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63.15% parameter remote control / Chapter 12: Etozawa Kaoru

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Chapter 12: Etozawa Kaoru

「Okaa-saーn? Do we have gueーsts?」

Kaoru who has come home is approaching the living room.

In that living room, the beautiful girls that I loved were covered in a white cloudy liquid, feeling satisfyingly relieved with breathless expressions.

I am going to wait near the door to greet Kaoru. I told the girls to keep quiet.

And then, finally, Kaoru enter the living room.

「Ah, I'm home onii-chan… e… ehh!? Why are you naked!? Huh? What! More like why is that woman… naked…? Eh? Huh? Okaa-san…?」

「Yea… Welcome back Kaoru. I was waiting you know」

As soon as she entered the living room, Kaoru raised her voice in surprise and her whole body stiffened.

Well, that is a given. She has come home to a house where four nude women dressed in exhausted faces, each soiled and dripping with white semen from between their legs. Not to mention, one of these women was her own mother.

And this "I" who she calls her dear stepbrother – tightly embrace Kaoru with a refreshing smile on my face as my erection is swelling up. Nn~ She smells nice. It is a bittersweet smell.

「Huh… no…! Wh, wait a minute onii-chan! Eh? Eh?」

Suddenly, like Kaoru was embarrassed from being hugged by a naked man, or maybe it was to escape the erect pole that pressed against her uniform, she shook her body in an attempt to escape.

I held her tightly and summoned the Rimokon.


Etozawa Koutarou boost 2/3



Affection ■■■■■■■■■■ 100

Romance .. ■■□□□□□□□□ 21

Lust ..... ■□□□□□□□□□ 9

Loyalty .. ■■■□□□□□□□ 32


Sakuya, Ema, and all the other's parameters appeared as well, but the only necessary one, for now, was Kaoru's. I quickly manipulate her parameters using the Rimokon with my fingers.

Kaoru's parameters have not been tampered with since the previous stages of my Rimokon, that's why her LOVE value that was previously at 100 has turned into Affection 100, and the new Romance value, in turn, has become low. This makes her love me as a family member, but it does not seem to make her see me as a man.

Okay, so, I guess I will adjust Romance and put it at 100 as well.

Let's also put [CONCEIVE・MODE]OFF at the same time.

「Ah… oniichan…, don't… in such a place… I mean, these women, what happened…? Why is Okaa-san naked…」

When Romance capped out at MAX, Kaoru who had been struggling in my arms quickly became quiet.

For some reason, the value of Lust also increased to nearly 50, as if it was linked with Romance. Or perhaps, maybe she got excited from being embraced by me who was naked.

Kaoru, she's a naughty child!

「Kaoru, these people are my cute and lovely lovers, you see. Of course, that includes Sayaka-san too.」

「Eh… what… what are you saying… Onii-chan…」

While still hugging Kaoru, I place the cursor atop the Loyalty parameter and raise it.

This Loyalty value which was 32, slowly rises until it eventually reaches 100.

When it peaked, I separated my arms from Kaoru.

The freed Kaoru did not try to run away but instead stared intently at my face.

This stepsister who has now fallen in love with me, who would now listen to everything I said, this was the completion of the stepsister who accepts all of me.


When I speak out, Kaoru shivers.

「Wh, What is it…? Onii-chan…」

「Onii-chan and these women, simply put, have had sex」


「Was it a little early for you to see this, Kaoru? Onii-chan loves every one of these girls, and they all accept each other, too. It's kind of like an agreement. 」


「Yeah. But it seems it was a little embarrassing for you to see, Kaoru, I'm sorry.」

I say so and hug Kaoru again.

It is probably because she has returned home from club activities, but a smell of sweat floats faintly in the air and it tickles my nostrils. This is the sweet-smelling scent of a young girl. My erect dick begins to feel good when it is rubbed against Kaoru's school uniform.

Kaoru who was the one I embraced, despite the situation, returned the embrace with a spellbound face.

「Something like that… Onii-chan apologizing…」

「So you see, Kaoru. The truth is, I was actually waiting for you」

I whisper to Kaoru's ear.

「Onii-chan, you see, also likes Kaoru. To the extent that I want to ravage her. Nee, Kaoru can also be my girlfriend. I want to have my cock inside Kaoru's cunt…」

Kaoru who listened to my disgusting confession, "bikuri", trembled with her body… And then, she hugged me even more tightly.

