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Chapter 7: Chapter 7

When Lu Ze finished changing, Lu Li had finished cleaning. Her eyes gradually lit up. The only thing that didn't change was the redness on her ear with a sliver of a gentle smile that looks like a demon's smile.

Seeing this smile, Lu Ze suddenly felt cold. There was no warmth in this world.

"Ze, come downstairs." Lu Li smiled and jumped down.

Lu Ze sighed and could only follow.

The Lu family was quite well off. Lu Ze's stepfather, Lu Wen, was the founder of a clothing company. It was rather famous even on Lan Jiang. Lu Ze's stepmother, Fu Shuya, was the head designer of the company. The company was founded by these two from scratch.

As such, their family didn't lack money.

So, Lu Ze and Lu Li could use ferocious beast meat to refine their bodies. Their family lived in a three-story mansion with a big garden. They also had a 300 square meter training ground which was specially made for Lu Ze and Lu Li.

However, even as the boss of such a company, Lu Wen's status was lower than high-level martial artists. So, the two hoped that their children could become strong too. That way, they didn't have to get abused in business.

The two went downstairs and arrived at the training grounds. Lu Li looked at Lu Ze's whitened skin and his half-half hair color. and then her eyes flashed, "Ze, your skin refinement level got deeper and... why is your hair half-half like that?"

Becoming whiter overnight and the change on his hair couldn't be hidden from Lu Li, who was with him day and night.

Lu Ze nodded while smiling, "Didn't I tell you about the sudden awakening I had this morning? There's nothing strange about becoming stronger. Perhaps I'll surpass you soon."

Lu Ze's words incited a soft smile from Lu Li. "Really? I will be looking forward to it. Go, brother."

Then, before Lu Li's long, sturdy legs turned into a flurry, Lu Ze stopped Lu Li and said, "Stop. The two of us still haven't discussed the bet we're going to make."

Lu Li could not help but stop the pace of her attacks. Lu Li quickly said, "If you win, you can do anything to Li. And vice versa."

Lu Ze couldn't help but smile happily, even though the smile he displayed was more like a grin.

Lu Li, who saw his grin, felt that her heart was beating fast and then she quickly took her eyes off Lu Ze.

Lu Ze quickly said, "Fair Deal!"

After that the two of them salute each other and then the practice match between Sis-con and Bro-con begins.

As sparring started, Lu Li then charged towards Lu Ze. A wave of aromatic wind blew past. Her thin, white palm turned into a dancing butterfly as it pressed towards Lu Ze's chest.

Lu Ze's eyes are narrowed. So fast!

Lu Li didn't use her full strength, but her level seven power was there. Plus, she was a prodigy and that added to her power. Lu Ze found out that he couldn't dodge her palm at all.

He tensed his body and a light flashed across his white skin. His arms crossed in front of his chest as he defended with full power without the tails.

The butterfly palm flew past and lightly stopped at his crossed arms.

The seemingly light palm contained a mountain breaking power that was vented from those small, white hands. It ended at Lu Ze arms.

Lu Ze's hands feel a bit numb. He retreated step by step for 7 steps before standing still again.

Although he was struck and sent flying away, Lu Ze showed a smile. He defended against it!

After going through a deep level of refinement and getting killed by Wind Wolf King, his defense greatly increased. If this was yesterday, Lu Ze would have probably fallen over facing that palm, but now, it only made his hands a bit numb.

Seeing that her palm only pushed Lu Ze back 7 steps, Lu Li's smile turned into shock. She opened her mouth and blinked her eyes as she looked at Lu Ze for a moment before saying, "You would definitely not have been able to stop that attack yesterday."

Lu Ze flung his numb hand and cracked a smile, "You didn't expect this right?"

Lu Li smiled gently, "In that case, I won't be holding back today."

Lu Ze also smiled back at Lu Li, "Don't cry when you lose... Little girl!"

Then, she dashed up again with "Harrumph".

Because Lu Ze has only learned the basic martial technique, Lu Li only used the basic movement technique and the basic palm technique. However, Lu Li's mastery was clearly higher than Lu Ze's. She moved around easily and rarely stopped.

Seeing Lu Li charge over ferociously, Lu Ze's mouth spasmed. He discovered that he could take some hits, so she was going to give him a beating?

His little sister's heart was truly angel! Because her beating will make his defense greatly increased. Oh... such a 'Good Girl'.

But i can't lose this time!

But looking at Lu Li's basic movement technique, Lu Ze didn't think about anything. He knew that he had too many weaknesses. Whether it was his cultivation level or martial technique, they were all garbage. He needed to work more on cultivation in the future.

Maybe when I get to school, I'll use the white orbs called 'Rabbit series' through my mind.

He looked at Lu Li's movement technique while dodging her attacks. In the beginning, he got hit from all directions but eventually, he could dodge a few attacks. Gradually, he could dodge more. Out of ten palms, he could barely dodge two or three palms.

This progress shocked both Lu Ze and Lu Li, as Lu Li was three levels higher than Lu Ze.

Lu Li mumbled under her breath, "Is this guy a forgotten martial arts prodigy? No way, right? He was so dumb before…"

Lu Ze yelled out loud, "Hahaha! I'm a prodigy!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_16002027006751805/chapter-7_48148158399700271">!_16002027006751805/chapter-7_48148158399700271</a> for visiting.

After the two sparred for half an hour, Lu Ze had been smashed by a few hundred palms. His entire body was little aching and his breath was a little out of breath.

His mouth spasmed, "I think it's time to end this sparring, Li. Li... please be careful. Because i will show you my true strength!!"

Lu Li's face carried a gentle smile, "Heeh, Li won't play around anymore either. Li hopes Ze can last until the end, because Li will also use all her abilities."

Lu Ze just smiled and then he said in a low voice but could be heard by Lu Li, "Come forth... My God Art: [The Ghoul]!!"

ForcedToWrite ForcedToWrite

It's a little short, it's because I'm already feeling sleepy and have to wake up tomorrow at 4am.

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