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Pokémon Breeder In One Piece! Pokémon Breeder In One Piece! original

Pokémon Breeder In One Piece!

Author: Zaelum

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

(Ps: The timeline of this work is that Roger died in the year 1498, which means Luffy set out to sea in the year 1520.)



[Host consciousness gradually recovering]

[Breeder Master System, activating.]

[Creating the void shop.]

[Creating the void rules.]

[Creating the void channel.]


Dak, feeling a buzzing in his mind and a splitting headache, covers his head and opens his eyes.

He seems to be lying on a lawn, with the sound of flowing water nearby.

As his vision gradually returns, he sees a pure white ceiling adorned with a few clouds, and in the center, an orange-yellow warm light like the sun.

[Creation complete.]

As the headache in his mind gradually subsides, Dak finally takes a good look around.

"Where is this?"

He's in a sealed cubic space, ten meters in length, width, and height, making it not too big at only a hundred square meters of movable space.

The floor is a lawn, Dak plucks a blade of grass—it's real, with soil underneath; but the sky painted on the ceiling is fake.

To the west is a lush, fragrant bush about two to three meters tall; to the east is a small lake with a radius of one meter and a depth of about two meters, crystal clear with a small fountain in the center, its source unknown.

The temperature inside the space is comfortable, slightly warm, likely due to the warmth emitted by the lamp on the ceiling.

Besides that, there's nothing else in the room.

Dak is still trying to wrap his head around his current situation.

He only remembers playing basketball and fainting during a three-point fadeaway shot before waking up here.

Did he cross over to another world?


He seems to have heard something about a system starting up during his fuzzy consciousness, so Dak softly calls out to his surroundings.

[Breeder Master System at your service]

[Currently loaded functions: Magical Shop, Magical Roulette, Magical Market, Mission System, Blacklist, Pocket Token, Magical Portal]

[Main mission released]

[Main Mission 1: Grand Opening]

[Task: Open the shop, welcome guests]

[Reward: Supreme Luxury Newbie Gift Pack]

"Wait, what shop?"

Dak is utterly confused.

[This system aims to train the host to become the number one Pokémon Breeder across all realms]

[The Magical Shop is a breeding house belonging to the host, where you can sell the Pokémon eggs or Pokémon you've bred, as well as offer Pokémon-related services to customers]

[The Magical Shop is located in a void space, containing rules constructed from the void. External attacks cannot enter the shop, and the strength of all guests entering the shop will be suppressed to the same level as a Totodile.]

"Totodile? Which Totodile? How strong?"

Dak frowns, wary in his eyes.

[At your current level]


Polite, but not much.

Dak purses his lips, recalling the system's mentioned features. Some of them he understands just from the names, having read similar novels before, but he's curious about the last two, "What are Pocket Token and Magical Portal about?"

[Magical Portal: The space outside the shop is constantly changing. Nobody in the main world knows if opening a door will lead them into the shop. This is to prevent the host from being frequently disturbed in the future.]

[Pocket Token: Guests holding this token can enter the shop from anywhere by opening a door, recommended to be given to regular customers.]

"So, I won't know where I'll end up if I go out?"

Dak pauses.

What if he steps into lava when going out?

[You can specify any coordinate in the current world that you've visited before. If not specified, the destination is random; for guests, they return to where they came from.]

"What if I want to come back? Do I need that token too?"

[As the shopkeeper, you can open a door at any time and decide whether to return to the shop.]

"Not all realms? What does 'current world' mean?"

[The shop is currently in its initial stages and lacks the conditions to link to other worlds. It can only operate in the current world.]

[Current world: One Piece]

"One Piece"

Dak nods, pondering.

The world of One Piece is not too safe but still manageable among all the realms. At least, Dak is relatively clear about the timeline and powers within One Piece.

If he ended up in worlds like "The Three-Body Problem" or "Warhammer," he'd choose to end it on the spot.

One Piece, at least, has potential, and the difficulty isn't too high.

"What year is it in the Sea Circle Calendar?"


[Sea Circle Calendar year 1511]


Dak sits cross-legged, trying to recall the current world situation.

The year 1511 in the Sea Circle Calendar is relatively stable, with no major events happening—a good time for opening a business and accumulating strength.

By contrast, 1512 will see many events. Accumulating strength now will allow for more actions later.

The situation at sea has gradually stabilized, with the Three Great Powers dividing the New World and the structure of the Navy with one admiral and three generals being stable. Over the next few years, the only things that might shake the world are changes in the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the revelation of the Revolutionary Army leader Dragon.

"The timing is good, let's open for business."

Dak nods.

[Linking to the void channel]

[Link complete, please name your shop]

"Magical Breeding House." (Sound perv...)

[Name set, shop open]

With the notification, a quaint, deep brown wooden door suddenly appears on the wall behind Dak.

[Main mission completed]

[Newbie gift pack delivered]

[Ability acquired: Conqueror's Haki Lv.10]

[Security: Darkrai Lv.100]

[Received: Pokémon Egg x10]

[Received: "Breeder Book: From Novice to Master" x1]

"Help me organize a personal panel."

Dak, feeling overwhelmed by the notifications, realizes he has gained some incredibly valuable items.

Indeed, the 'Supreme Luxury Newbie Gift Pack.'


