavern holder approached me politely.

" Daily menu! and fast Rocko with all due respect I ma starving"

" Sure man" he turned in the chicken fast, leaving me a weird cold drink and some nuts bowls, looking around the chief ranger approached in sharing salutes left to right.

" Hoy Jan, wandered in the desert lately? something new

" Neee" I replied somehow auto withholding things

" Hmmmmmm! that's weird we received reports from the satellite and also our scanners detected activity around the city northwest are??? and you

" Hmmm I was far north side, there were some traces and smoke, but not clear chief! " I replied to not attract suspiciously.

" Well, northwest more they told, some rebels kind of adventurers off-world archeologist or something was" he replied continuing his evening round soft around losing interest in me with too much beer in his head.

In the meantime food arrived, I started eating, the three people entered two strangers off this lands with a well-known figure Jan Quintilla, leaving then at a table, signed a soon return once he saw me and walked towards the bar...

to be continued

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