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52.63% parameter remote control / Chapter 10: Exposure Date

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Chapter 10: Exposure Date

My daily life had become busy.

To be specific, it is to the degree that my meat stick didn't have enough time to dried.

"N…. ah….! Kotaro-kun… so big….!"

"Sayaka-san, if you are so loud, wouldn't Kaoru hear it?"

"Bu,but…. Kotaro-kun…. Was…. too amazing…. Aan!"

When Sayaka-san was standing on the kitchen with a tight skirt wrapping her ass, when I look at this I suddenly become turned on and start to violate her from the back.

I roll up her skirt, move her underwear to the side and jam my dick in.

To this day, I have inserted my meat stick inside her vagina so much that it already learned to tightened around it and start to secrete a viscous fluid and become wet.

Right now, Kaoru was taking a bath. She will not come out for another 30 minutes.

I want to taste Kaoru's meat hole soon, but, I need to make my move carefully so it will not end up with her fighting with Sayaka-san. After all, I didn't want to not be able to taste Sayaka-san delicious body anymore. Because the temperature was rising recently, she began to wear sleeveless clothes that reveal her slim white arms, lovely shoulders, and her armpits that make me want to lick it, all of this made me turned on and attack her.

But, Sayaka-san's current love status was at max, and she has this tempting appearance, it is not my fault. Sometimes I cuddle with her like a spoiled child and ask her to do it.

"Kotaro-kun…. Does it feel good….? Because I can, made Kotaro-Kun, feel much better than that kid…."

"Are you talking about Ema? I already broke up with Ema."

"…. Really?"

"That is true. After Sayaka-san was the one for me…. Uu, hora, here comes the first shot….!"

"Aa….n! A…. so much…. Cuming out…."

Sayaka-san still thinks that Ema was my girlfriend, she is jealous of Ema and keeps mentioning her, so I told her a lie and said [I already broke up with Ema].

Sayaka-san turns into jealous women too. It was because of her max love level, she wants to monopolize me all the time. When I am at home I would embrace Sayaka-san and when I go to school I will violate Sakuya and Yamashina sensei alternately.

After all, I was having an affair with only the two of them in the school.

This morning Yamashina sensei tell me while she was fidgeting with a red face that she wants me to help her with the preparations for teaching material. When I entered the preparation rooms, Yamashina sensei locked the door behind her and embrace me while saying that she can't endure it anymore.

"N…. Kotaro-kun…. I'm sorry even though it was still morning…. But, I can't stand it any longer…."

"Yamashina sensei…."

"Please call me Tomoko…. After all, we, are already lovers…."

Yamashina sensei behaves like a spoiled child. When it is only the two of us, she is always pestering me to hug her while patting her head. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yamashina senseis breasts are too fierce. When I hug her tightly, her twin mountains were pressing into my chest and my son can't help but react to it.

When Yamashina sensei noticed it, her face became redder, then, it becomes a pattern where I ask her "Then, Tomoko, since we are lovers, I want you to suck it".

I catch Yamashina sensei's hair as she was servicing me eagerly with her tiny mouth and I ejaculate deep inside her throat.

[NN…!] Yamashina sensei tries to swallow all the semen that I ejaculated with teary eyes. Of course, we aren't finished like this, the 2nd shoot will be released inside Yamashina sensei meat hole.

The next class will be Yamashina sensei's Modern Japanese class. When I think that she will teach with my semen inside her meat hole, it gives me a sense of conquest.

I invite Sakuya to the hideout at launch break. Sakuya had made a bento for me, while she was feeding it to me, I move my waist.

"An…. fua…. Kotaro-Kun…., if you move around…. I can't feed…. You…."

"I want to eat both Sakuya and the bento. Oh, the omelet looks delicious."

"U, un…. This is the one that I was proud of. I want Kotaro-kun to eat…. Aan!"

I laid on the matt on the floor, I insert it inside Sakuya while we are sitting facing each other while I was eating. Honestly, even though it was hard to eat, it was the best since I can see Sakuya's shy face.

