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89.47% parameter remote control / Chapter 17: Hikawa Nanako

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Chapter 17: Hikawa Nanako

Hikawa Nanako, 25 years old.

She is a female teacher at our school who teaches English.

Hair is a glossy black, a little like the feathers of a raven as it is medium in length, and like her personality; just as straight.

She always dresses in sharp suits and wears a well-ordered, non-existent facial expression, unless something drastic happens.

People call her 「Ice queen」 because of a play on her surname.

She often takes things too seriously, and to put it bluntly, she gives an impression of being a cold person. Somebody once told me 「Ah, come to think of it – I don't think I ever saw her smile at all」

A woman that does not smile, the Ice queen.

Well, I'd say that it is a bit exaggerated actually. Hikawa-sensei can smile on occasions, but it is such a subtle change you don't see it if you don't know what to look for.

She is contrasted well with Yamashina-sensei who is always sparkling and has an air of unreliability.

Yamashina-sensei, actually, went to the same university as Hikawa-sensei. They were senpai/kouhai and because of that Yamashina-sensei will say 「Senpai, senpai」 when trying to get her attention.

Hikawa-sensei will scold Yamashina-sensei like 「At school, call me "sensei" like everyone else」 but it seems to be a fruitless effort.

Hikawa-sensei who is like this is exceptionally popular amongst some of the boys.

Things like 「I want to be hated by those dangerous eyes」 and 「I want her to step all over me with her feet」 they would say. The cold attitude from such a beauty seems to be a kind of reward for these boys with these maniac-like hobbies.

Well, that tight ass of hers wrapped inside a skirt and the perfect proportions of her body that can be seen through her suit, coupled with the cool beauty of her personality, it's a destructive power that lands critical hits on these kinds of young boys with certain hobbies.

I'm interested in Hikawa-sensei as well.

I wonder what kind of voice this cool teacher will make when I stick my rod inside and violate her. What kind of expressions will she make on that emotionless face when I pump her womb full of sperm, I really want to experience it.

「Hikawa-sensei. You are at the moment very ill. There are no visible symptoms, and it does not cause any discomfort to your body. However, if you can not find a cure… this sickness is lethal.」

I was together with Hikawa-sensei in my hideout and in the process of hypnotizing her.

After school, I went to the staff room to talk to Hikawa-sensei and clicked the button to hypnotize her at the same time.

Being in the hypnotized state,「Follow me」was enough to say to lead her away into a more private area where I could fully program her 「setting」.

「This sickness of yours is something that you dearly want to get rid of. The fear of dying has turned you towards the only known, recently discovered, a cure.」

The hypnotized Hikawa-sensei quietly listen to my words.

Watching her dressed in that tight suit of hers, I have a strong urge to just push her down and start humping my hips. But I will be patient, and continue giving her commands with my voice.

「The treatment that was discovered was that Etozawa Kotaro, that is to say, me; must ejaculate inside your vagina. For one week, at least one dosage of sperm per day must be injected without skipping a day, and the disease will finally be cured」

Implying that my sperm is magical medicine, I hypnotized Hikawa-sensei like so.

「Hikawa-sensei, have you tasted a man before?」

「No, I have not」

「And… why is that?」

「Perhaps, it has something to do with me. I am told that I am bad at expressing emotions and that I am cold towards people. I think that such characteristics are rather avoided in a partner」


「Are you interested in sex at all then?」

「Yes, of course, I am interested」

「So what are your thoughts about having sex with me for your treatment?」

「I am a little scared because it is unknown territory. And also, because Etozawa-Kun is a student at our school, as a teacher, having intercourse would be unacceptable. However, if I asked you for consent and you somehow accept, I think that I can not resist.」

「Understood. I see. Well, you can leave for the staff room now where the hypnotism will be canceled. Let's do our best to cure this sickness of yours.」

Just like that, Hikawa-sensei left my hideout and headed for the staffroom.

Now then, let's see if I can't melt Hikawa-sensei's ice with my sperm, during this one week.

「Ah, Etozawa-Kun, do you have a minute?」

「Yes? What is it Hikawa-sensei?」

It's the day after, as class ends and the school bell chimed.

In the classroom that was bustling with chatter and many people who got ready for their club activities or the preparations to return home, as I was getting ready to leave this voice of Hikawa-sensei who had walked here called out to me.

Being visited by another class's teacher who came all the way here to say hello to me, some students turned their heads to stare at me like "what is it, what's this?".

Yamashina-sensei was included too, who, with confusion donning her face spoke up:

「A re? Senpai, is something wrong? What is your business with Etozawa-Kun?」

「…Yamashina-sensei! Well, yeah… There is just something I need to ask of Etozawa-Kun… Etozawa-Kun, a little of your time?」

「Ehh, well, it's fine, but…」

「Th-, then, come with me for a bit…」

「Senpai? Huh, why do you look so desperate? A re? Senpai? …she left huh」

Having grasping my hand, Hikawa-sensei had started to drag me along behind her.

She pulled me away somewhere, leaving Yamashina-sensei and my classmates behind who all had curious looks about them.

The student guidance room is not very big.

It is a naked room where a simple desk and two chairs had been placed. So I was seated face to face with Hikawa-sensei. She looks a bit troubled, or perhaps she was feeling embarrassed.

