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Chapter 24: Returning to the Fleeting Sword Sect

"Umm… I think I misheard you, Sect Leader Xue. Did you just say that you'll follow me back to the Fleeting Sword Sect… now?" Senior Wu truly hoped that he'd misheard her, as he hadn't made any preparations yet.

"No, you did not mishear me. I would like to follow you to the Fleeting Sword Sect right now. Would that be a problem?" Xue Zhen glared at him with pleading eyes that could sway even Buddha himself.

Before he realized it, Senior Wu was already responding, "N-no, there's no problem. I'll bring you with me to the Fleeting Sword Sect."

Xue Zhen turned to look at Li Zongying and smiled, "Disciple Li, I'll leave the Sect in your care during my absence."

"H-huh? W-wait a minute, Sect Leader! I should come with you guys!" she hastily said.

"Why?" Xue Zhen tilted her head with a genuinely puzzled look on her face and continued, "Are you trying to say that I won't be able to identify his disciple's body alone? Moreover, we need someone to watch the Sect while I am gone."

"B-but Grand Elder Wu came here for my assistance! And there are other Sect Elders available!" Li Zongying knew what Xue Zhen was trying to accomplish by leaving her behind and preventing her from meeting someone with a powerful Yang body.

'This vengeful bitch! This must be her method of punishing me for disturbing her cultivation just now! But I had a good reason for disturbing her!' she cried inwardly.

Senior Wu, not wanting to deal with two of them at once, said in a stiff voice, "I appreciate your offer, Elder Li, but Sect Leader Xue will be more than enough. I don't want to inconvenience your Sect any more than I already have."

Li Zongying was left speechless.

And without saying another word to her, Senior Wu and Xue Zhen left the Eternal Devotion Valley. 

"I-I will remember this, Sect Leader!!!" Li Zongying cried out loud sometime later, her voice filled with frustration as it echoed throughout the Sect.

Meanwhile, as they traveled, Xue Zhen spoke, "Grand Elder, would you mind telling me a little more about your disciple?"

"Honestly, I don't know that much about him since it hasn't been long since he joined our Sect," he admitted.

Xue Zhen smiled inwardly after hearing this information and thought to herself, 'Hopefully the Fleeting Sword Sect's influence on him is still weak…'

If the Fleeting Sword Sect hadn't fully indoctrinated Su Yang, Xue Zhen would have a decent chance of converting him to be a disciple of the Eternal Devotion Valley. While her actions may offend the Fleeting Sword Sect if successful, she was willing to take that risk if it could provide her Sect someone with a powerful Yang body.

Little did Xue Zhen know her actions would more than just offend the Fleeting Sword Sect. If anyone were to steal their disciple with the Innate Sword Instincts, the Fleeting Sword Sect would, without a doubt, raise their swords and start a bloodbath.

And if a newly established Sect like the Eternal Devotion Valley were to fight with the seasoned Fleeting Sword Sect in a full-scale war, they'd disappear from the face of this world within an hour.

When Senior Wu returned to the Fleeting Sword Sect with Xue Zhen, he brought her directly to Han Jianzhi's place and said, "I'd like you to meet with our Sect Leader first."

Xue Zhen, not thinking much of something so typical, nodded her head.

Senior Wu had already notified Han Jianzhi of their arrival days ago so he had time to prepare.

"W-welcome to our Fleeting Sword Sect, Guest from the Eternal Devotion Valley. I am Han Jianzhi, the Sect Leader of this Sect," Han Jianzhi stuttered his first word after seeing Xue Zhen. Even though Senior Wu had warned him of her beautiful appearance, nothing could have prepared him for such a devastating beauty.

"I apologize for the sudden intrusion. I am Xue Zhen, Sect Leader of the Eternal Devotion Valley." Xue Zhen gave a polite bow, exposing a good portion of her bountiful breasts to Han Jianzhi, who immediately felt blood rushing up his nose.

Of course, Xue Zhen had precisely angled herself so that she could reveal some of her charms. Her movements were so natural and smooth that Han Jianzhi couldn't find any faults.

"A-ahem!" Han Jianzhi quickly shifted his gaze from her bosoms to Senior Wu and said, "Grand Elder, bring Disciple Su here." 

"Right away." Senior Wu immediately left the room.

"I can go with–" Xue Zhen tried to follow Senior Wu but was swiftly stopped by Han Jianzhi, who said, "I thought Elder Wu had gone to find someone named Li Zongying. I wasn't expecting the Sect Leader of the Eternal Devotion Valley to show up personally. I would've met you at the entrance if I had known. I apologize."

Xue Zhen stopped her movement and explained, "I know a little more than Elder Li, so I decided to come in person. I have always wanted to see someone with the Divine Yang Body."

Han Jianzhi smiled, "We don't know if he has the Divine Yang body. It's just speculation at this point."

"If there's even a one percent chance of it being the Divine Yang Body, I would come without hesitation."

After leaving the building, Senior Wu turned around to look behind him.

He sighed in relief when he couldn't see Xue Zhen following behind him.

'Looks like the Sect Leader has successfully distracted her,' he thought.

Not wanting to waste any more time and Han Jianzhi's efforts, Senior Wu rushed toward Su Yang's living quarters.

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