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Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Daily prophet 2

Wizards and witches in England are reading the two sensational news which is published in daily prophet by Rita Skeeter. The first news is about Harry Potter who is recently in news because he was in Azkaban and later got released while taking a huge money from British magic government. Now he is again in the front page with another news. Both sharing the front page side by side.

...Harry Potter killed the Basilisk and closed the chamber of secrets.....

Recently Harry Potter, 'the-boy-who -lived' has gone through a rough time. So we cannot blame him for taking action against the cause which put him under the care of Azkaban.

He not only found the Basilisk but also found the one who is controlling the basilisk. It was not a person but a cursed diary. Which can also control any student with it's dark magic. Now people are thinking how a diary can control a person. This statement is verified by our own Minister for magic Cornelius fudge.

Harry was not alone in his mission. He was supported by Fred Weasley, George Weasley and Ginerva Weasley during his confrontation with the Cursed Diary. But Harry Potter killed the Basilisk alone while Fred, George and Ginerva are distracting the cursed Diary. It is confirmed by an eye witness. After slaying the Basilisk single-handedly Harry took a Basilisk fang to get rid of Cursed Diary. As you all know the Basilisk venom is useful in destroying a dark artifact.

Cornelius fudge congratulated him on the behalf of British magic government . He decided to reward him for his actions to get rid of a dark artifact which caused such a big scene in Hogwarts. Another crucial information we get to know from the eye witness is that the diary belongs to Tom Marvolo riddle. He was the student in Hogwarts fifty years ago. He was also the one who caught Hagrid and framed him in his place last time when the chamber of secrets was opened. He even got a reward for his act by the magic government of that time.

By Rita skeeter

Another news which was on the other side of the paper is about the Grindelwald.

....Another dark lord falls......

People often forget about the previous Dark lord who came before You-know-who. I am taking about the Dark lord Gellert Grindelwald. His fame surpasses even You-know-who. He created chaos in the whole magical world. His goal was to end the secrecy of magic people from muggle people.

He destroyed almost every magic government but he wasn't able to invade the British magic government. Because when he decided to attack he was confronted by none other than Dumbledore. But there is a catch which no one knows about Dumbledore and Grindelwald. They used to be best friend of each other when they were younger. Till Grindelwald went rogue in his pursuit of dark magic.

Dumbledore confronted his ex-best friend Grindelwald. That is the duel which ended the terror of Grindelwald from this world. At first he was imprisoned in Nurmengard, a prison which is created by him. But he was later transferred in Azkaban due to the attempts of his supporters trying to rescue him from Nurmengard.

Yesterday he was found dead in his cell. He was old and almost forgotten by the whole world. According to the eye witness it is a natural death. No one knew he was in Azkaban and only after his death this information should be given out. His body was burned down as the auror doesn't want to take a chance if he was faking his own death. This information is also released by an eye witness.

By Rita Skeeter

Both the news are on the front page, side by side. Right side the picture of Harry Potter walking in Diagon alley with a smile and the left side is the picture of Grindelwald's picture in the cell of Nurmengard. Both the pictures are moving and smiling. It brought a creepy feeling for the readers whenever they see the pictures.

....Malfoy residency...

After reading the daily prophet lucius malfoy greeted his teeth. The diary is given to him by none other than Lord voldermort. He is terrified by this news.

"What the fuck? Harry Potter destroyed the Diary. I am in mess if Lord voldermort comes back and ask about it," Lucius Malfoy said to himself. He is terrified by the very idea of the destruction of Diary.

" What are you mumbling to yourself Lucius? Are you afraid that lord voldermort will fall like grindelwald," Narcissa said to Lucius. She never saw him terrified at such a degree.

"Narcissa, due to the raids carried by Arthur Weasley I hid the diary given by lord voldermort. I cannot sell it in the market but when I saw Weasley family I got an excellent idea. I hid the diary in the books of Weasley's youngest daughter. It is the same diary which Harry Potter destroyed. I am in mess," Lucius said to Narcissa. He cannot share it with anyone else other than his wife. He became even more depressed after he saw the angry face of Narcissa.