「Umm~, so why did you bring me to this place? Am I in trouble?」

「Eh, no… It's not something like that…」

Hikawa-sensei spoke for the first time since bringing me here. As if she was thinking hard about something, she was just silent otherwise.

「Well, then it's fine… but what is it about?」

「…before I ask you, I want you to understand my situation」


「Yea… You see, I am very sick… It is a sickness that will eventually kill me」

「Ee!? Isn't that really bad news!」

While Hikawa-sensei tells me the setting that I conjured up during the hypnosis, I pretend to be astonishingly surprised. As if gaining strength from my shocking outburst, she opened her mouth in sadness.

「It is… I was scared. I was going to die… However, at last, a method of treatment has been discovered」

「…Aa, that's a relief. To think that Hikawa-sensei might die, it is sad」

「Really? …You are kind, Etozawa-kun」

Hikawa-sensei smiled sadly at my words, Oh, 「Ice queen who does not smile」has just smiled.

Her smile didn't last long and withered away almost as quickly as it appeared. With her normally expressionless face, she continued talking. It's a shame, she looked cute when smiling.

「So the thing is…, this is the request I have of Etozawa-Kun… For this treatment, this… your… mumble mumble… I need that」

「Huh? What did you say?」

「…As I said, I need Etozawa-kun's… mumble mumble… ok?…」

「Sorry sensei, you need my what?」

Every time she says that important word, her voice is so quiet I can't understand it at all.

I listened over and over but could not catch the word until finally Hikawa-sensei started trembling and bam! she punched the table.

「Like I've been saying! Sperm! I need your sperm!」


This sudden outburst of Hikawa-sensei took me by surprise. But then she apologized immediately afterward.

「Ah, S- Sorry…. It's just… so embarrassing… So, I wish you can cooperate with me for this treatment, Etozawa-Kun…」

「Cooperation… with my semen, is it? Well, it's fine. Should I just go fap fap and ejaculate, right?」

「fa- fap…! *chough* No, not exactly. That… semen… inside… I need it inside… my… mumble mumble…」

「Yes? What was it?」

「Yes, um, my… mumble mumble…」

「Sorry, I can't hear you at all」

Hikawa-sensei continued to mutter words incoherently even as her face turned red. It makes me wonder if sexual topics like these are her weakness.

Like before, when she was forced to repeat herself over and over – eventually she snapped and shouted at me with a face dyed deep-red.

「Like I've been saying! I need your sperm inside my vagina!!」

And just like that, Hikawa-sensei sank in her chair and averted her eyes as if in shame. This older virgin sure is cute.

Guess I'll continue off where she left.

「So basically, sensei and I must have sex. Is what you're saying?」

「Se…! No way. This is a treatment, it's not the same as sex at all.」

「Even so, Sensei you just said to take my dick and put it inside your pussy to ejaculate inside」

「E, Etozawa-kun! …I don't approve the use of such words

Hikawa-sensei is not impressed and stares me down, even though she is red-faced from embarrassment, she even has faint tears in her eyes.

But eventually, like I expected, she breathes out "fu~u" and sags her shoulders.

「Well… It will be that kind of activity, yes… However, it is solely for a medical purpose, there is nothing sexual about it」

What medical purpose? It's just a fake creation from my hypnotization.

I listen patiently to sensei as she vents about her story. And apparently, she has somehow convinced herself that this is nothing sexual, just simply medical treatment.

「Well, I'm ok with it so…」

「Re, Really? Um… I will need this treatment for a week. At least once per day…」

「Yeah, I get it. …So, what now? Should we do it here?」

As I asked her this, Hikawa-sensei's eyes stared at me in panic.

「Eh, Eh!? At school, it is a little… dirty…!」

「Not at all. It's for a medical purpose, right?」

「Oh, that's true… Um, but at least inside my office then… or something…」

「I think a woman teacher bringing a young male student inside her office might bring up some questions though…」

「…! Then, then what about a hotel…」

「A place with lots of people, wouldn't it be difficult to explain if we are seen?」

Hikawa-sensei is starting to catch up to my hints.

No matter how much she deludes herself, she knows that what she is asking of me is sex. And it seems that it is ethically unacceptable for her to have sex at school.

Hikawa-sensei was groaning to herself, but eventually raised her head and looked straight at me.

「I get it. It's just medical treatment. It can't be helped I guess…」

「Right, right. It's medical treatment. Then, shall we ejaculate inside your vagina today as the first day?」

When I asked her this, her shoulders trembled a little like she was scared.

「…eh, wait… I need to prepare mentally…」

「I'm pretty busy. Even after school, there are errands I must run. So let's finish this quickly」

「U, uhh… I, I get it. Etozawa-Kun, I'll be in your care…」

Hikawa-sensei hung her head in defeat, looks like she accepted the reality that this was the dirty room where she would be losing her virginity.


「…"so?" Ehm, Etozawa-kun, what is it? 」

「No, well, Hikawa-sensei I cannot ejaculate inside your vagina if you are sitting like this. You should stand up at least」

「Ah, th, that's true… I'm, not good with these things…」

Hikawa-sensei stood up in haste. Her hair fluttered freely and sent a nice sweet scent to my nose.

