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Overlord Naruto Overlord Naruto original

Overlord Naruto

Author: UlTiMaTeNiNjA

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Chapter 1: chapter 1 Rebirth as Naruto Uzumaki

After my death from a lightning strike. My soul is drifting in a white space. Then suddenly a voice called me in my head.

The unknown entity said, "Hello boy."

He asked confused, "Hello, who is there ?"

The voice responded again, "You can call me. God if it works for you ."

Curiously, he asked, "God, why am I here?"

God is amused but replies, nonetheless, "Hahaha because you died boy."

I was confused, so I questioned, "Don't tell me, you killed me by a careless mistake."

God said, "I sneezed in the wrong direction, and you died."

It made the soul confused as he clearly remembered that he died due to lightning.

He questioned again," But I was hit by a bolt of lightning if memory serves."

God sounded guilty while replying," My sneeze produced a little lightning, and you died from it. It directly struck on your head."

He asked, "So am I going to heaven, my god ?"

God replied, "Nope. You died too early. But I am surprised you didn't ask for your rebirth."

He replied, "It is too much work. Many people want to reincarnate. But it's not guaranteed to live a king's life or have a considerable harem."

God replied in a happy tone," Yeah, that's true. Many people wish to live that kind of life. Yet, they have to work for it. It's like a talent, and they only have to use it to its full potential."

Yet, he has other plans. So he said," But I don't want it. I would like to go to heaven and sleep on an angel's lap."

God said to him," Boy, I told you. You died an unnatural death, and you are not supposed to die. You were supposed to live for 109 years, but you died at the age of 25. So I can't send you outside the reincarnation cycle."

The soul said," So where am I going after this talk ?"

God replied, "Except your old world, any world you desire and to make up for my mistake. I grant you an ultimate system that has everything from different powers to summons from the anime and three wishes of your choice but don't ask for something like true immortality or godhood. UNDERSTOOD."

I said," Fine by me. I don't want true immortality or godhood anyway. For my rebirth, I want to reincarnate as NARUTO in an alternate version of Narutoverse in which Naruto dies before his graduation. Thanks for the system. For my 1st wish, I would love to have the full guild of Ainz ooal gown with its underground tomb except their guild members and I should have full control over it and its servants."

God in a happy tone said, "Granted." He thought, "So simple."

The soul spoke again," I should be able to use magic, chakra, ki, and haki or any form of power."

God replied, "Granted." He thought, " Basic stuff."

Soul thought for a moment and said, "Last wish, I want all the knowledge of fuinjutsu and the power and equipment of Momonga ."

God's voice sounded from all directions, "I can grant you the full knowledge of fuinjutsu and its advance version and even all the equipment of Momonga but I have to seal half of the power of Momonga until you graduate from the academy."

I replied," Fine by me."

God said," Your wish has been granted and you got an ultimate system. Before you go, I want to ask you something. Why do you want to reincarnate as Naruto ."

I replied, " I always thought Naruto never got fully justified in his life and anime. The people of Konoha hated him when he was a little boy and started to adore him after he saved them. What if Naruto was a little different? Different from the canon. Not revengeful, and especially not an attention-seeking person. Never cared about Sasuke when he left the village and many other things. He has a lot of goodness in his heart in the canon, which is often taken as an advantage by other people. Which I don't like and the reaction of other people toward Naruto I just can't swallow it."

God said, "Good luck my boy. My blessings are with you."

I replied, "Thanks, my god."

With a white light, he was gone from the white space.

Somewhere far in a distance universe. Inside a prosperous village, a small boy is waking up in the hospital.

Me: Why am I in the hospital in the first place?

Nurse: Ohh, you are awake. I am going to inform the Doctor and Hokage.

He thought in his mind, "I am already in Naruto's body, or more accurately, this is my body from now. Ohh what are these memories? Looks like he died after he fell from a tree. After falling from a tree upside down, he has a major injury to his head. But no one took immediate action to help him, that's why he died."

After some time, the doctor and hokage arrive to meet the new Naruto.

The third Hokage inquired about his condition. "Naruto my boy. How are you ?"

Naruto said, "I am not feeling well because of that clone jutsu. Huh ."

The Third Hokage said," Clone jutsu????? How can that be?"

Naruto replied, "I mastered other academy jutsu except clone jutsu. I practiced clone jutsu until I exhausted my whole chakra. Then I felt some dizziness in my head and fell from the tree. You should teach me some other clone jutsu like earth clone, water clone, SHADOW CLONE, Tree clone, air clone, cloud clone, etc."

The Third Hokage was amused and said, "I will see about that after you get discharged from the hospital. By the way, there is no tree, air, or cloud clone. From where have you heard about Shadow Clone? I am pretty sure teachers don't teach about it in the Konoha academy."

Naruto replied, " I heard it from some chunin and jonin when I was eavesdropping on them, ha ha hahaha. Pretty cool ha. I can sneak on the chunin and jounin sometime, hahaha ."

The Third Hokage said, "OK Naruto I will see about your clone jutsu after you get discharged from the hospital."

Naruto happily said," You promise Jiji."

The Third Hokage assured him," Yeah sure, but let me tell you it is forbidden to teach shadow clones." But he thought in his mind, "Now he can back off and I can teach him either water clone or earth clone."

Naruto, with a smiling face, said," I WILL LEARN ALL THE OTHER THREE CLONE JUTSU better than clone jutsu that's a promise."

Naruto direct looks in the eye of the third hokage.

The Third Hokage said," If you learn earth and water clone jutsu then I will teach you the shadow clone jutsu. That's fine with you." His thought was thoroughly different in his mind. "oh crap, why I am stuck with shadow clone jutsu. There is no way Naruto can master shadow clones now, but he can master earth and water clones with a little difficulty."

Naruto said, "Yeah, fine. But don't forget about your promise, Jiji."

The Third Hokage looked at the doctor and questioned, "Doctor, when can you discharge Naruto ?"

The doctor replied, "He is perfectly fine but for the full assurance we have to keep him for another day. Tomorrow we can discharge him from the Konoha hospital."

Hokage said in a normal tone, "That's for the best. Rest for a day, Naruto. Tomorrow we can talk about other things."

Hokage said goodbye to Naruto and left the hospital. No one can see it but a maelstrom has already arrived in Konoha.

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