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57.85% Perfect Match, Secret Marriage / Chapter 243: Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots - Perfect Match, Secret Marriage - Chapter 243 by caremel full book limited free

Chapter 243: Connecting The Dots

By the time Kang Jun and Lu AnLing where at the table, Kang Liang was sitting by his grandfather, Kang Mu was nowhere to be seen, Tang Bingyi and Tang Yiling had gone to get some refreshments and Madame Tang had disappeared into the crowd.

Madame Tang was not ready to see Lu AnLing face to face. Already, with just seeing the girls face from afar, the shame and guilt she felt began to eat her alive.

In the past, with Lu AnLing she had made a mistake and she would have to rectify it someday... she knew this but she was afraid. Afraid of the pain it would cause to not only Lu AnLing but to her son, her daughter, her brother, her father, and Tang Yiling.

The secret she held could destroy the very fabric of the current Tang family and she wasn't sure if she was ready to do this yet. But one thing was for certain, Madame Tang was glad to see Lu AnLing happy and healthy.

That was all she had ever wish for.

Now, as she gazed at Lu AnLing who held Kang Jun's hand, Madame Tang left the hall, hoping for the day she and Lu AnLing could meet again...

Meanwhile, at the table, Lu AnLing stared deeply at Sheng who stood by Mo Yichen.

Seeing her and Kang Jun hold hands Sheng's eyes widened. He was speechless.

Lu AnLing mirrored his speechlessness.

Suddenly, Mo Ruyi appeared from behind the couple and walked straight towards Sheng and Mo Yichen, stopping right in front of them, she smiled.

"It's been so long..." Mo Ruyi said to Sheng warmly and she touched both Sheng and Mo Yichen's shoulders. She then turned to Mo Yichen and said, "Where's your wife? I thought she would come?"

Mo Yichen: "She felt a bit sick today so I let her stay at home."

Hearing this, Mo Ruyi frowned. "Chen Chen, What have I taught you? You—"

Chen Chen?

Lu AnLing frowned slightly.

Mo Yichen: "Take care of my wife and treat her like a treasure. Yes. I know, mother."

Mo Ruyi then turned to Sheng and said, "Does your father follow my advice?"

Sheng rubbed the back of his head. As he did this, suddenly, Lu AnLing and Lu Xia's eyes widened, while Elder Tang turned to Elder Kang in confusion.

Lu Xia and Lu AnLing, unable to control their confusion turned to Mo Sheng and started, "Sheng?..."

Hearing this, Mo Yichen turned to Lu AnLing. When she had first said Sheng's name so familiarly, Mo Yichen had thought it was just his ears playing tricks on him, but now, he could see that he had heard right.

Turning away from his mother, not reading the situation, Mo Yichen who stood by Mo Sheng's side, cocked his head and said, "You know my son?"

'Son!?' lu AnLing internally screamed.

Lu AnLing: "Uhhhh well..."

A wave of confusion passed through everyone who did not know the relationship between Mo Sheng and Lu AnLing until Lu Xia broke the silence.

Lu Xia burst out in laughter. "You're her nephew-in-law now?!"

Lu Xia knew about the family situation of the Kang's due to Kang Liu Ran. The man wanted her to know everything before they married, so Lu Xia knew that Mo Yichen was Mo Ruyi's child from a previous marriage, which made him Kang Jun's blood-related half-brother. But never in a million years would she have expected that Lu AnLing's best friend, one who she had gotten to know well, would be Mo Yichen's son.

Because of this, the woman could not contain herself.

Finally connecting the dots, Kang Liang also began to laugh.

Now the older generation, including Kang Liu Ran, did not understand what was so funny. They all looked between Kang Liang and Lu Xia in confusion.

"Yeah, yeah... ha ha..." Mo Sheng said with annoyance in his voice. Most people would be weirded out by a situation like this one but Mo Sheng did not care. He just puffed out his chest and said, "At least I know I have a good auntie that'll feel me deserts whenever I ask!"