「Um… So what is it I must do? I told you, this, I don't know anything about this…」

「Well ok. Then, could you lean on the table with your hands and stick out your ass for me so that it is easier to insert?」

「L, Like this I wonder… Hiya!! Where are you touching!」

Hikawa-sensei puts her hands on the table and sticks out her butt like I asked her to.

Her slender ass is wrapped tightly in the miniskirt that she wears, and when I instinctively reach out and grasps it she becomes angry.

「Hey, Etozawa-kun! What do you think you are doing!」

「You see, unless I fold up the skirt it is impossible to insert it you know」

「Fold it… Could it be, I need to remove my underwear too…?」

「Of course. How did you plan on doing this…」

「But… doing such a thing…」

Hikawa-sensei starts to become reluctant. In the end, she suggested that I cover my eyes and try to insert it while attempting to touch her body as little as possible.

I had to try and sound as shocked as possible to continue persuading Hikawa-sensei.

「Sensei~ You asked me to help you with a treatment right? If you continue like this, the sun will set before we finish. I'm busy and want to finish this quickly」

「I get it… But, insert it slowly… Since it is a medical practice, it's no good if it will be unpleasant…」

Exactly what will be unpleasant? Does she think of the idea of me ejaculating inside her vagina as something unpleasant?

Anyway, I'll do what this teacher asks of me. Once I insert it she will not carry such negative thoughts.

I roll up her skirt and pull down her tights.

Her underwear becomes exposed in plain view. A pure white that represents this teachers' innocence well.

「Then, I'll remove these panties as well」

「U, uhh… don't stare too much… it's embarrassing…」

「Yeah, I won't look」

Yep, I will watch it intently.

As the underwear is pulled down, Hikawa-sensei's beautiful round butt comes into view. The blackened pubic hair catches my eye, and it was trembling a little because of the tension.

Inside this student council room is now a female teacher who presents her naked ass to a male student.

Behind the pubic hair was a cute slit that, when I spread it with my fingers, unexpectedly had a nice pink color.

「Hy, Hiya!! Hey, stop it Etozawa-kun! Hey, don't touch it!!」

「Ehー but won't it hurt unless I get it wet?」

「It, it's fine! Stop it… just do it quickly… It's embarrassing…」

Looks like I'm just going to insert it.

Well, as for me it doesn't really matter. I just want to enter Hikawa-sensei's pussy one way or another. It's irresistible. You could say I felt like a spoilt child.

「I understand… then, here I go, sensei.」

「Ah, yeah… go ahead, since I already made up my mind… Ku! … oww…」

I grabbed the waist of Hikawa-sensei and tried to push my glans inside her vagina. But as I thought, it was a lot harder when it is not wet.

*spit* add some saliva on my dick to substitute lubrication.

…but, it doesn't enter smoothly at all. It's like it can't enter.

It's too difficult to insert because it's not wet enough. She seems to be rejecting me all the while I grind against her trying to enter. Hikawa-sensei does not make any noise at all because of the pain.

The blood of a deflowering then starts to flow out.

However, it is a human physiological response. And Hikawa-sensei was eventually moisturized from the liquids her body created to help with the insertion. It was true love.

While listening to the painful voice of Hikawa-sensei, it was a little easier to penetrate. So I pushed my hips forward.

Eventually, I reached deep inside my teacher's vagina, I entered it all the way.

This female teacher's hole was really really tight.

「I'm inside you… sensei」

「Ah, is it, so…? Then, then please ejaculate now」

「…Ha? No, I need to move it. It's impossible otherwise.」

「M- Move!? Impossible! If you start moving now!」

「Sensei, do you perhaps need a re-education? I need stimulation to ejaculate. It's impossible to ejaculate unless my dick and sensei's pussy is rubbing against each other」

「No way… ah! Stop… it hurts!」

I ignore the pained teacher and start to move my hips.

It felt like I was really raping her, but that only excited me more.

From inside my teachers pussy, it gradually got wetter and lewd juices started to flow. I moved my waist back and forth to completely ravage her.

「Haa… That's a good sensei. You are completely tightening up your hole. I will be able to ejaculate very soon now」

「Hu, Hurry up… make it end…」

「Sure, then here it comes…uu!」

I finish with a strong thrust to reach as deep as possible. It buries itself in my teacher's uterus and spits out the white semen.

「Ah… haa… haa… It's over?」

「It's over, sensei. For this first day, thanks for the good work」

I pulled the dick out of her hole, and not long after, the white liquids started dripping out.

「To, Tomorrow… again… this kind of thing…」

「Let's do our best, sensei. For your treatment. I will support you」

Even though I spoke with her gently, Hikawa-sensei did not move and still had her ass sticking out while resting exhausted on the desk.

Second Day (Wednesday).

「It has been relaxed much compared with yesterday. It sucks my penis and releases such a lewd sound. Does teacher feel it already?」

「I, I don't feel it! This is a medical practice… it is not such… ah!!」

The same student council room as yesterday.

As same as yesterday, rolled up the skirt, her tight and underwear pulled down, Hikawa-sensei took out her ass and I penetrated from behind.

Bang! Bang! While sounding the rhythmic sound hitting the meat, I look at the Hikawa-sensei state.

Immediately after the insert, Hikawa-sensei showed a sign of slight pain, but like yesterday, when I slowly and carefully use my waist like a licking, she starts to give out a sweet voice that can't be held down.