「Re, Really…? Kaoru will become Onii-chan's girlfriend…? I'm glad. I also want to be Onii-chan's girlfriend…」

「A~aa, Kaoru can be Onii-chan's girlfriend. I will fuck you like I did everyone else. I will fill your pussy to the brim with sperm. Does that make you happy?」

「Yup! …It makes me happy, I can be Onii-chan's girlfriend」

Kaoru no longer has droplets of tears in the corner of her eyes, and she hugs me tightly as if trying to project her happiness unto me. However, even if she said these things out of her own will, I'm really the worst, aren't I?

Kaoru and I stood In this pose where we embrace each other closely, when unnoticed, a figure drew near that gently hugs Kaoru's shoulder. It was Sayaka-san's tender embrace.

「Kaoru, good for you. Did you love Kotaro-san this much?」

「Okaa-san… yeah, I love onii-chan so much!」

Looking around, I could see that all the other girls blessed us with a full smile on their faces and muttering things like「that talk was so niceー…」. That is the power of having put Loyalty at MAX. Amazing.

「Then, Kaoru, let me introduce you to my girlfriends. Get along well with them, it would make me happy if everyone made friends」

「Ah, yes… I will make friends with everyone…」

Seemingly reluctant to leave my side, she was inspired by my words and parted from me anyway. She faced Ema and the others and lowered her head in a bow.

「Everyone, nice to meet you. My name is Etozawa Kaoru, and I am my Onii-chan's girlfriend. I would be glad if we could all get along well.」

In such a state, Ema, Sakuya, and Yamashina-sensei said words like she's cute~ let's work together~ so peaceful~, and it seems like Kaoru was warmly welcomed.

Kaoru was embarrassed as she was greeted by everyone, so I approached her and reach out my hand to touch her… I gently rub Kaoru's ass.

It is a thin ass that doesn't have a lot of meat, but it is still tender and soft. Even if I massage it hard enough that it should hurt, she does not show any pain. Rather, she looks happily up at me with moist eyes.

「Well then, Kaoru. It's about time you give me that virgin pussy」

「Ah… yes… I'm, that it is onii-chan who will be my first… I'm happy…」

I bury my hands in Kaoru's skirt, and further down inside her underwear, I reach for her secret place.

While I enjoyed watching the twitching Kaoru as I crawled over her with my fingers, as soon as I reached that inner place and touched it, it was already wet. I smiled.

On the sofa.

Kaoru that is now naked is sandwiched between Sayaka-san and Sakuya-san and was receiving a woman's caress.

「Ah… ya~… Okaa-san, that place is…」

「Ufufu, Kaoru-chan is cute… But soon Kotaro-san's dick will enter inside this place here. If you do not loosen it up properly…」

「Yep, yep, Kotaro-Kun is amazing you know… But just relax, ok? Because it is going to feel very good… chu~」

「Ya~ … n… Ah…! Sakuya-san, don't…! My breast… hia~!」

Kaoru's small body jumped when her tiny chest was kissed by Sakuya.

Thin legs had been spread open and her vagina was on display, I watched as Sayaka-san was gently caressing her daughter's secret place with her fingers.

Kaoru's pussy that was already wet twitches and seems to greedily ask for more.

「Ara~ara, it's become like this… Does Okaa-san's finger feel good…?」

With a "Chupuri" sound, every time Sayaka-san's white thin finger strokes her daughter's slit, it sounds very lewd.

I'm sitting on the sofa, being caressed from both sides by Ema and Yamashina-sensei while watching this nasty forbidden relationship between a mother and daughter.

The two of them are serving me energetically with their abundantly sized breasts, to make me comfortable. And clinging onto me like this from both sides, it's like I'm tangled up with a feeling of the softness of their female bodies. The sight of the dirty scene playing out in front of me has already made pre-cum drip out of the tip of my excited dick.

「Ah~… Kotaro-Kun, again… it is getting so hard…」

「Looking at my mother and sister's sexy appearance, I guess I got excited…? Wa… it's already slimy… amazing~… 」

Ema was unable to stand it and began to rub with her fingers on my glans. My pre-cum and the female fluids from having had sex with four people earlier began to mix together on my glans with the help of Ema's thin and comfortable fingers.

My upper arm was forced into the suffocating breasts of Yamashina-sensei, as she watched the situation caused by Ema while muttering 「Ema is always sneaky…」, she reached for my dick as well.

「Wa~ … I'm nervous」

「It feels good? Nee, Kotaro-kun…?」

Ema and Yamashina-sensei's hot breaths were caressing the nape of my neck from either side of me, as their hands worked synchronously and giving me a handjob.

Slender fingers touched my rod, gently groping it all the way from the glans to the scrotum.

It feels really good, but I'd say it is time for the dessert. Ema and Yamashina-sensei, I will have some lovey-dovey fun-time with you two later, again.

