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Chapter 3: Etozawa household

When morning had come, Although Ema-san was seemly reluctant to part, I had to leave from the hospital room.

"This is my telephone number and my cell phone`s email address so…Please do contact me? Because I can also send mail….."

I got Ema-san contact address!

After that, I had thoroughly enjoyed Ema-san's body, showering Ema-san with one week's worth of semen until I had become wiped out. I had tested out everything, missionary position, doggy style, and galloping horse, nevertheless, the sexual intercourse with elder sister was still the best! Towards the end, Ema-san state was even grasping.

Then, while thinking, I looked outside the window that had become completely bright.

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This was my room for one week.

I got on the family car that had come to pick me up, arriving home, I returned to my room to rest.

With a glance, I look at the remote controller in my hand. When I prayed silently 'Disappear' in my head, I could feel it disappear from my hand, the remote controller that I was holding until some time ago as expected had disappeared.

When I prayed silently 'Come out' I could feel a sensation in my right hand. From a place of nothing, the remote controller had appeared. When I prayed silently 'Move to my left hand' the remote controller in my right hand had disappeared and in return appeared in my left hand.

Great, I have come to understand the method to hand the remote controller.

Nevertheless, I had obtained something unthinkable.

Still, it seems it's only visible to me. When Sayaka-san who had gone to picked up somebody had returned home from school, I even showed my younger sister but she couldn`t recognize the remote controller at all.

Not only can it not be seen, "here" even if I try to pass it over it also slips through the other parties' body. And they are not aware of this matter.

I had understood this by doing a series of tests.

I made someone touch the remote controller(but because of slipping through the body….I don't know whether or not it's the right to say touch) it appears as if the other party becomes the target of the remote controller. As for the liquid crystal that had displayed "Hanayashiki Ema", for every time there is a change in the display it makes a touch on another human being.

Etozawa Sayaka Love --> 71

Etozawa Kaoru Love --> 57

As for Sayaka-san, it could be due to her motherly love towards me.

And for Kaoru, she is my younger sister

Looking at the numeric value being displayed on the remote controller, wow, Sayaka has a high degree of love! I thought, perhaps this is not the love as a family member.

For my younger sisters, it's 57. Well, I don't know whether it's high or low.

Yesterday, I had raised Ema-san's to 100, and she had revealed an aura of taste enough to pull this person. As for 100. Before I tampered with the remote controller, at that time the numeric value for the nurse to the patient was 10. Kaoru numeric value is around the middle of the two.

Hmmm, I see, for some reason I understand.

And, when I considered such a thing, my cell phone had informed me of the arrival of a text.

Who is this from, if one thinks it should be Ema-san. When summarized the mail says something like"I am lonely since we can't meet". That's fast? I mean it was only this morning we parted, half-day has not even passed. I think I will reply later, throwing the cell phone on top of the bed. I had heard a voice call out to me from downstairs. Its Sayaka-san. When I descend the stairs, a beautiful woman dressed in apron greeted me.

A soft atmosphere with her hair gathered in one and keeping a smile, it was motherhood like beauty.

"What is it? Sayaka-san"

"Kotaro-san. Did you greet your father?"

"Oh~, not yet. That's right, I will do it now"

Saying so I moved towards the altar in the room, putting my hand together.

My old man had died when I was a young child. Sayaka-san….had just married him so I now call this woman my mother. As for Sayaka-san, in other words, she is my step-mother, so we are not related by blood. And Kaoru was the child Sayaka had brought. In other words, you can say she is my step-sister.

Putting my hands together, while looking at my father's photo that no matter how much time it never ages, I made a report of leaving the hospital. Subsequently, I also made a report of losing my virginity.

Old man…I graduated from being a virgin. My partner was a nurse elder sister. It was the best.

For some reason, my old man`s photo "Keep at it" I had a hunch he gave me a thumbs up

Based on the stories of my old man, he seems to have been an infamous playboy, because the senior citizens in the neighborhood had told me various things with an introduction saying "That evil brat~", so I know. Even Sayaka-san seemed to have obstructed various rivals until she remarried my old man. As soon as she attaining victory they finally got married. Well, I listened as much as possible to the story of the neighborhood senior citizen, because if the old man was alive he would do considerably mischief by having affairs, only God would know.

When I said to Sayaka-san "I had reported to the old man", she made a delightful smile.

her body still looked like she was in her 20s a true beauty even though Sayaka-san is 28 years old. It seems she got pregnant with Kaoru at the age of 13 years old…That's dangerous when I was 13 years old I was still an elementary school student. It seems the male partner was a teacher. But it was ****. And whether or not he receives punishment I don't know, but afterward, he was chased away from the teaching profession, and it seems he had died due to an illness.

Even though she got help from the surroundings to raise Kaoru, when Sayaka-san got married to my old man she was 20 years old and incidentally, Kaoru was 7 years old. And then immediately afterward my old man prematurely died. It happened during their honeymoon. My old man did the kind of work, that not even his son knew about but he did leave a family of 3 people with a splendid inheritance enough that we can eat and not work for over 20 years.

