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3.44% Overlord: Evil Dragon Demon God Harem / Chapter 1: Dragon Demon God
Overlord: Evil Dragon Demon God Harem Overlord: Evil Dragon Demon God Harem original

Overlord: Evil Dragon Demon God Harem

Author: Autistically

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Chapter 1: Dragon Demon God

A dragon, his sharp blood-red eyes gleaming, unfurled his silvery-white wings with imposing grace.

He was a cataclysm in its own right—an entity that had wiped out countless players and earned the title of the Dragon God within Yggdrasil.

As both the god of dragons and the mightiest of demons, he reigned supreme over the skies.

Players called him the Dragon Demon God.

In his presence, all they felt was a mixture of awe and terror.

He was a forbidden entity, one never to be challenged in PvP encounters.

To cross paths with him was to court death.

To oppose him was stupidity.

Breaking these rules meant certain demise.

So if ever encountered, one must flee without hesitation.

Run, and don't dare glance back.

Escape was the sole chance of survival.

Submission. Adoration. Obedience.

To live under his dominion.

Compliance offered the only glimmer of hope.

Stand in awe as he hovers over you.

"Aurelius-sama, everything is ready," a beautiful woman's voice spoke softly to him.

His presence captivated the beauty's gaze, and his energy shook her nerves.

All the Guardians standing side by side froze as he glanced at them with his blood-red eyes and declared,


With his command, the unknown world unfolded.

Dragon Demon God Aurelius Nova Lucifer.

Through him, the moment of disaster commenced.

2138 ALD.

For 12 years, there was one game that ascended to legendary status: DMMO-RPG Yggdrasil.

It surged to the forefront, enjoying immense popularity throughout Japanese gaming history.

Players could immerse themselves in its virtual world, experiencing it as if it were real—a true-life game.

Creating personalized avatars and customizing them, along with selecting race settings, became a cherished feature.

Yet, as time passed, Yggdrasil's popularity waned.

With the emergence of games equal to or surpassing Yggdrasil in quality, its crisis deepened day by day.

'After 12 years of unparalleled success, Yggdrasil has truly approached its inevitable end. Sigh.'

Recalling those days, Aurelius couldn't help but sigh inwardly as he surveyed his surroundings.

Whitewashed walls, with a straight, solid black line drawn on one of them.

The space was ample, large enough to accommodate 50 people.

In the middle, 41 red seats were arranged around a big, round white table.

And there, amidst this setting, two players engaged in conversation, enveloped in a calm atmosphere that left a lasting impression.

An undead player resembling a skeleton occupied the right chair, while a dragon player sat facing him on the left.

"It's been a while, Momonga-san. I didn't expect you to come at the end like this," the dragon player remarked.

"That's right, it's been a while, Aurelius-san," replied Momonga.

Greetings were exchanged, both formal and cordial.

The two players had convened to witness the end of Yggdrasil in this exquisitely elegant setting.

"Two years... That's how much time has passed. It's remarkable. I've been feeling a strange sense of time lately because of all the overtime."

The only bones undead, Overlord Momonga, leaned into the red chair, staring into the sky. Then, at Momonga's words, Aurelius asked Momonga in a worried tone.

"Isn't that very dangerous?"

"You mean the body? Don't even talk. Ah, sory. I only complained."

"Don't worry. Momonga-san worked hard as a guild leader until two years ago."

"Is that so? Seeing you say that makes me feel a bit more at ease."

Overlord, Momonga.

He had been active as Ainz Ooal Gown's guild leader until two years ago. However, as the members left one by one and Momonga also had to work overtime every time, the number of logins gradually decreased.

After Momonga officially resigned as guild leader, it was Aurelius who inherited the position of guild leader.

Demon Dragon Lord, Aurelius Nova Lucifer.

In real life, Aurelius was the only son of the chairman of a large corporation that controlled Japan's economy and lived a completely different life from the ordinary office worker, Momonga.

Although the two lived in conflicting environments, it was safe to say that they were best friends here in Yggdrasil.

But given that the guild leader post was acquired after every current member had left, it was reasonable to conclude that it was merely an honorary position.

"Then I'll go soon. I'm too sleepy."

"Yes, get some rest."

"I'm really sorry. Aurelius-san, thank you for your hard work. If I hear about Yggdrasil II, I hope to see you there. Bye-"

A rectangular console window appeared in front of Momonga. He pressed the logout button and disappeared.

"Fu... Even Momonga is gone."

[Momonga has logged out.]

As such a terminal appeared, Aurelius recalled his old memories in a still atmosphere.

"It was fun. Yeah. It was fun."

Aurelius stared into the air, inhaled for a moment, and then exhaled again.

Looking completely different than before, his lips suddenly turned into a wide curl, and he erupted into hearty laughter.


"Goodbye! Momonga! I'm going to another world without you. Hahaha!"


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Autistically Autistically

For Evil, Villain, Manipulative, Smart, Cunning and Dominant MC, and beautiful Harem of Virgins, check out my other books on my profile:

1) Villain Simulator

2) Second Reincarnation: Villain in my Girlfriend's Novel


The more you will support on these original novels of mine, the more I will upload chapters on this Fanfic. So please support everyone.

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