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Pancosmic Loner Pancosmic Loner original

Pancosmic Loner

Author: Arcsol

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Chapter 1: Prologue

I am Kutay Sungur, a 21-year-old Turkish young man. I live in a dormitory in another province far away from my family home and I am currently a university student. I have always been interested in computer-related things since I was little, and this curiosity led me to coding.

I went to a technical high school with an information technology section and after the university exam, I preferred the computer science course. Since I was not very well connected with my family for reasons I don't want to say, I wrote universities outside the city on my preference list. And when the preference results were announced, I enrolled in the computer science department of my current university.

I had no friends and I am an introvert. I firstly started with anime as my source of entertainment. Since I couldn't wait for the new seasons of the anime I followed, I started reading the manga of those series. When I read the manga, something that was in the manga but not in the anime started to bother me. This thing was that in most scenes, the inner thoughts of the characters were mentioned in the manga and not mentioned in the anime. After realizing this and to understand these characters better, I started reading manga of the popular series whose anime came out, and then I started to watch the anime if the anime was made by a good studio.

I was going on like this until a year ago. A year ago, I started to feel unsatisfied with manga, and I found out that some of the manga I was reading had lightnovels. So I started reading light novels. The problem between anime and manga now appeared in the same way between manga and novels. Although I wasn't a big reader of books, I loved lightnovels. I was constantly reading Chinese, Korean and Japanese light novels. In this way, I went all the way to fanfics and was lost in this bottomless well.

It was the last week of the first semester of my third year. The exam week was approaching and I was studying for the exams like crazy. I've always been that guy who leaves studying for the last few days. So in the last week, I would drink 10 cups of coffee every night and study until the exam day by looking at the exam questions from previous years and comparing those subjects. 

Of course, due to the little sleep I got from staying up all night, I was like a panda with black bags under my eyes when the exam week came. At the end of another all-nighter session, I lay down around 5 o'clock at night, but I could only fall asleep half an hour later. I woke up at 8:30 in the morning with my phone alarm and hurried from the dormitory to the university so as not to be late for my exam at 9:00. The university is not far from the dormitory. It is a max 15-20 minute walk.

I hadn't eaten a proper breakfast because I had left in a hurry and I lacked sleep, which had been building up for a week. Exhausted because of these reasons, I was walking absentmindedly on the sidewalk towards the university, unaware of my surroundings. 

I had to cross the road, so I stopped at the crosswalk to see if there were any cars on the road. When I saw that there were no cars, I started walking quickly across the road. But I never thought that I would experience the cliché that I have seen hundreds of times in the fanfics I read. Yes, a truck entered the road where there were no cars at full speed from the side street. And it hit me at high speed, who couldn't hear anything except the music I was listening to with my headphones.

With unbearable pain in my body, I was thrown to the opposite sidewalk. I rolled on the sidewalk and hit the wall on the side and finally came to a stop. I couldn't hear anything, I think I hit my head on the ground as I rolled and damaged my brain? My vision was going black. And as I was losing consciousness, the thoughts in my mind were that I was finally getting out of this life and this country. And eternal gratitude to The Legendary Truck-kun for saving me from this hell.

After an unknown period of time I don't know how long, I suddenly startled and opened my eyes. And I found myself in a seemingly endless darkness. While I was still not fully conscious, I saw a bright light approaching in the distance. 

I shielded my eyes with my arm and murmured calmly, "Is the train going to run over me now?" 

White light filled my entire field of vision. I couldn't stand the brightness and had to close my eyes. After 10 seconds, when I felt that nothing was happening, I lowered my arm and opened my eyes. When I looked around, I was in a white room. 

And of course I wasn't alone in the room. In front of me, her straight crimson hair flowing freely down to her hips, she wore a sleeveless one-piece white dress that reached above her knees, which didn't reveal the contours of her body at all. She was watching my movements with her dark green pupils. I straightened up and turned towards her. If I had learned anything from the many fanfics I had read before, she was a goddess. I was speechless because I still couldn't believe the situation I was in and I waited for her to say something to me.

And thankfully this silence did not last long. The corner of her lips turned upwards and she smiled slightly. "I am Parcae, goddess of Destiny. Kutay, when I look at the last moments of your life, you have no regrets even though you died at such an early age. May I ask why you have no grievances?" the goddess of Fate asked.

For a moment I thought about my 21 years of life.. "Because of the conditions caused by the place where I was born, the people close to me, the people who governed the country and I didn't have much hope for the future of the country I lived in. But because of the pressure of society, because of what these people would say to my family about me, I forced myself to continue this vain drama so that my family would not be embarrassed because of me. And as a result of this accident, I got rid of all these pointless things I would experience in the future. I really have no regrets about anything."

For a moment her eyes lost focus. Then her eyes refocused and she asked me the question I had been waiting for since the first moment I saw her. "Hmm.. I see, so do you want to live a new life? Like in those fanfics you read?"

I took a deep breath, looked into her eyes and answered her question. "My answer to that question depends on what my new life will be like. Will I be born in an unlucky place like my previous life and experience similar things or will I have the right to choose for myself, if I choose how to start this new life on my own. Of course I want that."

"I'm going to be honest with you. I want to make you my champion. And with this title I am going to offer you the following privileges. You will be able to choose the universe you want to go to. You will be able to choose how you want to start. You will be able to choose one item from all the fiction you have read. No one will be able to see your future or your past in the vast multi-universes. I don't want you to think of yourself as my slave. If I ask for anything in the future, you can choose to help me or not, as you wish. I will not take away your freedom."

I looked into her eyes. I wanted to believe her. I wanted to finally choose something and direct my own life after 21 years of living a life maybe that was too short for her but too long for me. "Well.. I believe you. I accept to be your champion and I want to start a new life. Can I make my wishes or is there something else you want to tell me?"

"No. There's nothing else I want to say for now. All right.. Now you can tell me your two wishes." She said smiling.

Even though I thought she knew what I would want because she is the goddess of Destiny, I stood up straight and started to speak. "I want to start my new life as Yu Ilhan from the beginning of the novel 'EEIAR'. If it won't cause any problems in the universe I'm going to, the item I want with me is the Hongjun Pagoda."

Parcae started talking as she walked towards me. "Hongjun Pagoda.. Interesting choice. I will further improve this relic so that you can use it in the future. You can later discover what these upgrades are." She winked at me. "And the first thing you want is not a problem either. Now I can transfer the pagoda to you and then I can send you on your way." She touched my forehead with her index finger.

Her hand glowed golden, but I felt nothing. In case I was suddenly sent away and couldn't thank her properly, I spoke directly. "I can't thank you enough. I hope I can help you in the future."

She smiled and lowered her hand from my forehead towards my heart and placed her hand on my chest. She gave me a light push. As I looked into her dark green eyes and my vision darkened again, I heard her say, "I hope that future comes soon, my champion. I want you to be happy in your new life, take care. Farewell."


-End of the prologue.-

Arcsol Arcsol

Classic fanfic entry I hope you liked it. Thank you to everyone who read it.

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