「Ema, Tomoko-sensei. Sorry, but, this next load will go inside Kaoru's vagina. Right? Kaoru」

The mother who was teasing her daughter's pussy, at this moment was busy giving Kaoru a deep kiss. By addressing her was only given the reply of「Au~… n…」followed by pants that overflowed to a heavy breathing.

And without me noticing, Sakuya had sneakily appeared by my side.

「A re? Sakuya, are you finished with Kaoru?」

「Ah, a-ha, ha… Sayaka-san and Kaoru-chan are huddled together and getting so excited… somehow, I only seem to be a burden for them…」

I see, no matter how you look at it, that mother and daughter duo is finally reaching the climax of their lesbian play.

It has turned into such passion that it was too much for Sakuya that she became reserved and came over to this side.

Well then, this parent-child relationship is on good terms. So I should gradually mix in with them. (TN: not sure)

「Sayaka-san, is she good to go?」

「Ah… ah, sorry Kotaro-san. Not good, I… I got carried away…」

Hearing my voice, Sayaka-san shyly answered back to me in an apology.

「Haha, it can't be helped. Kaoru is cute after all」

「Ee, truly… my cute, cute Kaoru… Good for you, Kaoru. You can give your virginity to Kotaro-san. You will be happy」

「Fu~a… yes… My, onii-chan, my first time will be given to onii-chan, I'm happy…」

Kaoru was smiling even as she felt the lingering pleasures, her face was warped into a blanked out expression, it was the smiling face of someone whose mind had stopped working.

I made my way towards Kaoru. Sayaka-san shifted her body and embraced Kaoru from behind and held her in her arms. She placed her gentle hand on top of Kaoru's head.

And then, she opens Kaoru's legs, and spreads her daughter's pussy open with her own fingers, as if to invite me.

「Kotaro-san, this here is Kaoru. She seems to be ready now… So please give her your cock」

「n… hau~… Onii-chan, Kaoru's place, it has turned out like this…」

It's served, one portion of a begging Kaoru. (TN: he's talking about the dessert from earlier)

Sayaka-san held her daughter's legs, Kaoru's body was trying to greet me by spreading her legs. I am going to indulge in everything.

Kaoru's body of thin flesh.

A junior high school girl's body.

This delicate body that was peculiar to a still-developing child looks like a little fairy. In a few years, is it going to become feminine and rich body like that of Sayaka-san? However, right now it is just a premature fruit.

I crouch and watch Kaoru's pussy carefully.

There is no hair growing at all, it is just a white and soft mound. The pretty slit which spreads under it is opened by the mother licentiously, and pink endearing meat is exposed to me.

The hole is so small to the extent that I become worried it might break if my cock was put inside. The pink clitoris was humbly small and was drenched in a liquid love juice.

"Rero~o" when I lick and taste this small vagina, 「Hyua~…!」, a voice that sounds like a sob leak out of Kaoru's mouth.


「This is the taste of my younger sister, huh…」

「O, Onii-chan… that's embarrassi~ing… 」

「How to put it. As an elder brother, I am going to taste my beloved little sister in all her entirety…! "Rerorerorero"」

「Hiya, hi~ya a a hh aaaa!! Ah, ah! Sto~ op…!!」

When I bite into Kaoru's most private part, lick her clitoris, and insert my tongue into the shallow hole, I make a lot of slurping noises as Kaoru's female juices start flowing and her loud voice becomes more intense.

With this, everything should be ready.

My ecstatic penis is placed on Kaoru's pink meat where I rub it a little, wetting the glans head. Kaoru who was now something like in heat stared like hypnotized with her dim eyes at the scene in front of her.

「Kaoru, it is time for onii-chan to put his dick inside her. Kaoru's "little sister pussy" is going to be fucked, and lots of semen is going to enter the womb.」

「Ah… the tip… is touching… it's kissing me… my girl parts, onii-chan's boy parts… they are kissing…」

「This is a cock. Listen Kaoru, my cock and your pussy are kissing. Can you say it?」

「Y, yes… Onii-chan's co, cock and… my, pussy is… kiss…ing… 」

Kaoru became embarrassed, but even so, she managed to repeat my words. Me, I was just more excited about making my younger sister spit out the lewd language.

「Look, I'm entering, Kaoru. When this thing enters… It's going to tear Kaoru's hymen」

「Un…, onii-chan. Is going to tear… hymen. It will be taken… a~uu…!!」

My ruthlessly aroused penis, "zubuzubu", squeezed its way into Kaoru's warm pussy.

It was as expected, she was indeed very tight.

But, even though she is a virgin, her hole got very wet, and along with this tightness, it stimulated my penis intensely.

