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68.42% parameter remote control / Chapter 13: Preparations of a Harem expansion

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Chapter 13: Preparations of a Harem expansion

Dangerous, the loyalty parameter is too dangerous.

I was terrified of the power of Loyalty, the latest parameter-evolution of my Rimokon.

I'm in the Yari Room… and, it is my hideout that uses the unused classroom in my school without permission.

This classroom that previously held only a simple air bed, has been luxuriously changed. This is a place where my 「girls」can relax to their hearts' contents.

It was like a contractor had been here (or, he was here actually), and it was cleaned until it shined. The room is cozy and covered in expensive high-class carpets, my bare feet feel comfortable to stand on this fluffy bedding.

In the center of this classroom was a special custom-built king-sized bed with room for five people.

And by the window side, there was a fluffy sofa. On the backside, in the place where there was a blackboard, now there was a super high screen luxury LCD TV setup.

The decorative plants give a certain softness to this space, and an air conditioner produces cool air that keeps the room at a comfortable temperature.

I could only ask myself… was this really a school?

I am sitting on the sofa and looking around at this classroom (which can no longer be called as such). Sakuya poured a chilled carbonated drink from the refrigerator and gave it to me.

That's right, there is a refrigerator here… or more like a bar. But I don't drink alcohol.

While gazing around our new hideout which has become like the suite room of a luxury hotel, I sigh a luxurious sigh. Because there is nothing that can compare to this.

One week earlier,

At home when we were doing that 5P and Kaoru came home in the middle of it, I let her join, and we eased into a 6P. While watching the girls later that night, covered with cloudy liquids, I suddenly had a thought.

This Loyalty parameter, it should also be able to work on men…?

Until now, since there had only been love values and a lust value, I never tried it on any men, because it is unpleasant if a man is affectionate with me. Furthermore, I am too scared to alter the lust of any men.

But when it comes to loyalty, it means that he will be a faithful servant who will listen to whatever I say.

I tried experimenting once. I caught a suitable male student who went to my school and increased the loyalty parameter. I got a servant who was all too happy to do whatever I wanted him to, that's why it was dangerous.

Nevertheless, it was a success.

Then I thought.

What is needed to do to spice up my future fun school life? I wanted to make the school my playground.

Then I realized it, all the important people at this school, basically, anyone who was the chairman and below: all the directors and also, the management team. They all needed to become my servants.

With the Rimokon in hand, I headed to the principal's office.

That's right, first of all, the principal's loyalty was needed the most. I told him I have something important to say. Done, the president is affected by loyalty. Well then, please call in all the important people involved with this school. Done, everyone was affected by loyalty.

Hahaー, and when these adults are prostrating themselves in a line in front of me, I feel an annoying little itch, but decide to convey my request anyway.

You seeー, I have these really cute women, and I want to do lots of ecchi stuff andー, A big bed too, andー, Airconditioner too, andー TV andー…

All these people who received my request approved the budget and started ordering the goods, contractors were hired, the room was cleaned and stuff was carried in, and, one week later… this is how the room looked. Ahh, it is wonderful.

While I am satisfied and drinking this cola, I overlook the air-conditioned hideout.

Outside the window, it is possible to hear the voices of the baseball club or something, practicing. But the window is soundproof, so when it is closed it's like we are in a different world entirely.

The wall along the corridor side was also reconstructed, the glass windows were removed and the sliding door was replaced with a turning door.

Even if this is my school, this place could not be called a school anymore…

While I'm absentmindedly thinking about these things, Sakuya who sat next to me leaned her head on me with a smile on her face.

「Kotaro-Kun, this new classroom is very stylish. Kotaro-Kun seems happy, too」

「Hahaha, you think so? As expected, the big bed is nice~. Sakuya, too, loves it right…」

Well, for sure, this big room is nice.

When I hold the school-uniform dressed Sakuya, she is very happy and entrusts herself to me.

And also, in this room, there is another one of my 「girls」.

Ema was here, she was sitting on my other side.

「Kotaro-Kun, is this okay? Since I became a nurse teacher. There are certain licenses for these kinds of things, isn't it? I don't have that, you know?」

「 don't worry. This is a private establishment, if you decide to work here, there will not be a problem」

I pull Ema's abundant chest closer to me and start to massage it. While Ema is comfortably tickled, she is also pleased and brings the rest of her body closer.

Yes, along with this great privacy of a hideout, another plan of mine had come into effect.

Hanayashiki Ema was hired to our school.

Ema quit her work at the hospital and began to work at our school instead. It is an exclusive job title, 「Oneesan-sensei of the perverted school infirmary」, it is a job where she does erotic services to me.

When she first saw the amount of salary presented she was like 「I can not accept this much…」 and seemed a bit concerned. But since most students at our school are rich, it seems like this school is making big profits. So nevermind that, just take it, just take it.

Well, I have been thinking about my next girl.

With this large and amazing room… it would be a waste unless I can gather more cute girls to surround me in a harem.

Just who should I…

I'm thinking hard about my next prey. This school has nearly only beautiful women…

Suddenly, I found myself staring at Sakuya who was by my side. First of all, let's go with something familiar.

「Tsudzurigi Shiori… Yeah, next, I'll take Tsudzurigi-san」

「Hm… What about Shiori-chan?」

「Ah, next up I thought I'd make Tsudzurigi-san my girl」

一In a few words, she is a traditional literature girl. That is who Tsudzurigi Shiro is.

The same class with me, and Sakuya's best friend.

With a calm and quiet shape, she is docile. With a shy mindset, she tends to retreat into the shadow of Sakuya. However, the atmosphere of a beautiful girl oozes out even if she hides, and she has many fans in the school. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With that constant downcast gaze "look", and her black, smooth hair, with glasses, too, she looks really good.

One day I saw her as she read a book, and the hair was swaying in the wind flowing from the window in the library. It was like a scene from a movie.

That Tsudzurigi Shiori… I bet it would feel really good to fuck her.

I feel my body responds with "bikun", and blood starts flowing into the penis.

Let her crawl on all fours, open that soft thigh and poke her secret meat from behind with my dick, just what kind of pants and squeals will her voice make? I bet it is a sweet voice.

My fantasies went too far and I can not stand it. In this brand new retreat, I stripped Sakuya and Ema naked, I needed a female body immediately.

While still imagining the things Tsudzurigi Shiori's body has yet to show me.

This new parameter is really great.

Let's see what else it can do.

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