When I finish eating my last mouthful of lunch, I say thanks by giving her a creampie inside her, Sakuya was twitching on my waist. Since that time, Sakuya always wanted me to cum inside her.

When the class was over, my cellphone vibrated at the same time as the sound of the end of the school bell rang. It was a text from Ema.

It seems like her shift was over. What she wrote in the text was "Can we go back together?"

Alright, today after school time will be with Ema, I decided and made my preparation.

Sakuya was looking at me frequently because we were hiding the fact that she was going out with me from other people, she didn't try to approach me.

Yamashina sensei was also looking at me frequently at the same time as well, for some reason she seems to come over here.

"Ano…. Kotaro-Kun. I want you to help me a little…."

"Ah, I am sorry Tomo-chan sensei. I have something to do after this."

"Eeh…. such thing…."

Yamashina sensei hangs her head down with [Gan] like those SFX from the manga.

Looking at Yamashina sensei in this condition, I whispered "See you tomorrow" in a low voice, this time her face suddenly brightened with [PAAAN!]. She so easily understood.

After leaving school, I hurried towards the place where Ema was waiting for me. When I arrive there I can see a long-haired blonde beauty already waiting there, when she noticed me, she rushed up to me with a happy face like a faithful dog.

"Ah, Kotaro-kun!"

Ema runs toward me while shaking her abundant breast and blonde hair. She stands out at our meeting place right in front of the station.

"Ehehe, Kotaro-kun. *Gyuu"

"Yes yes, *Gyu"

"Nn…. Kotaro-Kun un…."

Ema speaks like a spoiled child. The people around us were looking toward us and seems like they want to said [What the hell with this baka couple], I will think so too.

"Then, then Kotaro-Kun. Should we go…."

The destination has already been decided. It is a love hotel.

Because I already lied to Sayaka-san that I had already broken up with Ema, I can't take her to my house anymore. However, Ema-san didn't invite me to her apartment. I didn't know why though.

"Nee, Ema. the love hotel is good, but, if we use Ema's apartment we don't need to spend money no? Why didn't we do that?

"That, that, that…. Ano, that is because an adult onee-san has many secret…."

"….. is there a man staying there?"

"There is none at all!! There is no way that would happen! Except for Kotaro-kun I don't have any man at all….!"

Maa, I know Ema was earnest, I only want to tease her a little bit.

In her desperate state, Ema was speaking vehemently how much she loves me.

"Then, why can't I enter your apartment?"

"That…. ano…. Should I said…. It is a little bit of a mess…. Because I didn't want to destroy the illusion…. I will pay the hotel bill so….okay?"

"Un, maa, it is okay."

She looks awfully desperate.

To averted the topic Ema showed the bag that she held on her hands to me. It was a really big overnight bag, it was quite a huge bag she had after returning from work.

"Ne, Kotaro-kun. Hora, I brought a maid outfit today. Today Kotaro-kun will become my master~. So order me around a lot... ok?"

"maid clothes…. Why do you have such clothes?"

When I have sex with Ema, she always tries to please me by wearing various clothes and costumes.

Nurse uniform, Sailor uniform, shrine maiden clothes, a frilly dress that looks like a magical girl. …. I can still understand if she has the nurse and sailor uniform. One is her work uniform and the sailor uniform might be something from when Ema was a student. But, the shrine maiden, magical girl, and maid clothes…. I can't understand why she had these. However looking at blonde hair big breasted woman wearing a shrine maiden or sailor uniform was so moe, I was enjoying it too. That is why today at the love hotel I will have a lot of sex and teasing this big breasted blonde haired maid.

"Aan! Master is so…. Big!!"

"Good grief, what a lewd maid you are. To swallowed my meat stick and move your waist on your own."

"Aah…. I am sorry Master…. Annn!"

I was in high spirits.