So after 8 years, Sayaka-san had raised Kaoru and me to be like blood relatives to other people. Therefore Sayaka-san is proud of me. Young, beautiful and proud mother-in-law.

I stared at the Sayaka-san figure that was standing in the kitchen figure from behind.

Whether or not something is amusing, look at the white nape of Sayaka-san who was making preparations for dinner while smiling. Something big bulge pushing up the blouse. sexual hips.

…..I remained silent and returned to my room.

When I returned to the room, the cell phone had again vibrate. It's a text.

Again it was from Ema-san. When summarized "Why won't you reply to the mail? Did you come to hate me?".

….This has become something bothersome but.

Despite Ema-san saying "I'm not being bothersome" among other things, this isn't after the next day~. How is this not bothersome.

Ema-san or should I say, my girlfriend? Ema-san body was the best but now with this remote controller, I can even have sex as much as I like with any woman. Ema-san's body is also good but I want to sample various women.

I do not like being excess restrained~ when I sent that said mail, "I am sorry, I am sorry, I will not restraint you among other things" was stated in the mail that came.

Even love at 100 has various problems

However, I would like to try various experiments.

After I had returned a proper mail to Ema-san, I again descend the stairs.

When I moved to the living room, a beautiful girl dressed in short pants, freely exposing her healthy thighs while lying down, was eating potato chips.

Medium short black hair. A beautiful girl who to an extent is moody and wears a mischievous cat-like atmosphere.

Etozawa Kaoru, my step-sister.

"You will gain weight before dinner"

"Ah~ saying such a thing is prohibited~! Already Onni-chan, when you return you immediately preach? It was nice and quiet when you were hospitalized.~"

Kaoru pouted facing me.

Listening to my sister's conceit mouth it seems she is at the height of her rebellious phase.

Or perhaps I should say she is at the height of her rebellious phase as it concerns me. Recently she even said something like "Onii-chan is annoying" and that is rejection.

But I`m being conceit to my wonderful younger sister as the sweet older brother.

Shaking her short hair, even her appearance says complaint to me, but that frustration is rather cute.

Sayaka-san…..until this day had retained her youthfulness when she and Kaoru occasion went out together "Are you sisters?" when that was asked, that event makes me feel the best joy, I would then say Sayaka-san is my blood related younger sister. Now I have taken the torch from my deceased old man by being a playboy, even though I don't have good looks, I can still grow to be brilliant.

The sister-in-law had inherited from the likes of Sayaka-san, although now I'm still short, I think in the future I certainly will become a very beautiful person, by making beautiful girl feel such a premonition.

I should try an experiment.

I took out the remote controller. Because it had remained as mentioned earlier, the remote controller displayed "Eto Kaoru love --> 57" was the same.

Pushing the button, the numeric value increased to 100, it is kinda scary, so I decided to put it around 80.

Eto Kaoru love --> 80

Then, before my eyes, Kaoru state suddenly changes.

The elder brother who lacked sensitivity until some time ago, a taboo word like she will gain weight among other things, even though I had said that to boost, she had abruptly become silent.

"What's wrong Kaoru. You suddenly became silent…."

"Ah~, no, err…"

For some reason, Kaoru acts fidgety. While staring motionless at my face, signing, muttering in a small voice.

"Was Onii-chan always that good looking….?"

"Huh? Come again?"

"Its nothing!"

While saying 'What, what~' Kaoru sits down right next to me on the couch. What was she trying to say? what did she say about Onii-chan?

Then Kaoru said "If I said something to Onii-chan I didn't say it because I was excited!" and threw a cat punch his way.

"I heard something like I had a good figure or something but. What is it? What is it?"

"Should not hear…anymore…"

"Fuuu, Are you happy to have a good looking older brother? Little sister"

"There's no point in getting excited now~…. But, I wish I could get special permission from Onii-chan…. I was in a good spirit, with you leaving the hospital, congratulations"

So with saying that, Kaoru entrusted her head to my shoulder. This, what is this, a long time has passed since my younger sister was docile like this. The remote controlls effectiveness is awesome. If this at 80, I wonder what will happen at 100 …. I will try raising it. I had operated the remote controller and raised the numeric value of love.

Eto Kaoru Love --> 100

Then, Kaoru gets closer to me to grind her head, pressing it on me.

"….What's the matter, little sister"

"Nn~….doing something like this gives me a peace of mind…Hey, Oni-chan, can you stroke my head like the old days"

"Of course I don`t mind….*stroke stroke*"

"Nnn~ Hufufu…What great happiness~"

"Is that so? *stroke stroke*"

"Hufufu..Today Oniichan is somewhat kind"

I love Oniichan~. Come and spoil me. Wow, incredible, is this not a sweet tantrum.

"ever since Oni-chan left the hospital, somehow I feel you got kinder. Ah, being separated for 1 week, and you now finally understand the value of a cute younger sister?"

"An older brother having a younger sister cute like this is a thing to be happy about", while saying that, my sister clings to me like a cat.

No, I`m not the one who changed. I changed your degree of love.

