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90.9% Please Say, I Love You! / Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Something Strange!

Chapter 20: Something Strange! - Please Say, I Love You! - Chapter 20 by refinnej_iaru93 full book limited free

Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Something Strange!

The next morning, Lilian was ready to go to the campus. As usual, she always carries her small bag pack behind and a few books in her hands. When she wants to step out of her house, suddenly it was heavy raining outside there.

She slowly sighing. She takes a seat in front of the door and just pensively staring at the rain outside. Her father also already went to work early. She wants to ask her other friend to pick her up but they were far away from her house.

Then, she just decides to wait for a while until the rain has stopped. Suddenly, she remembered Brent. She grinning and she slowly takes her phone and sends messages to him. She feels a little happy because she can go with him together to the campus later.

At first, she hesitates to ask for his help but...she forces herself to take this chance. After done send the messages to him, she quickly put her phone inside the bag. She nervously waiting for him to reply to her messages.

Suddenly, while she daydreaming, she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to sulk with him since yesterday. She quickly takes out her phone and wants to delete the messages she has already sent out.

When she wants to delete it, but she sees Brent is typing inside the messages. She feels anxious and hurriedly wants to go out. She blames herself because she didn't think first before doing something. Actually, she doesn't want him to think of her as an easy girl. She wants to show him that she is a tough girl too!

Without wasting time, she hurriedly locks her door and runs away immediately from her house. At this time, she has to avoid seeing him. Even though it still rain, she doesn't care and quickly runs along the way.

After a few minutes, she already arrived at the bus stop. Once she reached there, her clothes have soaked wet! She feels resentful toward herself but she cannot do anything because it already happens.

She rummaged her clothes and she was disappointed to see all his books and the notes all is soaked. She takes out all her things inside the bag and tried to dry it for a while. She looks at the time and she still has half an hour to attend her class.

At that time, there is a man were standing at the bus stop too. He is wearing his black cap, a black t-shirt, and long black jeans. He just kept his eyes on Lilian since she arrived there. When he saw she was busy arranged her things, he slowly walks closer toward her and wants to approach her.

Luckily, at that moment, Brent arrived with his car. He presses his car horn louder. He actually saw that a strange man was tried to approach her. He feels that man has something that he wants from Lilian. That strange man quickly walks away from there when he saw Brent has come.

Lilian was totally shocked to hear the sound of the car horn. She knows that is obviously Brent because she is familiar with his car. She feels nervously standing there and she just awkwardly smiles toward him.

''Hey, come in.''

''Err...I'm totally...wet!

''It's okay. Just come in.''

''No. It's okay, I can wait for a bus to come while drying up myself here.'' I said while shivering there.

''Lilian, just come in.'' He said with a firm voice. She gasping.

''Uh...o-okay.'' She quickly packs all her things and was ready to go inside the car.

''Why are you sitting at the back?''

''I-I...I'm wet. I'm worried that I make your car dirty.''

''You want to come here with yourself or you want me to...!''

''I'm coming! I'm coming!'' Lilian quickly comes out from the back seat and takes the seat in front beside him. Brent secretly smirked. He just loves to see her reactions like that.

'' you really don't mind if your car gets wet? I...I can help you wash your car later if it gets dirty.''

''Lilian, can I ask you something?''


''Are you a cleaner??''

''What?? What do you mean?''

''Nothing.'' He replied with a poker face. She just gives a sharp glare at him besides.


Afterward, we have arrived at the campus. As soon as we reached there, I quickly get out of the car because I am already late to attend my class. But, before that, Brent was giving me his sweater. I was surprised to see his sweater again. It was the same sweater I give to him last night.

I hesitate to take it from him and he immediately put it on my shoulder. My heart once again wavers because of him. Truly, I really can't control my feelings when he suddenly doing all the things like this to me.

''Err...thanks. I give it to you, later.'' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20308415306238005/chapter-20-something-strange!_55310588670173817">!_20308415306238005/chapter-20-something-strange!_55310588670173817</a> for visiting.

''After, you washed it.''


''Don't you want to say those words again, right? Your favorite lines.'' He deliberately teases her.

She really feels furious toward him right now. Before she feel more furiously, she tried to get out from there as possible.

''Absolutely, correct! Thanks for saying that for me. Anyway, thank you also for your ride, Senior Brent. Bye!'' I said furiously and quickly run away from there.

After a few minutes, I have arrived at my classroom. I was late in fifteen minutes and luckily my lecture has a good mood today and she just let me in. I quickly take my seat and take my deep breath.

Suddenly, there was someone knock the door of our classroom. At that moment, my heart feels like wants to jump out of my body because the guy standing in front of the door is Brent.

I was shocked and I didn't expect him to appear there. I don't know if he looking for me or not. I just hope he doesn't looking for me because I don't want the other students to make any rumors about it. I cover my face with some of my books.

''Excuse me, Madam. Can I meet with Lilian for a while?''

''Lilian? Which Lilian? I have two students name Lilian here.''

''Uhm, Lilian Casey.''

''Okay. Lilian Casey, there was someone looking out for you.''

Then, my lectures calling out my name out loud. I was startled. It turns out that he wants to meet me! I slowly get up and walk forward. When I walking, I can hear some of the others have whispering and saying something. I can see their eyes look at me curiously and jealousy especially the girl students.

''I just hope that they will not spread any rumors about this. It's really crap! Why he had to come here? What does he want for me again?'' She mumbling with herself along the way out.

Brent just smiling to see her face. He knows that she must mumble with herself again.

''What? Why did you come here? Don't you know...!''

''You forget your books.''

''Oh, thanks.''

''Lilian, wait.''


''Please meet me later, at the mini library.''

''But I still have a class, later...!''

''Until you finished all your class. I will be waiting for you.'' He said and walk away.

''Senior, but I...!'' I can't even finish my words and he just went like that. I was clueless for a moment. I don't know why he wants to meet with me later. Honestly, I really don't know what's in his mind right now.

''Don't he knows that I sulk with him? Don't he know that I don't want to meet with him? But, why I must sulk toward him? Why do I feel that I want him to coax me? Urgh! Lilian! Please!'' I murmured.

After a few hours, I just had finished my three classes in a row. I feel a little tired and I think that I was caught a cold. I kept sneezing when I was in the classroom before. Also, the aircond in the classroom was just now really cold and I was shivering. I just remembered that I was in the rain earlier.

Anyway, it was all because of him! Or I guess... it's me, actually.

Then, when I was busy keeping all my notes in the file, Daniel was coming to approach me. He casually takes his seat beside me. He is really close to me that I can feel him breathe. I was startled.

I slowly moved a little farther away from him as I feel a little uncomfortable. He looks at me curiously. ''Sorry, I just got the flu. I am afraid that you may be infected later.''

He chuckling. ''Don't worry, I will not get infected. Because...I'm not human...'' He said closely near my ears.

''Huh?'' I was a little surprised.

''I'm just kidding!''

''Okay, thank god you are still a human,'' I replied.

''So, where are you going after this? Are you going back home?''

''Uhm...not yet. I still have a discussion with others. And you?''

''I maybe want to go to the library first to borrow some books.''

''Oh, I see.''

''Casey, why don't you accompany me to go there? Besides that, I was just alone and I still haven't adjusted to the environment here''

''Uhm...okay! Sure.''

''Yeah! Lets us go, now!''

refinnej_iaru93 refinnej_iaru93

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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