Because of my busy daily life, I wasn't able to make a pass to new girls. When I was violating Sakuya at the hideout, after I cum inside her, she invites me on a date.


"Un, …. tomorrow is Saturday, isn't it? When I think about it, I have never gone on a date with Kotaro-kun so far…. Ah, by any chance did you have something you need to do tomorrow….?"

"No, I am free tomorrow. …. that reminds me that I have never go to date with Sakuya…."

"… re,really!? Can we go to date tomorrow!?"

"O, ou…. Uwa, your spirit suddenly rise"

While shaking her boobs, Sakuya embrace me happily.

"Date…. Date with Kotaro-kun…."

she muttered [hehehe~] bewitchingly. She seems to be delighted that she was able to go on a date with me.

However, I have never gone to a date with a girl before. Where should we go? Watching a movie? Then go shopping? Going to karaoke and then walking around a park? And the last one we will go to a love hotel.

Ah, I have a good idea.

"Sakuya, please dress up tomorrow."

"Un! Of course! Ehehe, should I wear cute clothes…. Or should I…."

"I think a skirt is good. wear a short one."

"So Kotaro-kun would like a skirt…. I bought this cute dress last time, I will wear it."

"And then you shouldn't wear any panties."

"Un! I will not wear any panties tomorrow…. Eh?"

Sakuya smiling face suddenly froze.

"I want you to come without wearing any panties. Hora, a man will be attracted to something like that."

"Eh… is, is that so….? But…. that…. Without panty…."

"I want to see~!! I want to see Sakuya wearing cute clothes, without wearing any panty underneath~! well, Sakura is that a no on no pantys, otherwise there is no date."

"Eeeh!? That…. Un…. I understand. Tomorrow…. I…. will come…. Without …. Panty…."

"Thank you Sakuya! As expected of my girlfriend!"


When I hug Sakuya, I think her expression seems to loosen up.

Alright, tomorrow I will do a shame play with no panties Sakuya. I am looking forwards to it. I see a date huh. It is good, isn't it?


When I arrive at the meeting place, Sakuya is already there.

It was the morning of early summer. Sakuya was wearing a white dress that seems to match the refreshing wind and dazzling sun, it feels like the beautiful girl was right out from a scene of a movie.

Her dress length was above her knee and only reaches around the center of her thighs. her white legs that peeped out from her dress look slim and soft.

This beautiful girl while blushing slightly had been showing a behavior where she was minding about her hem for too long.

It seems like she really came without wearing any panties.


When she heard my voice, she twitched for a moment, but when she sees that it was me, she feels relieved.

"It seems like you come without any panties as ordered. Good, good."

"U, un. But…. it is so embarrassing…. And it feels cool"

"Isn't that good?"

"A, auuu.."

Sakuya shrinkle up embarrassedly.

But, when I hold her hand and said to her 'then let's go', her face brightened and grasped my hand tightly in return.

Like this, I lead Sakuya who wasn't wearing any underwear around all day long.

I decided to do some window shopping in this place there are a lot of stairs and people. Looking at Sakuya's bashful expression it made my thing stiffened. To think that this beautiful high school girl didn't wear any panties while having a date with her boyfriend.

Really, this big lewd perverted high school girl.

"you really are a big lewd perverted high school girl…"

"Ah…. auu…. It is because…. Kotaro-kun…."

When we are at a blind spot where people can't see I instantly message Sakuya's ass, Sakuya's eyes become damped and her face was red hot because of shyness.

I touch Sakuyas ass over her thin one-piece dress. This is so fun.

Even though Sakuya looks embarrassed, her breath gradually grew wild…

When I summoned the Remote Controller to check Sakuya Parameter, her lust level already reached 73 points.

Kukuku…. This woman, it seems like she got turned on because she didn't wear any panties.

"Ko, Kotaro-kun….? Why does your smiling face look so bad…? What, what is the matter….?"

"Sakuya, come over here"

"Hya! This place…."

I lead Sakuya by hand toward the back alley.