This time I don't use Parameters to Hikawa-sensei. It's just hypnosis.

However, when I looked at the remote control, The lust value has risen to nearly 40. Yesterday she just lost the virgin, it seems like she becomes more and more pleasant.

「I understand, this is a medical practice… uh, uh, It coming soon! Uh!」

「ah… fu~a… it, it's coming… 」

I grasp Hikawa-sensei's ass and ejaculate inside of her deep place.

Hikawa-sensei gives a charming voice after feeling the hot semen that was pouring out inside her.

Third-Day (Thursday).

Fourth Day (Friday).

As always, I violet Hikawa-sensei in the student council room.

As the days passed, Hikawa-sensei's reaction became noticeable. The amount of love juice leaks has increased, and the nasty bewitching voice leaks out every time I pound her.

And, Fifth Day.

Today is Saturday, the school is closed. But even though I came to school.

Hikawa-sensei who has experience of women's volleyball during her school days is teaching as an advisor to the woman's volleyball department at our school. For Hikawa-sensei who needs the treatment for a whole week, my semen must be ejaculated in the vagina even on Saturday and Sunday.

I came to school like this because I was asked to come to school in the evening.

I came early because I could not wait until the evening.

Around the school gate, I pass the women's volleyball team who seems to go home after practice.

The scent of the antiperspirant mix with the smell of female sweat in her teens smelling slightly with it.

It tickles the nostrils, and it seems that I will get an erection just smelling.

From now the one I have sex with is not the teenagers, but the female teacher 25-year-old who recently noticed the sex appeal, sometimes seems to be shiny and smooth, Hikawa-sensei.

Let's have fun with this mature fruit.

I peeked into the staff room, but I was not seen Hikawa-sensei in there.

"Well, where is she…" as I thought, I headed toward the gym.

Nobody at the gymnasium, just the empty room. Wander around the school. And around the pool, I found Hikawa-sensei near the girls' changing room and the shower room.

Hikawa-sensei sees my appearance, has shown a panicky.

「E, Etozawa-Kun…! y, you're early… The promise was 5 o'clock…」

「I want to see Hikawa-sensei early, so I came.」

「eh!? m, mou… don't tease teacher!」

Hikawa-sensei frown from my words… however, as she can't hide the joyful, it turns into a funny face and she turns to the side. Her ears were red.

「No, it's true, and I have a promise to accompany Hikawa-sensei's treatment」

「eh, ah… that's right. It's for my treatment…」

From my words, made Hikawa-sensei show a bit lonely and returned to the original expressionless.

Gather the hair behind to one place, Hikawa-sensei show this action somehow looks like friendly, unlike usually. Even if have her usually cool face.

「Well, sensei, shall we treat it now?」

「…eh? no, no… I haven't take shower yet…」

「I don't care」

「I, I care about It! mou… The staff room… It is not good. Wait somewhere where there are no people. I will contact you.」

Hikawa-sensei said so, slipping through the side of me and deading to the girls' changing room.

Hikawa-sensei sweat smell tickles my nose.

This is Unbearable.

Hikawa-sensei who going towards the building where the girls' changing room. I hugged her body from behind.

「…! What, what!? Etozawa-Kun, don't play around…」

「I'm not playing, I want to put it in the vagina of Hikawa-sensei now. Look!」

I push my lower abdomen against the buttocks of Hikawa-sensei.

「No, no… here is no good… After I take a shower, okay? look for somewhere else…」

「You don't understand, sensei. You don't have the right to reject, if I don't ejaculate my semen in your vagina, you're going to die, are you alright to say selfishness?」

「B, but…」

「There is no one in the girls' changing room, right? Let's continue there. Let's go」

As I hugged Hikawa-sensei and head toward the girls' changing room.

Enter the building, when open the door of the change room, there was a smell of females of the girls who had been changing until a while ago.

「E, Etozawa-Kun… please, at least a shower… and I have not changed underwear yet」

「isn't it good?」

「Hya! h, hey! What are you doing! 」

When I enter the girls' changing room and I lock the door, I push down Hikawa-sensei and fill my face in the crotch area of the jersey. A rich female smell.

「didnt you promise just to insert? S, stop it… such a disgraceful behavior」

「If so, then let's take off the jersey.」


I take off my teacher's trouser and put my lower body on the top.

Then grasp the teacher's foot and make it widely spread open.

「Kya!! Don't, don't look!」

「It's dim, if you don't let me look, I don't know where to put it.」

When I said, I tightly stare at the teacher's secret place. When I said, I tightly stare at the teacher's secret place. Alway we did the back-position, so Hikawa-sensei such appearance makes me quite excited.

After having enough view, I pull down the zipper and took out my cock from the pants that I already had erected.

「Hy~!」 I hear Hikawa-sensei a breathtaking sound.

「oh, by the way, sensei always take it from the back haven't seen it, right? Here, this is the penis that always entered into your pussy, sensei」

「This is…」

Hikawa-sensei, as if fascinated by my dick, can't keep an eye off it

I sit down in front of sensei's crotch who spreads her legs and rubs my erected meat stick to the sensei's secret place and feeling the pleasure of her pubic hair and slimy love juice.

