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96.64% Pandemonium of a Lazy Soul / Chapter 144: Episode 143- Who doesn't love the Internet?

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Chapter 144: Episode 143- Who doesn't love the Internet?

I escorted both siblings out of the prison.

"I will send a detailed report to his highness. He will consider the upgrades necessary for the prison." I said to the warden just before we left.

As the 5 of us walked back to town in silence I broke the silence. "You should not visit your brother again."

Dean looked confused as to why I said something like that while the sister looked nearly furious.

"Your brothers' mental state is quite unique at this moment. He has accepted his fate to die and has prepared his mind to not feel anything from the world that would make him desire to live again." I explained to them.

"Visiting him again will make him slowly break out of that state of mind and will make him want to live. Trust me giving false hope to a dying person like your brother who has already accepted their fate is worse than torture at this point for him.

Your brother has accepted death and is facing it like a brave warrior. Don't turn his last moment to be that of a coward." I advised both.

They remained silent until we reached the town.

"This is where we split. It was nice meeting you both and your brother. Take care, bye." I said as I turned around to leave.

"Wait!" The girl shouted. I halted my steps to her what she wanted to say.

"Thank you for everything you did for us today. I will remember what you said and the favour you did for us. If we could pay you in any way just tell us." I could tell the girl was nearly on the verge of crying.

I simply shrugged and walked away.

"I don't think you can afford my payment even if you were to sell yourself. So, forgot about what I did for you today, and pretend as if you never saw me." I warned them and left the area.

I soon started focusing back on what to do now.

I must not only get the court to my side but the public as well. The public must become reliant on my research department for the court to not consider disassembling it and forcefully removing me from the service.

Sure the recent upgrade of live transmission device was loved by them all. But I needed something more solid than that to make sure they can't ever replace me or in fact think of replacing me.

After all, I need this lab to understand award, magi and possibly even cure my condition while building some things to protect me.

I decided to create a phone using the current technology available here along with using magi.

To do that I need to understand how some of the equipment's function in this world.

I walked back to the underground lab and started working on some communication device that worked like phones.

Thus, I jumped into books and theories researching on how certain items like communication crystals work using magi along with experimenting with the electromagnetic frequencies to see how much of it was affected by magi and award.

I could see no disturbance caused by the casual use of magi unless a magi purposely used magi spells to interfere with electromagnetic frequencies.

As for the award, I couldn't conduct much experiment to it due to not having anyone with award available to participate in my experiments.

I looked through all the papers containing my experiment results.

This world had something that functions like CCTV and a monitor, but it lacked a database/ computer to store data.

It was annoying in a sense.

I decided the next thing after inventing phones will be to invent computers just to make my life easier.

It took a few days, but I managed to finish constructing my version of phones in this world. The annoying part of making it was waiting for the right equipment's and tools to arrive to make it.

During my spare time, I also made some equipment I needed if I ever got my ass handed to me.

When designing them I made sure to add the feature so than when I roll out networking or simply known as the internet it will still be accessible on the phones without having to buy new ones.

I lost count of how long I spent waiting and making things inside the lab while cooking in my restaurant during my free time.

The detectives that I had hired, especially Connor and Amelia came to me with their finding almost every other day that I assigned them to investigate.

I think I must have spent something like more than a week or 2 like this.

I summoned a meeting with all the 10 leaders and their assistants in the underground research department when I had finished with my development.

I decided to sleep as they took their time to arrive.

"Umm… your highness." Someone woke me up. The look on the face of the person who woke me up was that of worried and frightened.

Must have been forced by his superiors to wake me up. I ignored his worried face and looked around.

There were about a few dozen people gathered inside the room waiting for me patiently seated.

"Ah, good you all arrived. Let us start." I said as I walked up to the podium.

"I summoned all of you here to introduce you all to something I just recently built and wanted everyone inside the facility to start using it." I said as I pulled the sleeves of my cloak to reveal something like a watch on my wrist.

"Behold my latest invention! The …" I paused as I realised, something.

"Never mind I forgot to name it. Let us get to the main point."

"…" All of them stared at me blankly.

"Actually, let's just call it the portable communication device or just PCD for convenience sake." I instructed them which earned even more confused looks.