[Identity: Magical Breeding House shopkeeper, novice breeder]

[Abilities: Conqueror's Haki Lv.10, Strength Lv.1, Agility Lv.1, Stamina Lv.1, Breeding Lv.1]

[Pokémon: Darkrai (Lv.100)]

[Note: The level shown for Pokémon is an estimate of its strength in the current world (with the strongest historical figure of this world as the template) and not its true level in its native world. The level will vary in other worlds, and Darkrai's level is close to the strongest in this world's history.]

"Good, starting today, I'll become a breeder."


As Dak speaks, a mysterious and eerie figure slowly rises from his shadow.


This creature, shrouded in black, seems to wear a red scarf around its neck, with white hair and only one blue eye visible. In the Pokémon world, it's known as the "Nightmare" Pokémon, a Dark and Ghost-type legendary Pokémon.

Darkrai, a Pokémon of legend, is so rare that few have seen it in person.

Dak closely observes Darkrai, his first partner and a significant support for a long time to come.

"Hello, Darkrai. My name is Dak, and from now on, we'll be partners fighting side by side."

Dak extends his hand in greeting.

The excitement of meeting a real Pokémon for the first time is undeniable.

Who wouldn't want to take their family to live in the world of Pokémon if given the chance?


Darkrai nods and shakes Dak's hand.

Now, Darkrai is also somewhat confused, having woken up in this place unexpectedly and seemingly captured by the man before him.

However, this doesn't bother him much. After thousands of years of loneliness, spending days in a daze and nearly losing himself, becoming a trainer's partner is a novel experience.

The man before him seems alright, even their names are similar.

[Conqueror's Haki Lv.10]

The highest level of this ability is level 10, indicating that Dak's Conqueror's Haki is at the maximum level.

In the entire One Piece world, it's unknown how many possess Conqueror's Haki at this level, but certainly, they can be counted on one hand.

Upon acquiring this ability, Dak feels his ambitions, always present within him but suppressed due to limited capabilities, beginning to amplify.

This isn't an implanted thought; it's a subconscious desire he's always had, now growing stronger.

Many ideas of what he wants to do, such as changing the world's structure, start to flood his mind.

"Though I'd like to try releasing Conqueror's Haki, it's probably best to wait for a better opportunity."

Dak decides it's best not to risk damaging anything in the shop, especially the Pokémon eggs resting quietly on the lawn.

"Let's take a look at these adorable babies first."

Dak turns to the ten eggs that have suddenly appeared under the tree.

Oval-shaped and colorful, each with a unique pattern, reflecting a delicate luster under the warm light, they look extremely cute.


Darkrai, too, looks curiously at the ten eggs.

In his long life, Darkrai has never cared for eggs or Pokémon, and the thought of frequently caring for various Pokémon eggs and infants excites and nerves him.

They both approach the tree and quietly observe the eggs nestled together, their breathing becoming imperceptibly gentle.

Dak carefully picks up a pink egg and cradles it in his arms.

"Warm, you hold it."

Dak passes the pink egg to Darkrai.


Darkrai, eyes widening as the egg approaches, clumsily accepts it, taking a while to calm his excited heart and trembling hands.


Holding the tiny life in his hands, Darkrai feels a desire to live for the first time.

He wants to protect these little ones, watch them hatch, and grow.

Dak, seeing Darkrai's reaction, can't help but smile.

To him, Darkrai seems almost like a blank slate. Despite living for eons, Darkrai's understanding of the world is minimal because no one has ever shown or taught him these things.

But that's okay. Dak plans to teach him gradually.

Darkrai places the egg back and then stands quietly by, like a sentinel, simply standing, staring, guarding.

Dak doesn't disturb Darkrai. Every Pokémon has its own way of doing things, and perhaps this is Darkrai's style.

He opens the mission panel, now updated with new tasks.

[Main Mission: A Trainer's Starting Point]

[Task: Sell the first Pokémon egg]

[Reward: Ability - Potential Detection (Pokémon)]

[Daily Mission 1: Clean the shop, polish the Pokémon eggs, and make the little ones comfortable.]

[Daily Mission 2: Take the Pokémon eggs out of the shop for a walk, let them bask in the sun.]

[Daily Mission 3: Tell the Pokémon bedtime stories.]

[Reward: Slight experience increase in Strength/Agility/Stamina]

The main mission can't be rushed.

As a parent to these children, Dak wants to find them partners worthy of trust and commitment.

In this world, regardless of justice or evil, some people are simply not deserving of a Pokémon's favor, such as the Celestial Dragons, most members of the World Government, the majority of world nobles, and the vast majority of pirates.

These individuals might see Pokémon as tools for profit or achieving goals.

If he can't find suitable partners, he's prepared to care for these children for life.

Dak looks at the three daily missions, feeling pressure from the second.

After all, he's unsure what lies outside the door.

But this pressure is manageable. With Darkrai by his side, Dak feels confident enough to explore outside, determining a safe spot before taking the eggs for a walk and sunbathing.

"Darkrai, shall we take a look outside first?"

Dak takes a deep breath, ready to scout the area outside the door for the eggs' future outings.


Darkrai nods, accompanying Dak to the door.

After mentally preparing themselves,

Dak opens the door.


(End of Chapter)

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