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100% Path of the Tyrant King / Chapter 70: Flames of Perdition

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Chapter 70: Flames of Perdition

Atop the Phoenix platform, the bloodline end formation swirled with blue and red lights as the energies reached a karmic balance in a battle of push and pull. Inside of the formation at various figures in meditative forms.

On each end of the rhombus, a different bloodline cultivator manned various nomological forces. Above each side of the formation, The Solar Prince and Lunar Princess directed the bloodline energies into a balanced Yin-Yang and at the most center of the formation Song Yue and Mercer stood and oversaw the equilibrium of the formation.

Song Yue stared up from the formation and looked around as the gloomy flames scattered throughout the formation's defenses. She clenched her teeth tightly as she watched the gloomy flames burn through the Phoenix wall and eradicate the will of Venerable Phoenix.

The Phoenix world shook slightly as the portal in the sky showed signs of shrinking. The borders of the portal halved in an instant and electrical energies danced across it rapidly.

Amidst all these phenomena, Ye Yuyan stood calmly in the sky as gloomy flames enshrouded his figure. Behind him, the vermillion bird gained another color to its feathers, a wilted and gloomy gray that emanated sorrow.

As the Phoenix wall dissipated, the gloomy flames burst out shooting past the boundaries of the Phoenix platform and engulfed the world in darkness. The vile flames streaked across the heavens leaving a trail of darkness.

"Mercer!" Song Yue yelled within the formation hasting him into action.

"Rank 6, Heaven Earth Sword Law!" Mercer roared as he raised his sword, the infinite power of the bloodline formation burst into his body as he stood in the center of the formation. Suddenly a burst of Qi that could fill the entire heaven released from the bloodline end formation.

Blue and Red Qi filled the heavens and frenzied across the sky as it collided into the gloomy flames. The overwhelming Qi burst through the growing gloomy flames and forced it into retreat. Heaven and earth cried sorrowfully as the essence of law was derived from the surrounding Qi.

Mercer's Heaven Earth Sword Law was a technique that a rank 5 expert was capable of, the other name of the technique was Earth and Man as one. It allows a rank 5 expert to fuse with the earth and absorb an ungodly amount of Qi but this technique doesn't end there.

Because once an expert reaches Rank 6 in their respective law they can use Heaven and Man as one. Once the technique is combined it reaches a whole new level and can create a domain! Mercer had already reached Rank 6 in his sword law and could create a pseudo domain!

The hundreds of red and blue Qi emanated a sharp intent as they slashed apart the flames. Ye Yuyan squinted as he raised his hand stirring his vermillion bird into action.

"Sou!" The bird screeched sending shock waves throughout the realm. The gloomy flames instantly grew larger as the vermillion bird spread its massive wings and released a torrent of razor-sharp dark flames towards the incoming domain Qi!


The two sets of Qi shot through the air and collided instantly, the razor-sharp black Qi sliced through the incoming red and blue Qi instantly and kept going until their energy depleted but the domain Qi was endless. Mercer's domain kept extending and extinguished Ye Yuyan's gloomy flames little by little.

"Well done, your coordination is outstanding but without Venerable Phoenix's interference. You are nothing but small fry before me." Ye Yuyan snickered as a layer of golden light emerged from his body. The golden energy emanated off his body like smoke as the sword force stirred frantically around him.

"What is he planning?!?" Song Yue hesitantly asked as she stared up at Ye Yuyan's golden form

A golden light escaped from Ye Yuyan's eyes as he roared suddenly: "The Emotionless Blaze, I surrender within me the void."

"Sou!" The vermillion bird screeched again as a blue blaze ignited on its feathers turning a few feathers into a slick blue blaze.

"Burning with shame, within me, I surrender my fear of failure." Ye Yuyan continued releasing a dark flame from the underworld that released no light.

Space distorted around and stained the space around it into complete darkness. The evil flame lingered on the bird staining a few feathers and granting it a more complete pattern.

"I'll stop him, unleash the avatar!" Song Yue roared frantically to the Lunar and Solar royals. The two royals glanced at each other and nodded. The swirled the bloodline forces and gathered it towards them and suddenly the formation compacted.