This excitement from violating my stepsister makes my dick atrociously hard, and I can't help but plow deeper inside her.

Eventually, I met with resistance and got stuck, but as I greedily pushed my waist further,「A~hh! U~uu~…」, Kaoru who was unable to endure the pain, let her voice leak out.

Looking at her lower body, there was a stream of blood flowing from between her legs. Thanks for your virginity.

「Are you ok? Kaoru」

「Ah… yes… It hurts, but… more than that, there are lots of wonderful feelings for my onii-chan… It makes me happy…」

Kaoru says some adorable things, even though she has tears in her eyes.

Sayaka-san was also shedding tears of happiness from behind Kaoru, 「My little Kaoru…」, she is gently stroking her daughter's head.

She was so accepting of this, but I suppose with Loyalty MAX and Affection MAX, having a LOVE&PEACE harem was not a completely unrealistic end-result. Well, it's not bad like this.

While I'm looking down upon this Kaoru who seems to be in pain, I summon the Rimokon to view her level of Lust.

Hmmm, just a little over 60, huh. "click" I press the button.

By operating the Rimokon I raise her Lust value to around 80, and Kaoru's body that held me inside her suddenly gave a spasm.

「Fu~a… ah… o- Nii-chan… amazing… suddenly… somehow, it feels really good… hyan!」

「Kaoru's pussy, too, it suddenly tightened so much. I feel that kyunkyun on my penis, it feels really good」

I quickly stretch my waist backward and then push my penis deep inside her.

Kaoru is unable to deal with this sudden pleasure. Her tongue is dangling out of her mouth as she pants, unable to make any words.

I was satisfied to see this appearance of my younger sister, I pull my waist back once more, and strike her insides again.

My back and forth rocking gradually increase in intensity.

I'm pounding hard into my sister's female hole, and her face was driveled with saliva. While this tight, tight pussy tried to push my dick out, I reached out my hands to Kaoru's flat chest and gripped a nipple gently: 「hi~yaaaa!」her voice has appeared.

「Fuwa… ah…! o-onii-hyan…!」

「Kaoru's body is so delicate, even though everywhere is so soft. Here, give me your tongue. I'll kiss you」

「A…n! …fu~ai… kiss… onii-chan's kiss… nn!」

Seduced by the pleasures and with her face distorted sloppily, Kaoru stretches her tongue.

I licked her lips and kissed my sister as I tasted her tongue. Like a greedy person, Kaoru started moving her tongue around mine.

「Kissing… feels go~od… onii-hyan… n… chyu~」

Kaoru is greedily sucking my tongue and her pussy is begging for more cock. Even though she was a virgin until a while ago, she has turned into this lecherous, horny younger sister. This onii-chan is worried about his sister's future… But, well, this was my fault after all.

With my tongue entangled with Kaoru's, with reverberating sounds of "guchuguchu" I'm fucking this whore's little hole.

Truly, my sister's hole is the best…, suddenly, while I was enjoying this tight feeling of having Kaoru wrapped around my penis, I came up with an idea.

「Sayaka-san, Sayaka-san」

「Fu~e…!? Ah, Ko, Kotaro-san… what is it?」

「…just now, were you masturbating? Anyway, come here for a sec」

That reaction from having heard my voice, it was like Sayaka-san woke up from a daydream. I easily saw it, inside her crotch, her fingers were moving about. Being unable to endure the scene of her daughter's fooling around, she started masturbating? This Sayaka-san…

The mother of a lecherous and lewd daughter is lecherous and lewd herself, huh.

For now, I hurriedly beckon Sayaka-san over to my side and secretly whispered her instructions.

「On top of Kaoru…? Ah, yes, I understand Kotaro-san. …Ufufu, to have a mother and daughter make love together, Kotaro-san is kind… Okaa-san is happy…」

Having received her instructions, Sayaka-san cheerfully straddles Kaoru.

While Kaoru is being fucked in a missionary position, her mother is cuddled against her on top, hugging her.


「Ufufu, let's feel good together ne, Kaoru」

Kaoru's petite breasts are crushed under Sayaka-san's enormous ones.

Sayaka-san offers her vagina to me while straddling Kaoru, who I am currently penetrating.

A plate is served with a mother-daughter duo. I'm going to eat until my belly becomes full.

With this posture, Sayaka-san's ass is just high enough to reach my belly. And unlike Kaoru, hers was a fleshy and tight ass, and when I rubbed it, 「Ya~an…」, as expected, she let out a voice like that.

