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42.85% Picking Up Attributes From Today / Chapter 33: An Overwhelming Crush of Others' IQ, Fourth-Grade Magician

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Chapter 33: An Overwhelming Crush of Others' IQ, Fourth-Grade Magician

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Nine basketball-sized thunder balls floated around Meng Lei and gave off dazzling and resplendent silver light, making Meng Lei look like a Thunder God from the heavens!

"Instant release!!"

The teachers jumped to their feet all at once as they looked at Meng Lei and the nine thunder balls floating around him in great astonishment!

"Instant release of a First-Grade Spell!"

"How did he manage to do that?"

"He's just a Third-Grade Magician, isn't he?!"

Disbelief filled all the teachers' eyes!

A high-level Magician was able to instantly release low-grade spells because their powerful spiritual power could totally complete the setup and arrangement of magic elements in an instant, thereby completing the discharge of low-grade spells.

To put it simply, this was using a high level of skill to do low-level tasks, or the strong bullying the weak!

Just like first-grade math!

To a first-grader, addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers were very difficult, so it was necessary for them to take their time to calculate. However, to a student in a higher grade, this couldn't get any easier!

Release of magic was naturally a lot tougher than addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. However, the logic was more or less the same. High-level Magicians could instantly release low-grade spells of a certain level. In fact, Saint Domain Magicians could instantly complete even high-grade spells!

However, Meng Lei was just a Third-Grade Magician!

Yet he could already instantly release First-Grade Spells?

"Normally, Magicians can instantly release four low-grade spells!"

There was a deep dark look in Dirk Norway's eyes as he said, "One needs to be at least a Fifth-Grade Magician if they want to instantly release First-Grade Spells. Meng Lei has evidently already broken this established law!"

All the teachers nodded one after another.

At the other side…


Meng Lei let out a low shout and pointed in the distance!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Three thunder balls sliced through the air and instantly shot toward Aardman!

"Thinking of injuring me with just a mere First-Grade Spell?"

Aardman sneered and said, "I don't even need to dodge them!"


The three thunder balls collided against Aardman and exploded with a boom!

Crackle, crackle!

Countless electric currents ran helter-skelter and wreaked havoc on Aardman's body. He let out a cold snort and said, "Oh great genius, is that all you've got?"

Meng Lei smiled in response. Then, his fingers tapped the air a few times in succession. Thunder balls crashed toward Aardman one after another and exploded like bombs, completely burying Aardman in them!

"I've told you, First-Grade Spells can't deal me any damage!"

Aardman stood where he was and allowed the electric currents to wreak havoc on his body at will. With a mocking expression, he said, "You'd better use high-grade spells instead. Otherwise, you won't have a chance at beating me at all!"

Meng Lei let out a laugh. An abnormal glint flashed across the bottom of his eyes, and he replied, "Since you're looking forward to that so much, how can I disappoint you, right?"

He had only just spoken when he started to chant a spell incantation at high speed. Upon being summoned, the electric currents snaking all over Aardman swiftly converged and grouped together!


Aardman's expression changed upon sensing the abnormalities taking place on his body. The electric currents surging around him swiftly came together to form several chains. As though ropes, the chains bound and confined him completely!

"Unravel!" Aardman roared furiously and struggled fiercely.

However, little did he expect that not only was he unable to struggle free of the electric chains, but the shocks from the electric chains even numbed his limbs and made him weak and powerless!

"Third-Grade Spell, Thunderbolt Chain!"

Horatio, the teacher in charge of the Thunder-Element Course, sprung to his feet. He said, "You can release Thunderbolt Chain like that, too? Genius! He's truly a genius!"

"Using a bunch of thunder balls to bomb Aardman and numb his senses. Then, at the same time as he becomes numb and lets down his guard, making use of the Thunder Elements on his body to form a higher-grade Thunderbolt Chain to trap Aardman!"

Dirk Norway took a breath and said, "What a shrewd scheme! I'd thought that that child's Thunder Balls were meaningless in the beginning. Little did I expect that there would be great use to them!

"They total exactly 18 thunder balls, which just so happens to be the amount of Thunder Elements that releasing a round of Thunderbolt Chain requires!"