"PCD is a unique product. Each PCD taps into a unique frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum thus giving it a unique ID…" I started explaining how to PCD uses frequencies to allow communications between 2 people. This started getting them excited as they thought of the possibilities they could achieve with using EM spectrum as I did.

"You are all aware of the EM spectrum, so I am not going into too much detail to explain it. If you want to disassemble it yourself to understand how this works, feel free to do so.

Now, what would make you use this device rather than a communication crystal you may ask?

Well, unlike communication crystal, the PCD holds much more features, like taking and storing pictures in it, same for videos, checking the time etc." This got all their attention and soon they were looking at me like hungry lions.

"Not only that I recently spend some time upgrading the live transmission device and integrated it in here to work with the EM spectrum. So now this device here lets you talk from wherever you are in the empire using live transmission, as long as a signal transmitter is within 100 km range of that area." I said.

I could see all of them were salivating over the PCD.

"I have worked on the signal transmitter and receiver. I want you all to start using it in order to make sure there are no problems with it before the live product is released to the public." I announced as took a box sitting next to the podium.

Opening it there were few dozens of PCD.

I casually started throwing around the PCD in the air much to all their annoyance as they quickly tried to catch it before it landed on the floor.

Some even used their body to stop the PCD from touching the floor and shattering.

"Start using it. I am planning to release it to the public soon if everything works out well." I said as I walked out ignoring their mad ramblings as they molested each of their PCD.

I walked out of the lab to my restaurant to see Ellis, Luke and Titus there.

"What?" I asked Titus.

"I got information that you send these brats out to book a large venue for some kind of large public gathering?" He asked me in irritation.

"Yes, you along with the rest of the court are going to want to join it." I said as I walked towards my kitchen to cook myself some dinner.

"May I remind you what happened the last time you attended a gathering that you organised?" Titus asked me as he followed behind me.

"No need." I answered him.

Titus remained silent as he stared at me. "Whatever, your choice if you want to suffer!" Titus replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What brings you here anyway other than trying to warn me?" I asked him.

"To remind you once more that the meeting with the nobles you pissed off is in 3 days." He said.

"Man, such a drag. Can I not just kill them and be done with it?" I asked back in annoyance which earned a frustrated look from Titus.

"If you kill 1 then what is stopping you from killing the rest. Soon you will become a tyrant which we will all gladly kill instead of stopping. So, feel free to do it." Titus smirked excitedly as he motioned his hands.

"Annoying morality and rules." I muttered as I started cutting some ingredients.

"Anyway, about this public gathering of yours? What is it about?" Titus asked.

"Can't you just wait?" I asked him.

"Nope. I have to discuss with other 2 on whatever bullshit you are about to pull on us and the empire before letting you do it." A frown appeared on his face.

"Uhh…" I moaned as I threw him my PCD.

Titus caught it and examined it curiously. "What the heck is this?" He asked in confusion.

"You will understand in a few hours. Just take it back to Dexter's residence and wait there. You will understand it's purpose in roughly…" I thought how long I should wait before calling them on that PCD.

"2 hours." I stated.

"Can you not just make it easy on us by telling me what the hell this is right now?" He asked as he threw the PCD in the air and caught it.

He repeated this for a while before I answered him. "Well in simple terms that there is part of a set of items that I am going to make, for which the public will love me more than anyone in the world. More than even the gods one day." I stated.

This statement caused Titus to freeze and the PCD he threw in the air started coming down.

However just before it hit the floor Titus swooped his hands and caught it like he was holding a delicate baby.

"The fuck?! Are you serious or are you exaggerating right now?" Titus asked in bewilderment.

"Quite serious." I stated as I started stirring the soup in the pot with a doubtful face of whether I wanted to eat soup or not. Meh, soups are less effort to eat as I don't need to chew much.

Titus quickly ran out of the kitchen and soon out of the building like his arse was on fire while holding the PCD close to his chest.

ELord ELord

Did you know you get Goosebumps when you’re scared to make you look bigger?

This harks back to caveman days when the best way to fend off a predator was by looking scarier than that predator.

That’s why your hairs stand on edge when you get Goosebumps, so you look bigger and scarier.

Also, please advice me if there is anything wrong with this chapter especially the science behind telecommunication.

Also, can someone confirm to me if the Wiki is working? I have gone to it and added a few more characters from the story.

Enjoy this weeks chapter!

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