Kang Liang stopped laughing and said, "Wait, AnLing can make deserts?"

Lu Xia put her hands on her hips, "Yeah! She's always been good at deserts. My Jie Jie can do anything."

Kang Liang turned to Mo Sheng and smirked, "Brothers-in-law before nephews-in-law. If she's giving anyone some sweets it's me!"

With this childish banter, Lu AnLing wanted to laugh but before she could, she felt herself speak without thinking, "Kang Liang, Mo Sheng, you're both grown ass men, you ain't getting anything from me."

Listening to the children, Mo Yichen was more confused than ever so he turned to his son with confusion. Seeing not only this but the look of confusion on both the elders, Kang Liu Ran, and even Mo Ruyi's faces, Mo Sheng laughed dryly.

Sheng looked at his father with slight embarrassment, "Remember I told you I had a good friend who moved in with me after that whole... uh... incident... well. That's her."

There were things in Mo Sheng's past that he was very ashamed of. Like the time he got conned out of a whole lot of money because of his lover at the time...

Back then, Lu AnLing had come to America and because of the money Zeke had given her, Mo Sheng was able to continue living in the apartment he was renting without asking his parents for help. Sure, he ended up telling them about it later but it was many years after the fact.

Hearing this, Mo Yichen's eyes widened. He then looked at Lu AnLing and took a bow, "Thank you for taking care of my son... and my brother."

Lu AnLing bowed slightly herself and said, "No, it's fine. Sheng and I are friends and as for Jun..."

Lu AnLing looked towards her husband lovingly. Words were unnecessary.

Seeing such a scene, Elder Tang and Elder Kang laughed simultaneously.

Elder Tang: "It's a small world isn't it?"

Hearing this sentence, Elder Kang couldn't help but give a dry laugh. Thinking about how Lu AnLing was Lu Lili's granddaughter, he said, "More than you think..."


The families spent some time talking and getting to know the strange circumstances that brought them all together but it was getting late.

Elder Tang knew he had to go home soon because he was tired, and so he excused himself.

Unwilling to let the elder go by himself, Lu AnLing stood up to help him. Seeing this, Lu Xia took her phone out and said, "I'll give Bingyi a call."

"That's not necessary..." Elder Tang said, but Lu AnLing did not listen to him.

Lu AnLing: "Then how will you get home?"

Elder Tang did not know what to say so he just accepted Lu AnLing's help.

Seeing Lu AnLing help him, Elder Kang stood up. He looked towards Kang Jun and said, "It's time for us to go home also..."

He then went up to Lu AnLing and he grabbed her free arm.

Elder Kang: "Monopolizing my granddaughter-in-law? That's not fair Haonan!"

Hearing such nonsense, Elder Tang almost frowned but then he looked up towards Lu AnLing and said, "Aren't you the one keeping her to yourself? She's such a good girl, helping her elders, you need to share!"

The two elders laughed jovially as Lu AnLing walked them out of the room.

As she did, Lu AnLing felt a strange warmth spread through her.

Elder Tang: "If you don't mind, I would love to invite your family to have dinner with mine. After my son moved back in, Huian did also, to take care of him, so we're always together. The same old faces are beginning to become boring."

Hearing his friend say this, Elder Kang laughed out loud. "I wish I had that problem. It takes months and months for me to see one of my grandsons!"

Elder Tang: "Well, That makes sense. Your grandchildren are working hard in the business world. I don't expect anything less... but regardless. Let's set up a date!"

Elder Tang then turned to Lu AnLing and said, "Please do come! Maybe that'll convince this old fool to come."

Lu AnLing smiled at Elder Tang and said, "I understand." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

For a split second, Tang Haonan felt his heart miss a beat as he saw Liane in Lu AnLing's smile.

caremel caremel

I'll be calling Sheng, Mo Sheng now.

He and Lu AnLing need to talk but it'll obviously be after the whole Kang family gathering.

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