Class 2's Thunder-Element teacher was full of marvel as he said, "That little guy had already calculated all of this from the beginning. The whole battle is within his plans!"

"Does having great magic talent add to one's intelligence, too?"

All the other teachers didn't know what to say anymore. This was just a simple showdown, yet Meng Lei had shown them what an "overwhelming crush of other people's IQ" was!

Now, that was infuriating!

Not only did he have great magic talent, but he was even so intelligent. How were other people supposed to live with themselves now?

"He has great talent, and he's also very smart!"

"That child has a very promising future!"

"IQ… Sigh, in this aspect, Dragon People are certainly slightly inferior to humans!"

The battle had already ended by this point. After he was bound by the Thunderbolt Chain, Aardman couldn't free himself for the time being at all!

Meng Lei took advantage of this period of time to quickly chant an incantation. The Thunder Elements in the surroundings, upon being beckoned, quickly formed a long spear—it was the Third-Grade Spell, Thunderbolt Javelin!

"Bastard! C'mon, unravel!"

Aardman tried desperately to struggle free, but it was to no avail!

In the end, the Thunderbolt Javelin took form and pressed against his throat!

"You've lost!" said Meng Lei calmly.


Aardman's face flushed red, yet he couldn't say a single word in response. He certainly did have a body that was comparable to a Fourth-Grade Warrior's, but should he suffer a blow from the Thunderbolt Javelin, even if he didn't die, he would no doubt still be maimed!

This battle… He had indeed lost!

With a wave, Meng Lei withdrew the Thunderbolt Javelin, and the Thunderbolt Chains shackled around Aardman. Then, he held out his right palm, the meaning behind his action self-evident!

"Since I had dared to make a bet, then I will concede defeat!"

Aardman looked livid as he chucked the magic crystal card at Meng Lei. He said, "Don't get too ahead of yourself, though. My loss this time was because I had taken the enemy lightly and let down my guard. I'll defeat you for sure the next time!"

"As long as you have the money, I'm willing to take you up on it anytime!"

Meng Lei smiled lightly and returned to the corner.

"What the! Old bro, you're too amazing!"

The fatty and Daniel's eyes were full of little stars, and the way they looked at Meng Lei was full of awe and idolization. Not only had he become a Third-Grade Magician, but he had even defeated Aardman!

There was only one word to describe this—impressive!!

"This is nothing," replied Meng Lei with a smile.

He didn't take all of this to heart at all. With both his lifetimes put together, he was already in his 30s. What was there to boast about defeating a 15 to 16-year-old junior high school student?!

"Old bro, aren't you too calm about this?"

The fatty and Daniel were rather speechless. After successfully showing off such a great deal in front of so many people, anyone would be abnormally worked up. Yet Meng Lei was so absurdly calm!

"Am I?"

Meng Lei rolled his eyes.


The two of them nodded simultaneously.

"Fine! Actually, I'm not calm at all deep down. In fact, I even kind of want to laugh!" replied Meng Lei in resignation.

"Oh, so you're pretending to be calm!"

"I knew it!"

Meng Lei indeed wanted to laugh, but it wasn't because he had managed to show off a lot. Rather, it was because he had won 10,000 gold coins. If he were to use them to redeem Stat Attribute Points, it would be enough for him to do a significant upgrade!

One must know that after these three months of cowardly maturing, two of his attributes had already reached their breakthrough points. He only needed to make a small redemption, and they would be able to cross over into a new stage!

Host: Meng Lei

Race: Human

Wealth: 25,187 gold coins

Physical Body Constitution: Third-Grade Warrior (619/1,000)

Spirit: Third-Grade Magician (966/1,000)

Magic Power: Third-Grade Magician (927/1,000)

Spell(s): Some increase

Battle Skills: Battle Peak Chant, Rock-Crushing Palm, Earth-Rending Cleave

His spirit was 966 points!

His magic power was 927 points!

He needed only 35+74=109 Attribute Points, and he would be able to cross over into the ranks of Fourth-Grade Magicians! And 109 Attribute Points needed only 1,090 gold coins!

"System, redeem 35 Spirit Points, and 74 Magic Power Points!"

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