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37.83% Picking Up Attributes From Today / Chapter 28: Earth-Element Talent, Mid-Term Examination

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Chapter 28: Earth-Element Talent, Mid-Term Examination

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

One after another, pairs of surprised eyes fell on Meng Lei!

Curiosity, envy, jealousy…

The expressions were all different, but the most common expression was undoubtedly… unhappiness!

"A despicable human actually has such good magic talent. I really don't know how he managed to get such luck."

"Absolutely! We, the descendants of Dragon Gods, don't even have such talents. How did he, such a lowly human, achieve that?"

"Hmph! So what if he has extraordinary talent? Magic cultivation is not only based on talent, hard work is more important…"

A sour smell filled the classroom; the pH of the air was almost close to 1!

"So, this fellow has extraordinary talent!"

An ordinary-looking Dragon Person's gaze flickered. He was Meng Lei's housemate, the distant and cold Dragon Person teenager!

"Classmate, it's your turn!"

At that moment, Senior Sister Jenny's voice rang beside his ears. He stood up and said indifferently, "Hello, everyone. My name is Abbe. I am from… Imperial City!"

"Imperial City?"

"That fellow is from the Imperial City?"

"What the hell!? He must be from a powerful background."

Abbe's words successfully attracted everyone's attention from Meng Lei.

Meng Lei, who was shocked, also turned to look at his housemate.

Although Fire Dragon Magic Academy was ranked third in the Dragon God Empire, most of the students were from the Fire Dragon Kingdom. There were very few people from other kingdoms, especially from the Imperial City, where there was almost none!

"Student Abbe, why didn't you go to the Imperial City Academy, and instead joined our Fire Dragon Magic Academy?"

Someone asked the question that was on everyone's minds!

It was a pity that all he got was Abbe's indifferent gaze!

This fellow… is really cold!

Meng Lei curled his lips and understood a little more about this housemate. He was not only cold to him but also cold to others. He was an icy lump that a stranger could not get close to!

"Tsk! What an arrogant fellow!"

After the self-introduction session, Senior Sister Jenny began to present the relevant information and matters to be noted.

Each class was equipped with 10 teachers, each teaching a school of magic, a class per day. The choice of classes depended on the student's own magic talents. The rest of the time was free time, and they could do whatever they wanted!

"Brother, I envy you. You only have one class per day and can play for the rest of the time. Don't get too carried away!" As soon as the session was over, the little fatty rushed over to Meng Lei and complained bitterly, "It's not so good for me. I have three classes per day. I'm going crazy!"

"Hehe, that's because you are so talented." Meng Lei shrugged. "Earlier, didn't the class guide suggest that you should major in one element and minor in the other two? You have a choice!"

Daniel nodded slightly and said in agreement, "Yes, studying three elements at the same time takes up too much of your energy. It's good to focus!"

"I have thought about it. However, my old man said that if I dare to give up any of the elements, he will break my legs. This is an order. How can I defy it?"

Hart had a dejected expression, looking very helpless!

"Then, there is no other way!" Meng Lei smiled helplessly and asked, "What do you want to do next?"

Daniel looked at his pocket watch and smiled. "It's still early, and the cafeteria is not open yet. Why don't we just walk around the academy? You have just arrived. I believe you have not checked out the academy?"


"Me neither!"

"Let's go then!"

Naturally, Meng Lei would not miss this, because he already had the intention to check out the academy.

The three of them wandered around, enjoying the academy's sights while chatting about the local customs and traditions. Meng Lei even secretly picked up attribute light balls to improve his abilities!

He had a fruitful harvest within the span of one afternoon. His spiritual power, magic power, and spells had greatly improved. The improvement was much more than his meditation during the night!

Meng Lei was very satisfied with his harvest. He also had a general plan for his upcoming student life:

Lessons in the morning, wander around in the afternoon, and meditate at night!

Meng Lei believed this three-pronged approach should produce the highest efficiency!

"Puff! Finally, back to the dormitory. I'm so tired!"

Back at Condominium no. 431 apartment, Hart slumped into his couch immediately and hummed comfortably!

"Can't even endure such a short walk? Fatty, you should lose weight!"

Meng Lei smiled and joked. He then saw a blue light ball falling from Hart.

"Ding! Dropped item detected. Will you pick it up?"

Dropped from Hart!?

Meng Lei was a little surprised but picked it up nevertheless!

"Ding! Assimilation successful. Congratulations to the host for obtaining Earth-Element magic talent!"


Meng Lei was stunned!

Earth-Element magic talent?

I've picked up fatty's Earth-Element magic talent?

What the hell!?

Meng Lei didn't know what to say. Magic talent light balls were rarely seen. From the time he had acquired the system until now, he had only picked up one magic talent light ball!

This was the second one, meaning this type of item was very rare!

Picking that up was a good thing. Who would mind that they had too much talent?

Moreover, the little fatty's Earth-Element affinity was high-grade, second only to superior-grade. This was top quality talent!

"Fatty, weren't you complaining about how many classes you have? I will accompany you to the Earth-Element Class tomorrow!"


Meng Lei arrived in the classroom early in the morning!

There were not many students in the class who had thunder magic talent. Including Meng Lei, there were only seven. The huge classroom looked empty and felt a little deserted!

Meng Lei took out his textbook and looked at it carefully. Not long after, the thunder magic teacher walked into the classroom. "Hello, everyone. I am your thunder magic teacher, Horatio. Over the course of the year, I will be teaching you the Thunder Magic Course!"

Mr. Horatio was straight to the point and talked endlessly. "Our thunder magic is the most powerful and domineering type of magic among the ten elements. There is no one…"

Meng Lei listened attentively!

Although he could perform spells with the system's help, he did not know anything about spells!

In short, he could perform them, but he did not know the nature of magic. Therefore, the basics, underlying nature, principles, and laws of magic described by the teacher were exactly what Meng Lei urgently needed to know!

Meng Lei absorbed all of this eagerly, like a thirsty man!

During class, Meng Lei discovered the benefits of strong spiritual power. He learned things quickly and could remember the content after hearing it once from the teacher!

"Spells are like troop formations!

"The magic elements between heaven and earth are like scattered soldiers, and our spiritual power is the general. The process of unleashing spells is like ordering and arranging the soldiers into a formation…"

Time passed by quickly!

Busy days always passed quickly!

Unknowingly, it had been three months since Meng Lei had arrived at the magic academy!

"Brother, tomorrow is the mid-term examination, are you nervous?"

After class that day, during which the class guide had announced the upcoming mid-term examination, the little fatty came over to Meng Lei, looking very nervous!

"What is there to get nervous about?"

Meng Lei gave him a squint and continued to skim through an ancient spellbook. This book was called The Encyclopedia of Thunder Magic, which he had borrowed from the library three months ago. It recorded all the spells from the first to the ninth grade!

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