Even though there are a lot of people walking on the street, but this place was the blind spot and can't be seen from the other side.

I made Sakuya Stand up before I crouch down.

In this position, Sakuya's white thighs that are peeking out from her dress were right in front of my eyes.

Her thighs look delicious it was if they were tempting me to attack her at once, however, I try to endure it and ask her to roll up her dress.

"Sakuya, hold on the rim of your dress. Yes like that, then just lift it up slowly…."

"Ko, Kotaro-kun…. It is embarrassing…."

Sakuya shakes her head while saying 'no, no', but when I repeat my order, she raises the hem of her dress slowly.

Before long, her bare thigh, pussy was exposed right in front of my eyes. Without any underwear, Sakuya cute vagina was exposed right in front of me.

It already becomes wet with her love juice.

"Sakuya is so lewd…. This place has already become this wet."

"That…. Hyan!"

I stretched out my finger towards Sakuya's pussy, when I stretch it open, Sakuya screams out with delight.

I insert my finger and stir inside her, Sakuya Embraces me as if she was overcome with emotion.

"Ya…. yan…. Don't…. In such a place…."

"Even if Sakuya said something like that. Sakuya's meat hole was swallowing my finger as if it didn't want me to separate with it."


Even though Sakuya was raising a cute protest, however, her body didn't reject me and accepted my caress. I insert my 2nd finger inside her meat hole and her slimy meat hole tightened on both of my fingers.

"Sakuya is so cute, Hora, let's kiss. Raise your head."

"Kotaro-kun…. N…. Ncuu."

When Sakuya raises her head, I kiss her lips and entangle our tongue while moving my finger in her pussy. She seems to already be in heat. I was also getting excited too. My dick has already swelled up like a balloon and it feels painful.

I wonder if we'll end up doing it here….

When I thought about such a thing, I can hear a footstep approaching here steadily.

No good, is someone coming here!?

"Sakuya…. There is someone coming. We must leave….Nn!"

"Kotaro-kun…. Kotaro-kun…. Amu…. chu…."

Sakuya who was still in heat doesn't seem to be able to hear my voice. She uses her arm to embracing me while seeking my tongue and intertwined with it. The footstep sound was getting closer and closer. From the sound of it, it seems like a group of two people. From the sound of their conversation that I heard, it seems like the two of them are women.

"…. then, when I wear maid clothes he starts to become so aroused~. He attacks me like a beast~"

"Ema is the same as usual…. Aren't you being too excited after you finally get a boyfriend for the first time?"

"Even though you said something like that~. didn't you also finally get your first boyfriend, Tomoko? You are speaking so fondly about your boyfriend as well~. Ah, but because it is a student you can't go out openly in public~"

"That is right…. But, when he graduates, we will not be a student and teacher anymore. I will endure until then…."

... this voice, I feel like I've heard it somewhere.

Or should I said that this voice was so familiar.

While I am thinking about this familiar voice, I was flustered trying to separate from Sakuya. But, Sakuya was clinging at me more while shaking her head.

"Kotaro-kun…. More…. I want more…."

"Sakuya, it is not good now. Rather it is really bad right now. Calm down a little bit and get off…. N amu!"

My resistance was in vain, Sakuya lips were covering up my lips.

And the footsteps were drawing near.

And at last, the group of two women was taking a turn at the corner of the back alley…. And when the couple see the figure of me and Sakuya kissing passionately, I can hear the sound of them trying to suppress their voice.

I look toward the 2 women from the corner of my eyes.

Even though their style was different, the two of them were beautiful women that can attract anyone's attention when they walk down downtown.

The two of them were Hanayashiki Ema and Yamashina Tomoko.

They were surprised when they see me and Sakuya, and as if they already agreed upon it beforehand they harmonized said


And then as they heard about my name being uttered by their best friend next to them, they stare at each other face and raise a question.



Now, Etozawa Kotaro-kun.

Was in a pinch

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