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Chapter 33: Life as an Ordinary Disciple

After spending an entire hour scrubbing his body clean, Su Yang left the bathroom with a refreshed look on his face.

By the time he left his living quarters, Bai Yufeng had already waited half an hour for him outside.

Not wanting to keep his senior waiting any longer, Su Yang hurriedly apologized, "I'm sorry for the delay, Senior. After my cultivation, my body emitted an unpleasant odor, so I had to cleanse myself before meeting you!"

Instead of lecturing him, Bai Yufeng nodded with a smile, "That's good. To produce that smell means you've successfully cleansed the impurities within your body with the cultivation technique. Let me see your condition."

A moment later, Bai Yufeng showed a surprised expression on his face.

"You've managed to burn away all of your impurities in just a month at the first level of the Elementary Spirit Realm? Heavens, you're really something."

"What is this impurity?" Su Yang asked.

Bai Yufeng proceeded to explain to him the existence of impurities.

"As a Cultivator, it is crucial to keep the impurities in your body as low as possible, as too many impurities will hinder your cultivation and potentially damage it. On the contrary, if your body is devoid of impurities, you'll be able to cultivate at an accelerated pace."

"And since you are cultivating Burning the Heavens, it will be quite easy for you to keep your body clean, as you will automatically cleanse your impurities as you cultivate."

"I understand!" 

Bai Yufeng nodded, and he continued, "I see that you've also made a breakthrough and managed to enter the second level. Let me see your progress with Basics of Converting Yang Qi into Flames now."


Once they arrived at the training ground, Su Yang closed his eyes and recalled everything he'd learned from Basics of Converting Yang Qi into Flames.

After a few moments of silence, the atmosphere around Su Yang changed, and an invisible aura resembling heat haze appeared around his body. The temperature around him also increased, and anyone standing beside him would feel like they were being baked in an oven.

Bai Yufeng narrowed his eyes at Su Yang.

'To be able to emit so much heat with his low cultivation base, as expected of the Boundless Yang Constitution, truly a divine body.'

However, Su Yang's attempt to convert his Yang Qi into flames ended up being unsuccessful.

"Do you remember what I told you a month ago? You'll need more than just quantity to create flames. With that being said, at the pace you're progressing, you should be able to create flames in a few years."

Suddenly, a figure descended from the sky, landing before them.

When he saw this newcomer's face, Su Yang immediately bowed to him, "This disciple greets Master."

Senior Wu nodded and asked, "Is your cultivation progressing smoothly?" 

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Anyway, I have some news for you. I have already spoken to the Sect Master about this, but we plan on letting you experience the rest of the sect instead of restricting you in this small peak like a caged animal. What do you think, Disciple Su? Do you want to experience the life of an ordinary disciple?"

"Huh? What about Senior Bai?" Su Yang asked.

"You don't have to worry about me. You have already learned the techniques, so things will eventually slow down to the point where we will only see each other once every few months or years. I will remain here and evaluate your progress once in a while, and if you ever have any questions about your techniques, you know where to find me. After all, I plan on staying here until you reach True Spirit Realm."

"I understand." Su Yang nodded and turned to look at Senior Wu.

"When do I start?"

"Let's wait until you increase your cultivation base a little more. Seventh level of the Elementary Spirit Realm—once you reach this level, you can head to the Outer Court and begin your life as an Outer Disciple."

"Seventh level, huh? Okay." Su Yang nodded.

At his pace, it will probably take him another half a year to reach that level. 

"Very well, then I won't bother you any longer."

Senior Wu left shortly after.

"I will evaluate your progress in three months," Bai Yufeng said to him before leaving, too.

Once alone, Su Yang returned to his room to cultivate.

Time flew by, and three months had slipped away before Su Yang realized.

During this time, he spent the majority of his time improving his cultivation and strengthening his Yang Qi.

Typically, a normal Cultivator can only improve the quality of their Yang Qi through the help of spiritual elixirs and treasures. However, Su Yang cultivated a powerful cultivation technique that was only compatible with his Heavenly Constitution, allowing him to do so without the help of external sources. Unfortunately, this advantage was also a disadvantage for him, as it slowed down his cultivation progress.

As Su Yang spent more time cultivating, his understanding of the cultivation technique improved, and it reached the point where he was mostly improving his Yang Qi rather than his cultivation base.

Thus, even though three months had passed, he'd only managed to enter the third level of the Elementary Spirit Realm.

"My cultivation base has barely progressed, but on the other hand, the strength of my Yang Qi has improved by leaps and bounds."

He grabbed his sword and tried to create flames using his Yang Qi.

The sword suddenly burst into flames moments later, as if ignited by an unseen spark, enveloping the blade in a thin layer of fiery brilliance.

As though mesmerized, Su Yang stared at the flaming blade with a satisfied smile.

He left the building sometime later to find Bai Yufeng for his evaluation.

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