Hikawa-sensei's pussy is wet.

「Look like you're ready now, okay, I'll put it in.」

「T, that, Etozawa-Kun… I mean, this posture is so embarrassing… t, that…」

「You're so selfish, it doesn't matter what position I will do. Here I go」

「Ah, wait, wait… nh!!」

Zuburi… Suddenly, my penis is embedded Hikawa-sensei.

And it was already wet, there is no difficulty to accept my meat stick, the indecent smell of female accept the male.

「When do the front-position, I can see sensei's face well. When I put it in, you were looking like that.」

「Ah…nh! No, no… Don't look… hy~aa!!」

When I grind the waist a little, the face of Hikawa-sensei distorts in the pleasure.

「A woman that does not smile, the Ice queen」, In reality, is just a female.

My dick rubbing with the meat wall making the sound of pleasure. Sensei gives a sweet moan that could not hold it down, eventually her hands on my back.

「nh!… Etozawa…-kun~ … like this…」

「This is already sex, We're making love with each other.」

「An~! No, no… We are the teacher and student… anh~!!!」

The sensei's vagina who was accustomed to the shape of my cock completely in the past few days, make a sweet drenched sound.

Sensei so cute.

When I bring my face closer, Hikawa-sensei has a face that looks frustrating but has closed the eyes as is making up one's mind. Her cute lip sticking out slightly.

I slowly matching my lips with her and let my tongue enter the sensei's mouth.

Her body trembled, it seems her surprised, but eventually, the sensei's tongue timidly starts to entangled with mine.

「Mm… nh… Etozawa-kun… We can't do this… teacher and student… chu~… such a thing…」

In the mouth spoke the words of rejection, but what does it mean, offering own tongue to me by herself?

When I taste the sensei's tongue, I put my hand under her T-shirt to caress her chest.

Push up the bra, rubbing her breasts and pinch the nipples on the twin hills that hard and sharp.

「Mmm…! mu-!!Ah~aa… Etozawa-kun…chest, no good…」

「Don't you like being played with your chest while being inserted? Every time I pinch sensei's nipples, your pussy tighten me very much.」

「Ah~…ah… such a thing… anh!!」

Oh… it seems like sensei no longer can keep her charming voice.

I lying down on top of her and the obscene love juice exposed from where we connect.

… I'm close to my limits soon. I move my waist even faster.

「… Sensei! sensei! it's coming…! I will let out a lot inside sensei's vagina!」

「Ah…ahh!! Ahh~~!!!」


Bikun! She cum, sensei's body bounces to the back like a bow, bikubiku… her body trembling and her vagina hole squeaking tightly.

With this stimulus, I ejaculation inside her.

Buruburu! Semen flows into her vaginal hole.

Simultaneous cum. Her vaginal hole spits out burble and semen, I breathe out roughly and lying down cover on sensei.

And without exchange anything, we kissed each other after the affair.

Sixth Day (Sunday).

「Yes, Etozawa-kun, Ahh~~」

「A, ahh…」

「Is it delicious? I'm not very confident, but…」

「Oh, it's delicious… This Mabo Tofu.」

Hikawa-sensei remains ice-face, but when she asks me, her face has a slightly uneasy feeling to the extent I can see.

Or, Hikawa-sensei that expressionless, when she does 「Ahh~」, it seems like I being clerical or nursing…

Sunday, I have come to Hikawa-sensei's apartment for some reason.

This room, like Hikawa-sensei very much, is clearly organized, but unlike the image at school, it's strangely fairytale-like…

For example, stuffed animals, stuffed animals, and stuffed animals…

I feel some uncomfortable feeling watching the surrounding stuffed animals while Hikawa-sensei begin to explain 「That child is Mary, this child is Ann, that child is Beth and the next child is…」

Well, ~, Mary and Ann are best friends, Beth is a bit cowardly child~…, This woman comes up even the setting.

Yesterday, Hikawa-sensei after the treatment at the girls' changing room. Sensei somehow hesitant then 「after this, Would you like to come to my room?」… has invited me to her room.

Then I came to Hikawa-sensei's fairytale room.

After entering the room, Hikawa-sensei went to take a shower.

Has finishing take a shower, Hikawa-sensei with a piece of gown staring fluttering in

this direction.

I ignore that gaze, and I push her down, rush on top of her and attack her like this.

And the next morning.

The morning I was being forgiven from Hikawa-sensei by feeding me the morning meal, Mabo Tofu which I don't know well. (Mabo Tofu has a lot of choices)

「Etozawa-kun… What do you think of an older woman?」

「I think… What do you mean?」

Or rather this question, I feel like I was asked by Ema before.

「I'm grateful to Etozawa-kun for accompanied my treatment…」

Hikawa-sensei looks at me fluttering, not with her usually cool face. But I know that I've got naked together for the last few days, that is a shy face.

「When we finish the treatment, I wonder… we will return to the relationship like the one before, a teacher and student, like a stranger…」

「Sensei? what's wrong?」

「E, Etozawa-kun, do you like kids? Do you dislike an older wife? What do you think about the marriage year?」

「Sto-, Sensei, an~tsu! Mabo tofu on my face! an~tsu!」

「I, I'm… unexpectedly a homely woman, when I get married I will live in my husband's house and walk 3-steps behind my husband. I have my saving money and I do my best with housework as well…」

Sensei without hesitation approach me. Hya~ a 25-year-old girl approaching.