The rhombus grew smaller and smaller and suddenly the barrier sprouted up and grew. Arms flew off the left and right sides and legs manifested at the bottom and suddenly a massive head shot off from the top.

Blue and Red light streamed across the massive avatar on both sides mixing and churning together. The Avatar suddenly opened its eyes releasing a white glow from its eyes. On its forehead, white lights shone rapidly as they engraved a symbol and revealed it to be a white lotus!

Within the white lotus, Song Yue levitated as she commanded all the powers of the bloodline formation. Intense nomological energy swirled around her as she commanded the avatar: "Fist of the White Lotus!"

Instantly a stream of nomological energy burst into the avatar's right arm. It suddenly punched out and compressed down the air as the fist crushed through the domain energies and Ye Yuyan's mystical heavenly flames.

The celestial fist crushed down towards Ye Yuyan in an instant, when suddenly Ye Yuyan raised a hand and continued with his ritual.

A myriad of flames danced across Ye Yuyan's body as the Vermillion bird behind him inundated him with the heavenly powers. One by one, Ye Yuyan's emotions of the past dissipated leaving him unstained by the regrets and grudges that held him once.

"I sacrifice my pride and virtue for the sake of power. Hear me O' Heavenly Flames take from me and provide what I seek. Grant me clarity on matters I have always sought!" Ye Yuyan intoned as suddenly the vermillion bird stirred one last time.

A purple aura burst from Ye Yuyan's body, the Vermillion bird opened its beak and sucked in the purple aura. The aura burst into the final brilliant flame, Burst of Pride!

"Six heavenly flames!" Ye Yuyan chanted and suddenly six colorful flames shot off the vermillion bird. The six flames combined as one and formed into another celestial fist and equivocated its size.


The two fists instantly collided sending shockwaves throughout the realm, the heavenly flames twisted and curved as they scattered onto the avatar's arm.

"Damn!" Song Yue cursed as she frantically retreated while swirling bloodline force to neutralize the heavenly flames.

Ye Yuyan coldly stood in the air as the heavenly flames continuously swirled around him. Behind him, the various mystical flames colored the vermillion bird in all sorts of magical fires and powers.

The flames condensed into a new form as a golden light twinkled in Ye Yuyan's eyes and he suddenly released a shout: "Heartsword Code"

"Flames of Perdition!" Ye Yuyan commanded and stirring the vermillion bird into action. It spread its massive wingspan engulfing the heavens with a stream of six mystical heavenly flames. The wondrous colors whipped into action as the fused into Ye Yuyan's golden sword intent.

"Let the Flames within my heart and the sword in my hand as one! Illusive Swordsoul Art!" With that declaration, the Red Lotus stirred into action as the second and fifth lotus leaves.

The six heavenly flames merged together turning into a deep crimson flame that burned hotter than the underworld. This new flame held all the qualities of the six fundamental heavenly flames, and could be the seventh heavenly flame!

On the second lotus leaf, a river of gold, black, and red swirled together releasing a sea of blood, demon, and sword intents as one. The two lotus leaves superimposed over one another and the heavenly flames and celestial river merged as one.

A myriad of transformations instantly abounded as the superimposed leaves turned into complete darkness and suddenly a burst of light appeared all throughout like twinkling stars. The flames and celestial rivers disappeared creating a whole new world, a world of elusive souls!

As the collision of powers completed, Ye Yuyan eyes suddenly flashed open. Within them shined the splendor of the new world, his cultivation rose instantly breaking through the Rank 5 barrier.

The vermillion bird spreads its wings and flew in a single stride filling the sky with a six colored aurora. The mystical bird's Qi filled the heavens and forced back Mercer's domain Qi, the blue and red energies rapidly retreated before the vermillion bird's might.

At that moment, Song Yue's avatar dispersed the heavenly flames on its body and readied itself once again staring down Ye Yuyan.

"With the Phoenix King gone, it is time for my offense." Ye Yuyan sneered as he spoke slowly, the flames of perdition stirred as they shrouded him in their crimson light.

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