"You are an idiot Lucius. Tell me why I married you again. You never consult me on anything. Even if you were the right hand man of lord voldermort. It was before 12 years ago. You almost endangered the life of our son in Hogwarts. If my father would have been alive he would have punished you for putting his grandson in a deadly position," Narcissa said to her husband. She cannot believe what he did.

" I thought that it will be safe if a student will carry it to Hogwarts and I can retrieve it later. I never thought of its destruction," Lucius said to his wife. He is explaining his action to his wife.

"That's why I am calling you an idiot. You don't know the nature of that diary and yet you put it in the care of a child. If lord voldermort ever comes back he will surely punish you for your childish action. Thanks Merlin no one knows about your action in Hogwarts. Otherwise Draco will be in a difficult position," Narcissa said to lucius. She cares about her son more than lucius. Mostly she doesn't scold Lucius but this matter is different for her.

In the middle of their talk a letter came flying to them in the shape of a plane. It landed directly in the hand of Lucius. He checked it for any curses but he found none. He opened the letter but it is blank.

"What kind of a joke it is? I thought someone send a letter to me," Lucius said to Narcissa. He is having a bad day and some plays a joke on him.

The blank letter lift itself in the air and started to speak with Narcissa and lucius.

"Dear Lucius.

If you are thinking that no one knows about you putting the diary in the cauldron of Ginerva Weasley then you are correct. No one knows about it. Harry Potter saw it but I wiped his memory about that incident. But I didn't forget to collect the memory of your crime. If you are thinking that I am blackmailing you.

You are indeed correct I am definitely blackmailing you. What should I ask you in exchange of your secret. Money, but I have a lot of money. Books, no I don't need another cursed Diary. Well what will I ask. Ohh....yes I want your house-elf. A servant is perfect. I want only one house-elf.

No need to thank me for showing you mercy. I have a big heart. I will forget whatever you have done to Hogwarts students. Definitely I will not inform anyone from Hogwarts otherwise your son's life will be in danger. I am forgetting something....Ohh yes, you have thrown Harry Potter into Azkaban due to the same incident in Hogwarts. Well all the Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw will target your son. If I somehow leak the memory of Harry Potter to Rita skeeter.

I am asking for a house-elf nothing more. If you try to bring anyone else.... No I will not risk it. I changed my mind ....Now you will not come, send your wife. She loves her son more than you..... I changed my mind again....You can both come to meet me. I don't want a jealous husband thinking that I took advantage of her wife. You both can come with your house-elf. Then you will give him in my care by giving your last order to serve me. And after that you can give him a piece of cloth. Then I will give you the memory of Harry Potter which can ruin your life.

Yours truly, friend or enemy you decide...

Madara uchiha"

The letter stopped speaking. Now there is a address with a date and time which appeared in the letter. The letter is taken by Narcissa.

Both Narcissa and lucius looked at each other for few seconds. Then lucius became angry.

"I am going to torture him till he dies. How dare he blackmail me?" Lucius says to Narcissa. He is very angry because some one thinks he is a joke.

"Ohh Merlin, my husband is really an idiot. He knows your top secret lucius. First we will go to this location together with Dobby. We cannot negotiate in this matter. He wants a house-elf. If he is stronger than us then we can give him Dobby for the harry potter's memory. I don't want to risk Draco's life. We can buy another house-elf anytime we want. Do you understand lucius," Narcissa said to lucius. He gave her a nod.

The date and time of meeting on the paper is tonight.


Dumbledore is in his office. He came back quickly after he read the daily prophet. He didn't leave the office after that.

'So at last Gellert passed away. I didn't know he was in Azkaban. My friend, may your soul rest in peace. I cannot even see you in your death bed," Dumbledore is thinking about Gellert. He is not feeling good after he heard the news of Gellert's death.

'I should focus on something else. How does Rita and Cornelius knew about Harry slaying a Basilisk and destroying that cursed Diary. Maybe one of the auror is a direct spy of Cornelius fudge. And he was nearby when the incident happened,' Dumbledore is thinking about past events.