I hasty call my Remokon and check the sensei's parameters.

By the way, I just hypnotize Hikawa-sensei this week. What is the parameter like now?


Etozawa Kotaro boost 3/3


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Romance… ■■■■■■■■■■  99

Lust… ■■■■■■□□□□  61

Loyalty… ■■■■□□□□□□  35


What a high affection value!! I didn't perform any parameter manipulation on Hikawa-sensei, but it seems sex every day, it went up without permission. Hey! so easy this 「A woman that does not smile, the Ice queen」!

I understood the situation.

For the time being, I kiss sensei's lip who is coming close to me. A 25-year-old female teacher gets silent at once.

「Mmm… chu~…」

It seems that she was surprised when she was kissed, but immediately Hikawa-sensei starts the passionate kiss too. Her hands-on my head, to not let my tongue that entangled and saliva from her.

Eventually, a long kiss is over, and when I release her lips, I look at the usual cool face, the blurry eyes of Hikawa-sensei that gazes at here.

「For now… let's do the treatment for today.」

「Yeah… please… fill it up a lot…」

After that, I pour into her a lot as her request.

Hikawa-sensei who on top of me grinding her lower body while shouting my name, I can say this 「A very destructive power」.

Tomorrow is Monday and the last day of treatment.

It's time for finishing.

Seventh Day (Monday).

It's the last day of treatment.

At the time of English class, when we pass each other, Hikawa-sensei looks at me with

feverish pupils(no expression changes).

And after school, maybe sensei couldn't wait anymore, has come to pick me up in the classroom, and leading me to the student council room.

This student council room has become familiar completely this week.

Entered the room, sensei locked the door from inside. She can't endurance anymore has hugged me tightly.

「Etozawa-kun! Etozawa…-kun, …chu~」

The strict female teacher in a suit, hug me and matches her lips with my lips.

It's a passionate kiss. let out her tongue to entangle it with my tongue and force her own breasts against me.

「Puha…, What's wrong, sensei? Isn't today very aggressive?」

「Ha~a… I can't hold it anymore… When I see you at noon… my body is uncomfortable since then… Even in class, I have been thinking about you too… Etozawa-kun」

So cute my teacher.

While staring at Hikawa-sensei's moisture eyes, caressing her ass from above her tight skirt, and sensei's body Pikun~ tremble slightly.

She is expecting it.

「Sensei, it seems you really like this treatment. Look like you don't need any preparation anymore?」

「Um… yeah… Look… I just thought of Etozawa-Kun, so…」

She slowly separates from me, then sat on top of the student council's desk and spreads

her legs.

The beautiful legs wrapped in pantyhose. And what I saw was black underwear.

The black low rise panty that sees through from the stocking are shallow in her crotch

full of desire.

It's quite different from her usual panties without sex appeal.

「Sensei, your panty so lewd. Did you wearing this for me?」

「Yeah… I thought to please Etozawa-kun, so I bought it yesterday… How it is?」

「You look good. Aren't you quite a pervert girl?」

「Ah~… No, don't put your finger at that kind of place…」

Kuni Kuni… When I tease sensei's secret place over the panty, long breath squirrel out from sensei's mouth while giving a coquette voice.

Today, she wears it for me anyway, so I pull her pantyhose and break it as it is.

「Nh!… ha~a!… ahh!」

Breaking pantyhose, move panty sideway and expose the secret part of sensei.

The secret place which already begins to get wet with the desire. Kuchi~ Sensei raises a

voice of joy when I trusting my finger into her vagina hole and stirring it.

kyun~ kyun~… Sensei tighten her pussy and will not let go of my fingers.

「Sensei, you only enjoy yourself. That right! Sensei, please suck my penis」

「Eh! sucking… with my mouth…? such shameless…」

「Can not? I would be very happy if sensei suck it with your mouth. I thought to give sensei treatment when my penis got the best erection」

Sensei was in a hesitate, but soon When I whisper again to her, 「I want sensei to suck it with your mouth」, 「When it got harden I'll put it into your pussy」, she nodded.

It can't help, I have to beg her, but her eyes are moist and her expression is faintly blushed by lust. Sensei's also interested in this too.

Because of sensei's black panty, my penis is already raging. Breathtaking when I saw my cock, Hikawa Nanako.

Get off the desk and kneel before me, grasp my penis while looking down embarrassedly.

「W, what should I do… I don't have such experience…」

「Yeah, Sensei should do what you want to do, lick and kiss. Oh, please don't do with teeth」

「Um… like this… chu~」

Ozu Ozu… Hikawa-sensei kissing my penis suddenly. The sense of sensei's soft lip that hits the glans. That alone let my penis trembles with excitement.

「Kya! it moved…」

「Of course, This is the penis that always enters sensei's pussy and ejaculating inside. Please service it properly for expression of gratitude, that every day always cum inside you」

「Um… chu~… This is Etozawa-kun… that always enters my vagina…」

Hikawa-sensei was awkward in the beginning, just kissing my penis, but gradually start enthusiasm for service.

Bring her nose close to my penis, Sniff Sniff... smelling it, at the tip of the glans, she takes out her pretty cute tongue and starts licking.

