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0.46% People Found Out About The Base I Built On the Moon / Chapter 4: Just Happens to Be On the Moon

Chapter 4: Just Happens to Be On the Moon

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Number 10, Li Zong Heng, said anxiously, "Boss! Please go and persuade Big Sister Zhang! She doesn't want Brother Wang Er to go and see Little Sister Qian. If he doesn't go, Little Sister Qian won't come down from the basket…"

 "Hey, you like Sister Qian Jiu, don't you?" Zhao Yu chuckled.


"But Sister Qian Jiu likes Brother Wang Er!"


"Brother Wang Er and Big Sister Zhang belong together!"


"Sister Qian Jiu's body is very hard. She won't die even if she falls from the basket, right? "

"Uh, she might break her nails…"

Zhao Yu shrugged. "So, even if Sister Qian Jiu doesn't come down, it doesn't matter. At most, she'll break her nails…"

 "Anyways, If you still want me to persuade Brother Wang Er, I might just do that. But what are you going to do if Brother Wang Er and Sister Qian Jiu start to like each other? "

"What am I going to do?"

 Li Zong Heng's expressions kept changing. After a while, he gritted his teeth and said, "Her happiness is my happiness. Boss, let's go find Big Sister Zhang now…"

 "You bootlicker!"

 Zhao Yu didn't know what else to say. He was the one who designed Number 10's character to be like this, but it was still kind of dumbfounding to interact with someone with a personality like this.

"Who're you calling a bootlicker? I'm not a bootlicker!" Li Zong Heng denied.

 "Yes, you are! I'm really impressed by how much of a bootlicker you are!"

 Zhao Yu shook his head. Under Li Zong Heng's urging, he rushed to Big Sister Zhang's house, explained the situation, and had Brother Wang Er come with him for a while.

Zhao Yu didn't follow them to watch what happened next. While he was the one who orchestrated these androids to act romantically to each other, he wasn't one to, say, believe in love. He also didn't like watching other people in love, so he just left Brother Wang Er and Sister Qian Jiu to do their own thing.

 After walking along the corridor for a while, he saw a figure sneaking up on the wall and doing something.

 Zhao Yu's eyes sparkled as he walked over quietly.

"Ba Jie, what are you doing?"

Ba Jie was startled. He turned his head and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Zhao Yu. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Boss, I found that the wall is dirty. I'm wiping it now…"

Zhao Yu didn't believe his nonsense and leaned against the wall.

There was a three-centimeter-long piece of glass there. Inside the glass, mist lingered, and a beautiful figure could be seen taking a shower.

 "Who's inside?!"

"It's Little Seven…" Ba Jie chuckled and peeked through the cracks in the glass.

"Tsk tsk, Little Seven's got a smoking hot body…"

The two of them leaned against the wall for a while. As they continued to watch, a voice suddenly came from behind them.

"What are you guys doing?!"

When Zhao Yu turned around, Liu Wumei looked at the two of them with a puzzled expression.

He quickly stood up straight and used his body to block the glass, "Ahem, the wall is dirty. I'm wiping it with Ba Jie…"

"Brother Yu, leave this kind of chore to us. Why bother yourself with such an unimportant job?"

Liu Wumei said as she came up to help wipe the wall.

Zhao Yu quickly stopped her. "No need, no need! It's already clean. What about you? What are you doing?"

 "Oh, right!"

Liu Wumei slapped her forehead and quickly said, "The butler asked me to send food to the captives. Boss, I'll go and get busy first…"


 Zhao Yu was stunned and quickly pulled her back. "Wait a minute, what captives?! "

 "The captives?" Liu Wumei asked in confusion. " The captives that Xiaotian No. 18 captured?! "

Only then did Zhao Yu realize that Uncle Da seemed to have wanted to tell him about it.

"Uncle Da, what did you say about No. 18?" he asked.

 The red light above the corridor lit up.

 "Sir, Xiaotian No. 18 has discovered a spaceship and captured three aliens. They have been dragged back to the base." Uncle Da's emotionless voice rang out.

 "What?!" Zhao Yu was shocked and quickly confirmed, "We caught three aliens?!"

 "Yes," Uncle Da said. "The biological characteristics of the three people are very similar to you, Officer. Two men and one woman…"

 "Where are they? Bring me there!"

It had been more than five years since he had transmigrated from planet Earth. This was the first time Zhao Yu had heard about living creatures close to him. He could not help but be a little excited.

So, aliens. The real question was, were they from this planet or from other planets?

Speaking of which, Zhao Yu was also a little afraid. He was worried that he had been exposed to whoever these explorers were connected with. Worse yet, he was afraid that his base would be destroyed when it's exposed to aliens.

The detention room was only ten square meters. There was no furniture at all. It was empty.

The three astronauts didn't dare to take off their spacesuits. They sat back to back in the middle. The older astronaut closed his eyes and thought about what to possibly say next.

The other two young astronauts were whispering to each other.

 "There's still half an hour of oxygen left. What should we do later?!"

 "I don't know. It seems like there's air in this environment, but I don't know if I can breathe…"

 "Liu Ning, do you think Earth knows that we've been captured by aliens?!"

"Probably. The people watching must be very worried. You know, since our giant spaceship was towed away from the landing site…"

"Does that mean we're going to be famous?!!"

 His reaction made Liu Ning speechless. She shook his head and said, "Wang Dong Dong, focus on the present. We don't even know if we can return to Earth alive…"

 While the two of them were having it out, Captain Zhang Tao suddenly opened his eyes and whispered, "Do you feel like you're being watched?!"


 The two of them were stunned and looked around warily. However, there was nothing else other than mirrors.

 "Two-sided mirror?!"

 Zhao Yu was standing outside these mirrors. He was listening to the conversation as the volume was magnified many times. Even though the voices of these astronauts were very soft, it was still very clear to hear.

 "Earth, Uncle Da. Did they say Earth?!"

 "Yes, during their conversation, the three of them mentioned Earth a total of four times…"

 Zhao Yu frowned and looked at the flags on their chests. He was shocked.

 It was the flag of the great nation of Xia before he transmigrated.

 Could it be that the place he transmigrated to wasn't far away and was still in the solar system?

 "Where are their spaceships?!"

 "In the quarantine room…"

 "Uncle Da, record their conversation. I'll go to the spaceship to take a look!"

 Zhao Yu planned to see if there were any clues on the spaceship.

 The spaceship was very simple and crude. It looked like a persimmon, an irregular cylinder.

 "White Rabbit No. 9…"

 Zhao Yu read the Chinese characters outside the spaceship. He was 70% sure that he was still in the solar system.

 He boarded the spaceship and found the thing that represented time under Uncle Da's guidance.

 A cell phone.

 After it was opened, the time displayed on the screen was:September 21st, 2028, 20:55.

 Zhao Yu carefully recalled that the time he had transmigrated and the time he had spent in this world happened to be the time on his phone.

 This meant that he really did not travel too far and was still in the solar system, or rather…On the Moon!

 "The White Rabbit is a spaceship used by Great Xia to explore the moon…"

 "Since the three of them can come up, it means that they can go back too!"

 Zhao Yu was a little excited when he found out about this.

 "I've been away from home for so long. Can I finally return to Earth?!"

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