At that time some enters in his office. Prof. McGonagall enters with Arthur and Molly Weasley. Dumbledore looks at them and he remembers that he has called them today at this time.

" Is my daughter alright?" Molly asked Dumbledore. She got a letter from him yesterday to come and visit him with her husband. Then they read the daily prophet's front news today. They got worried about their daughter's health.

"Don't worry, she is alright. She is not injured by Basilisk. Actually I wanted to tell you the full story but somehow it got leaked by an auror," Dumbledore said to them. He looks little depressed. Prof. McGonagall noticed it but didn't ask him because of Molly and Arthur.

"Then what happened to Ginny . How she ended up in hospital ward?" Arthur questioned Dumbledore. He has only one daughter. And he maybe a little partial about loving a daughter a little more than his sons.

"She is lacking sleep for past few months. It's the fault of that cursed Diary. She was possessed by it. Then she started to blame herself for Harry's imprisonment. If she would have been possessed any longer then we doesn't know what would have happened to her. Thank Merlin that this news didn't leaked out," Dumbledore said to them. Both Arthur and Molly became more worried about their daughter.

"Don't worry about her. I visited Madam pomfrey yesterday and she said Ms. Ginerva is recovering from that incident. In few days she can resume her studies," Prof. McGonagall said to Arthur and Molly. She reassured the Weasley couple.

" Can we meet with our daughter? I also want to meet Percy, Fred, George and Ronald,"Arthur said to Prof. McGonagall and Dumbledore. He wants to ask them some questions.

"I will send them in medical ward during your visit," Prof. McGonagall said to them.

"McGonagall please lead them to medical ward," Dumbledore said to McGonagall. She gave a nod and lead them out of the office.

Arthur and Molly visited their daughter and found that all of their son except Bill and Charlie are present with Ginny. Harry is also with them.

After looking at Ginny that she is hospitalized only for taking rest. Her parents felt relief. Molly scolded her son's about not informing about this matter. She thanked Harry for saving her daughter.

"Fred and George, next month the holidays for Christmas are going to start. You have to come home this time. All of you have to come together," Molly said to her four son and a daughter. Fred and George are mostly spend their Christmas in Hogwarts. So she specifically said to them.

"Yes Mom" Fred and George said together.

"You can also come to visit us anytime Harry," Arthur said to Harry. He smiled and gave his invitation to Harry.

"I will definitely visit your house again," Harry said to Arthur. All the good memories of Harry are mostly with Weasley family and Hermoine. So he accepted their invitation without any hesitation.

"Ginny be careful of the books which have brains to reply you back. Do you understand young lady?" Molly once again reminded Ginny behind the purpose of their meeting.

"Yes Mom, I will remember it," Ginny said to her mother.

"What happened to Prof. Lockhart. Why he is in hospital ward?" Arthur asked madam pomfrey. After he saw Lockhart in a distance with a terrible makeup.

"He just ate something which reacted pretty badly with his hair and lips. It will take few more days for him to recover. The person who pranked Mr. Lockhart went little overboard. Now he refuses to go outside till he is fully recovered from the after effects," Madam pomfrey said to Arthur Weasley. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ohh my God, that's very go(cough)....terrible. You should keep him little longer. Who knows maybe this is allergic. Molly don't go near him otherwise you may also get allergy," Arthur said to them, especially Molly. He then looked at his son Fred and George and gave them a knowing smile.

Both Fred and George looked at each other and gave a thumps up to his Dad.

"Fred and george, have you done anything," Molly asked to Fred and George. She is little suspicious about the incident.

"No mom, we are...."

"busy in saving ginny..."

"You can ask Harry...."

"we are together," Fred and George said to Molly simultaneously.

"We are making plans on how to snatch the diary from Ginny," Harry lied to Molly. He did it with a smile.

"I am proud of you boys," Arthur said to them.

"Arthur let's go. You have to go for work at the ministry and I have left our home unattended," Molly said to Arthur.

After saying goodbye to their children Molly and Arthur left the Hogwarts.

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