Ahh~ Then she put my penis in her mouth and start sucking it.

A female teacher kneeling and serving a student's cock.

Saliva that escapes from her mouth while sucking my penis suddenly increases my excitement just look at this. Certainly just the immature movement, but this let me even more excitements.

「Hmm… hamu… chu~… haa~… Etozawa-kun's… big…amazing, it's getting stiff…」

It might be she herself was excited by serving the penis.

Hikawa-sensei's waist moves fidget and she rubbing her thighs together to fill her missing.

…Timely, when I thought that is was about time, I heard the sound of unlocking the key of the student council room's door kacha kacha…

Someone is coming.

「…! Etozawa-kun, someone is…」

「Hey, Sensei, Don't stop」

「Nn! N-!!」

I grab Hikawa-sensei's head who in the panic took off my penis from her mouth and forcefully return it.

My penis is caught in the deep of her throat and sensei's eyes are tearing, but I will not loosen my hands.

Gachari- Eventually the key has unlocked, open the door and came in…

…Yamashina Tomoko-sensei.

「…! Nn! Hmm!!」

Hikawa-sensei saw who the appear is Yamashina-sensei, raise the voice in the panic. However, as my penis is thrust into her mouth, she can't even speak.

「Ojama shima~su (I am disturbing)... Oh, senpai is licking Etozawa-kun's penis, so good」

「Oh, Welcome Yamashina-sensei」

「Wow, senpai… today is black underwear, otonappo~i (so adult-ish)」

Hikawa-sensei, a female teacher who is sucking the student's cock, was confused when seeing me calmly in conversation with Yamashina-sensei.

Loosen my hands holding the sensei's head, puha~ while making a suffering express, sensei lift her face from my penis.

「To, Tomoko!? It is not…! What I mean, this is a part of the treatment…」

Maybe in panic, Hikawa-sensei calls Yamashina-sensei by name. It seems to be a senior/junior in her school days, I wonder at that time she calling each other like that too?

Meanwhile, Yamashina-sensei who was called is exciting, smiling back to her senpai.

「I heard from Etozawa-kun, I didn't know at all that my senpai was sick, but… it was good, senpai can completely cure with the Etozawa-kun's semen」

This's I gave Hikawa-sensei a hypnotic setting, Tomo-chan-sensei does not show any doubting it and got pleased to hear this disease can cure. Yamashina-sensei's Loyalty 100 never doubts my words.

It's very similar to hypnosis. The only difference is when I give an order, she aware it or not.

Loyalty 100, what I said, she will obey it no matter what.

I don't know why I use hypnosis on her but this is my decision.

Hikawa-sensei knows this act is definitely sex, even though she perceives it as a treatment. She anxiety when her kouhai who has a relationship since she was a student see her like this.

Yamashina-sensei is just smiling and show an express 「I understand」 back to Hikawa-sense, and said 「I understand~ your treatment, please do your best」

I extend my hands and grasped Hikawa-sensei's breasts that in her suit from behind.

「Ahh~…! it's not good, Etozawa-kun… why, why is this…」

「I called Yamashina-sensei because today is the last day of treatment, so I want her to see the moment when the disease cures completely」

「No way…」

Muni Muni… Massage Hikawa-sensei's breasts, another hand extends to her secret place, then a lewd voice resound in the student council room.

「Wow, senpai have such a very erotic voice, just listen it gives me a strange feeling」

「To, Tomoko… don't look… it's embarrassing…」

Hikawa-sensei weakly muttering, Yamashina-sensei is watching while saying 「Fight! Senpai!」 because I said 「Look」 to her.

I embracing sensei and turn around, put her hands on the desk.

While scooping her exposed bare butt, slightly lower my pants and rub her ass with my erect penis.

「Well, Sensei, let your kouhai look at it properly when my penis enter your vagina and your face when I cum inside」

「Senpai, please do your best! I am with you!」

「Ah… no, no…」

Yamashina-sensei grasps Hikawa-sensei's hand and encourages her. However, Hikawa-sensei's face is redness, unable to look at her.

Grab the butt and set the aim to Hikawa-sensei's pussy.

kuchu~… Although was watching by her kouhai, her wet vagina hole accepts me and release a nasty sound.

Zubu Zubu… Her pussy that got accustomed, started swallowing my penis. Hikawa-sensei's white butt and my black-red penis.

「Mmm!Ah…ha~a… It's coming in… even Tomoko is watching… ahh~… hmm…!」

「It became quite good condition, Hikawa-sensei's vagina. Hora, let Yamashina-sensei look at it too」

「Wow… amazing…senpai. The lewd juices are overflowing… I see clearly when

Etozawa-kun's penis enter senpai」

Tomo-chan explanation while holding Hikawa-sensei's hands as if encouraging.

「How nice, senpai. Etozawa-kun, I would like you to do me later too…」

「Cannot be helped, I will ejaculate in Yamashina-sensei's vagina properly later」

Listen to the conversation between Yamashina-sensei and me, even Hikawa-sensei will be realized what kind of relationship we are. Will she show surprise or grieve express?