And of course, I didn't say that.

However, when I stroked my younger sister's head who had become docile and cute like a long time ago, I remembered a feeling that made me want to return to the old days. Oni-chan, Oni-chan, moving towards that place, I arrive at that the time of my younger sister. I had continued to stroke my sister's head until I heard Sayaka-san call me to come to the living room

"It's time for dinner".

My step-mother narrows her eyes while smiling, Roughly on good terms. Kaoru seemly said that 'Its because Oniichan and I had become intimate friend~ as a return.

I had done it out of curiosity but the remote controller operations isn't so bad.

In the night, I had felt relaxed in my room after finish eating dinner, then my sister came along. I think its homework since she carried a workbook.

"Oniichan, there are points I don`t understand in the homework but…. I want you to teach me."

"Huh? Ah, come it's alright but"

It appears that my sister really loves her big brother, she had become completely like a Brocon.

The younger sister has excellent grades as compared with the older brother. Although it's not necessary to consult with me to study, I guess you brought that especially for an excuse to be together with me. damn, this fellow is so cute.

However, as the big brother, I looked towards my sister's homework, because I think that's the right thing. Hahahaha, Its junior high school problems and the likes so I should know most of it. The display of the dignity of an older brother had quickly come undone.

10 minutes later

"I`m sorry….I`m sorry…."

"Oni-chan, like this here….look, don`t give up. just a little more!"

"This~!? I was such a fool!

My sister who is a junior high school student conversely teaches a second-year senior high school student to study. Furthermore, it's a drill for junior high school students.

"Oni-chan…are'nt you going to take the examination next year. Is this alright? I'm beginning to worry."

"I`m ashamed…"

We had come together on the table in the room to study, or perhaps I should say I understand that I had one-sidedly lost face, but at first, it ought of been me teaching Kaoru. Now it was I who was consulting her to study.

"Ha~, I`m tired. I will take a break for a little while?

"Quick! Only 10 minutes has passed!"

"It seems I can only go up to here….Drowsiness is over come me…"

I threw my body as it was to sit on the bed to rest. The feeling of defeat had made a splinter in my mind.

Kaoru in that situation had looked at me not able to get up and said 'already~' at my state like that, killer~ she then stood up in that state must mean she had thought of something.

For some reason, she had moved her hands to my side.

"Haa~Oni-chan is a lazy person, here~!"

"Aaargh, Kaoru! You're ticking me. Uhiya, that's ticklish!"

"Ahaha! Horahora~ If you don`t go back and study, then I will tickle you even more~!"

Standing on top of the bed, Kaoru tickles my body. She aimed for places like the armpit and sole of the foot.

When will I escape from this, I decided to try and change my posture, but Kaoru again clings to me and tries to tickle weakly in that area.

In a t-shirt and short pants, Kaoru and cling to me while being dressed in a dressing gown as this season is even near to summer, although she is short, I had even feel something to a degree or perhaps I should say rather something strangely soft and was smooth.

I think she just got out of the bathroom, she even smells somewhat good. Two developing bulges press through her T-shirt, she was Slender and looks like she has a soft ass. Every time this fellow clinging to me her posture changes, and raises, causing the navel to become exposed.

They had become whole, and gradually for the first time I had a strange feeling of being assaulted.

"Cho, Kaoru….Stopp. Uuhiya, it's dangerous…"

"UrirUri~ already giving in? Well, go back to obediently study…..What's that? This…"

Kaoru who tickled my armpit had end up straddling me, had just noticed something.

I had worn a jersey substituting for pajamas. My little brother had become hard making it press into Kaoru.

Kaoru who had sat close to my waist had turned exact in a straddle. I am sure my penis had an emphasis on its presence by sticking between her soft ass.

"Oni-chan…? This is…"

"Ah~….I`m sorry. That…"

Before I could finish speaking, BA! Kaoru had pulled back.

"Ahaha…" then while making a bitter smile like being troubled, However, I had scratched my cheek while looking away, not meeting her eyes.

"Ah, I-I`m sorry Oni-chan. That`s right, Oni-chan is also a man."

"Wait. You don't understand, you are misunderstanding something, wait. This happened regardless of my decision. So it had become like this."

"Yeah, before, I had known from taken lessons in class…but….A…Ahha…Alright, I will return to my room…."

"It's different!? I`m not a pervert that desires his younger sister!?"

"Well, then, good bye. Good night Oni-chan"

Without change, she had quickly put away the likes of the workbook that was on top of the table and had gone out in a haste from the room while not making eye contact.

It is no good, she sees me as a complete pervert.

But it can't be helped.

However, the degree of love for her oni-chan was still a degree of love at 100 but.

As for my said honor, as the older brother my own body had gotten excited by my sister, I think that if I had known I would have moved. No, I was not excited? It was a physical phenomenon?

Tomorrow, what kind of face will Kaoru make if we should meet,…and while thinking, because it can`t be helped, I had recalled the sensation of the soft thing, I had gone to sleep after cumming two times. I had a feeling that my erection was harder than usual.

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