「Kaoru, just wait a moment, ok? Because Sayaka-san is also cute, I will do her, too」

That said, I pull my penis out of Kaoru's pussy. At the moment when I pulled out, 「Ah…」, I hear Kaoru's reluctant voice. Well, she will have to wait until I decide to fuck her again.

With my retrieved meatstick, I placed it in front of Sayaka-san's female hole. It was already syrupy.

「This place right here, Sayaka-san, is already drenched. Did you get so excited from watching your daughter's virginity loss scene?」

「Ah, yes… When I saw Kaoru being so loved by Kotaro-san… well…」

「What a bad mother… Well then, here, I'll give you the cock that was violating your daughter until a while ago. Does that make you happy?」

「y, yes… Kotaro-san's dick… I am happy… A~ah!!」

My penis slid right into Sayaka-san's vagina as if it had no resistance at all.

Unlike Kaoru, there was a rich feeling of soft flesh. The soft butt of her lower abdomen had a good volume to it, too.

「Hmm, as I thought, isn't the mother and daughter similarly perverted? Well, Sayaka-san has a bit more of an erotic feeling」

「Ah… n! Ha~a… wow… Kotaro-san's… it feels… good… aa~!」

If Kaoru is a young cunt that clings to the dick tightly, Sayaka-san is nice and serene, with a tightening that is more akin to a squeeze. Which one is better, I don't think either one is better than the other.

Using my waist, I'm getting a nice taste of Sayaka-san's mature pussy. Every time my hips collide with her buttocks, Sayaka-san let's out a naughty moaning voice to her daughter.

「Okaa-san… it must feel good…」

「Yoshi. Then, the next one will be Kaoru. Substitute from here」

「Ah, onii-chan… nn! Haa…!」

「Look, now, the cock that was just inside your mom has entered Kaoru's hole. Can you feel the dirty fluids from Sayaka-san getting mixed with Kaoru's lewd juices and blend inside your pussy?」

「An! Ah! Y, Yes… onii-chan. Okaa-san and onii-chan… I feel you both! ah!」

I'm violating Kaoru, after having just fucked Sayaka-san.

My penis is drenched with the love juices of two people's vaginal cavities, mixed with the love juices of a mother and daughter. It is as if it will eventually become one. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

And then, I was ready to let loose my ejaculation deep in Kaoru's vaginal hole. How many times did I cum today, I can't remember.

「Uu… cumming…! I'm going to cum inside Kaoru's vagina!」

「Ah! Fua! Come, onii-chan… please fill me up with your sperm!!」


I grab Kaoru's waist and plunge my cock deep inside her until it hits the cervix.

And then byurubyuru!! My penis pulsates, and white semen was fired deep inside my younger sister's vagina.

「Ah… fu~a… it's coming out… onii-chan… a lot…」

While listening to the voice of Kaoru who looked like her mind was going blank, I violate this younger sister's vagina with my semen to my heart's content. Eventually, the last drop was shot, and I pull my cock out of my sister's little slutty hole. After a while, a white cloudy liquid comes running, blubbing out of that tiny hole.

「…fuu~ That was good, Kaoru. Your little sister pussy is the best」

「n… onii-chan… I'm happy」

I appreciate that Kaoru worked hard for me, so I pat her on the head. She seems to be happy.

Now then…

「Ema, Sakuya, Tomoko-sensei…」

When I turned around to face them, all three were comforting their secret places with a face like they were in heat. Looks like they could not endure just watching me have sex with Kaoru. And since I have just ejaculated my penis is weak, but if I use the boost button it will revive. I'm going to have sex for the rest of the day.

「So, my precious girlfriends. I wonder who wants to have a go next…」

「Kotaro-kun…, Me next…」

All three of them answered at the same time and were clinging to me because they are unable to bear it any longer. Furthermore, behind me, Kaoru who I had just been holding, and Sayaka-san, were also hugging each other.

「Kotaro-san, I want more… this time a creampie…」


These women are begging me in a voice that makes it seem unbearable. I raise my hand to embrace them while feeling this softness that only a female body can provide.

By the time it is night, the living room is filled with a dense erotic smell, and there were now five women who were covered with a cloudy liquid from head to toe. With a look like they were happy and satisfied, they were all collapsed.

I have ejaculated many times, inside their vagina, in their mouth, on their chest, wherever I so desired, I let it loose. I was watching these women happily while basking in this aftermath of accomplishment and fatigue.

Finally, it's the start of my harem.

Now then, what type of girl should I do next…? My desire has no limits, and this power of mine does not seem to stop anytime soon.

Loyalty parameter, huh.

I could do even more fun things using that. My heart was trembling in expectation, and to quiet this penis which had not yet lost its strength, I fell down over the girls and covered them like a mantle.

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