「Eh!? To, Tomoko? What does this meaning… ahh~!」

「Ehehe, already found out? Actually, I and Etozawa-kun are Lover」

「Is that so?」

「A, awful, Etozawa-kun! I will cry you know!?」

Hikawa-sensei is dumbfounded when she heard the conversation between Yamashina-sensei and me. Even in dumbfounded, her vaginal hole tightens my penis, Bang! Bang! when echoing the sounds of meat hitting, she shows the expression of a female in pleasure.

「No way… I, Etozawa-kun was my first time… kiss also my first time… even though I give everything…」

「Because of treatment, right? Originally, I and Hikawa-sensei don't any relations,

tomorrow will be back to normal」

「No, no… noo! Etozawa-kun… even though… even though I love you…」

Hikawa-sense is stuck to me while crying. she doesn't want to let me go, her vagina hole tightening would not let go of me.

「Senpai, It's okay…」

「To, Tomoko…?」

At that time, Yamashina-sensei caresses Hikawa-sensei's head to encourage her.

「Because Etozawa-kun is gentle… Senpai, if you ask, you can be loved equally. That's right, Etozawa-kun」

「Um? Well, it's okay, Hikawa-sensei will be my women too」

I called Rimokon and answered her, while alteration Hikawa-sensei's Loyalty value to 100.

Then Hikawa-sensei muttered 「Your women…? Me and Tomoko, are Etozawa-kun's women…?」

「That's right, Sensei are you happy? I'll cherish you along with Yamashina-sensei」

「Um, I'm happy… I can become Etozawa-kun's women… with Tomoko…」

Grab Hikawa-sensei's arms and move my hips more intensely.

Raise the sensei's upper body from the desk and violent her in a standing-rear position. The sound of the meat hitting and the obscene water sound echoes in the room.

I ordered Yamashina-sensei take off Hikawa-sensei's suit. Move the waist slowly, such as drawing, move up-down teasing her. By Yamashina-sensei's hands peeled off Hikawa-sensei's suit.

Jacket, shirt, and bra are peeled off one by one become half-naked by her kouhai's hands.

「Ah, stop… Tomoko…no!」

「By the way, The last time I see senpai's breasts since we entered the bath together when we were in the women's dorm… still beautiful…」

「No, no…Umm!!」

When Yamashina-sensei took Hikawa-sensei's nipple in the mouth and start sucking, Hikawa-sensei gives a charming voice with tearful eyes.

Or rather that, they took a bath together… Did she do such a thing during her school days?

Until this year they were a virgin, Was it a lesbian potential, they never thought about kissing with a man? She has said 「At Women's University together」 too… It's Yuri-like.

「Senpai, right now senpai is so pretty beautiful, as much as I want to kiss…」

「Nnhh!! chu~…」

While being poked by me, Hikawa-sensei got kisses with Yamashina-sensei.

At first she seems surprised, but eventually closed her eyes and start tangling her tongue.

In no time, Yamashina-sensei also undressed her clothes, pressing her bare-breasts against Hikawa-sensei's breasts while kissing.

Munyu~ Munyu~ Two twin hills that softly change shape by clashed each other.

In this standing-rear position, I'm from behind, Yamashina-sensei from the front. Hikawa-sensei in a sandwich situation.

Maybe got confused by the situation, Hikawa-sensei no longer rejects.

Appreciating the female teacher yuri-yuri in front of me, I was felt soon at my limits.

「Uhh…! It's coming soon… Here I come, Sensei. Firmly take it all my semen」

「Ah~! Ahh~!! Take it out a lot…! Tomoko… look, where semen ejaculating in my vagina, look…」

「Senpai, do you about to cum too? such a lewd voice…」

The sound of meat hitting becomes more intense. Hikawa-sensei's moan became intense while being seen by her kouhai, eventually, I reached my limit.

Burubururu! Semen flow into the vagina. Bikubiku- Hikawa-sensei's body trembled, I wonder if she reached her climax.

「Ah~…haa~… a lot… inside…」

「…Fuu~, treatment, good job. This way Hikawa-sensei's disease will be okay…」

Push the lower abdomen against the sensei's soft butt to finish poured my semen into the deep place. Gently stroke her head, then sensei shows a delight smiling face.

「Um… Thank you, Etozawa-kun… I love you」


While stay inserted from the back, I saw Hikawa-sensei's smiling face make me fluttering. It was a kind of smile that I could not imagine from her usual cool. It was a gentle smile.

Chu~… While staying like this, I kiss Hikawa-sensei with a gentle kiss.

「T, that~… Etozawa-kun, I wish you would do me next…」

And, Yamashina-sensei timid bashfully pleading me.

I bitterly smiled, pulling out a cock from Hikawa-sensei's secret place and stood before Yamashina-sensei.

「Then, First, let's clean it up」

「Yes! chu~…hamu…!」

Yamashina-sensei kneels before me and starts to give a blowjob. Hikawa-sensei's love juice and my semen that covers my penis cleaned up with her beautiful tongue.

「To, Tomoko! My treatment has not finished yet, the next one is me!」

「Fu~! Senpai, this is unreasonable-」

Hikawa-sensei also kneels before me, extending her tongue from the side and starting to service my cock.

Double fellatio by two female teachers. It looks like two people are tangling their tongues and kissing each other with my cock in between.

I guess they are on good terms. After that, I enjoyed the alternatives of two people pussy, and equally cum in the vagina.

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