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72.72% Pokémon: Dragon Master's Tale (original) / Chapter 15: Unwanted and Unexpected

Unwanted and Unexpected - Pokémon: Dragon Master's Tale (original) - Chapter 15 by Glorious_Dragon full book limited free

Chapter 15: Unwanted and Unexpected

Drake heard the familiar chime from his system.

[ Quest Completed ×2]

[ Defeat Team Rocket and rescue the hostages. ]


[ Bring your to starter Pokémon to it's Final form ]

[ Rewards: 50 free stat points, $25,000,000 & 10 free stat points and 1 treasure map]

[ New Quest Unlocked]

[ Earn your fifth Gym Badge. ]

[ Rewards: 8 free statpoints and 1 treasure map. ]

Drake was beyond shocked when he saw the rewards. 50 Exp was beyond what he ever expected to recieved.

He asked Athena why there was so much and she responded that because he tied up the Team Rocket grunts he defeated and destroyed the Master Ball, his reward had to be recalculated.

He also got a reminder that even if his physical stats were maxed out it wouldn't be of much use against truly strong Pokémon.

Drake just went to the corner of the room and sat on the floor, he was going to use all of his accumulated points.

He had a total of 70 points, he placed 24 into Agility, 32 into Strength and the remaining 14 into Endurance. The entire process took an hour and a half, it could've been done in 15 minutes but the screaming and spasms would've garnered attention.

Drake then observed his stats as well as Prometheus' and Zeus'

[ Trainer Stats ]

Name: Drake Gold

Age: 16

Strength: 50*

Agility: 50*

Endurance: 64*

Intellect: 60*

Stat Points: 0

Affinity: Old God's Chosen ( Main Affinity: Dragon)

( Minor Affinity: All )

Trainer Rank: Intermediate

Money: $39.8 M

Items: [Expand]


[ Pokémon Stats ]

Name: Prometheus

Gender: ♂️

Species: Charizard (Shiny)

Ability: Blaze

Hidden Ability: Solar Power

Level: 32

Moves: Metal Claw lvl max*, Dragon Claw lvl max*, Flamethrower lvl max*, Fire Fang lvl max*, Flame Burst lvl max* and Fire Blast lvl 1*, Etc.

Stat Level: C Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-tale-(original)_20599464606061805/unwanted-and-unexpected_55508281166198232">;s-tale-(original)_20599464606061805/unwanted-and-unexpected_55508281166198232</a> for visiting.

[ Pokémon Stats ]

Name: Zeus

Gender: ♂️

Species: Dragonair

Ability: Shed Skin

Hidden Ability: Marvel Scale

Level: 45

Moves: Dragon Tail lvl max*, Dragon Breath lvl max*, Water Pulse lvl max*, Extreme Speed lvl 11*, Flamethrower lvl 9*, Dragon Pulse lvl 10*, Aqua Tail lvl 1*

Stat Level: S

Drake was incredibly shocked by Prometheus' move levels. His Flamethrower reached the apex as well as all of his other moves, minus Fire Blast which was recently learned.

Drake asked Athena and she responded that because Prometheus reached his final evolution. The increase in life energy was more than previously so his moves saw a larger increase.

The other moves like Flame Burst and Fire Fang was maxed out because it benefited from Flamethrower being maxed out. The principles learned from higher ranked moves greatly benefit lower rank moves.

When he was finished looking at the stats the teleportation pad in the room flashed and Drake saw an incredibly sexy female police officer standing in the room.

She was Officer Jenny, her uniform was incredibly tight and left very little to the imagination. She looked around and just saw Gary sitting on the desk which was also the only remaining piece of usable furniture in the room.

She saw the old man looking out the window processing what Drake told him and Drake was lying on the floor looking at her. But most alarmingly was a black Charizard lazing lying on the floor close to Drake.

Seeing that the CEO was safe she questioned him about the chain of events, he relayed them to Officer Jenny who then questioned Gary who said he overheard a conversation between two grunts so he decided to intervene along with his experience inside the building.

She then made her way to Drake and started with her questions. " How did you find yourself involved in this situation?" " I saw some Team Rocket grunts in Mount Moon a while ago and I happened to see one of them standing guard in front of the buildings entrance.

So I knocked him out, went inside and took down all the grunts I came across on the right side of the building before battling who seemed to be one of Team Rocket's leaders and rescued the old man." Drake responded.

" Were you the one who tied up the Team Rocket grunts?" She asked. " Yup, they're quite slippery so I hung them from the ceiling so they couldn't run away." Drake responded.

" Aren't you a little to young to have such dirty tastes?" She asked again. " I don't have such tastes, but I'm willing to try them." Drake said suggestively with a smirk.

Office Jenny just laughed and flicked Drake's forehead before saying " Both of you can't leave the city until you get the go ahead from me." She then left to deal with the captured grunts.

Drake recalled Prometheus and he and Gary left the building and went to the Pokémon Center. Since he would be staying in the city for a while Drake went out and picked up a few women to relieve his urges and pass the time.

It took three days before an officer came and picked up Drake and Gary and took them to the city Square. Apparently they were keeping a ceremony to award the two heroes that stopped Team Rocket.

Drake was displeased at the situation but he had to go along with it. He and Gary stood on stage with their starter Pokémon beside them and after the mayor gave a short speech they presented them with two medals each.

The original plan was for the mayor to place the medals on the trainers and their Pokémon but the look Prometheus gave him scrapped that plan. Drake and Gary placed the medals on their Pokémon before they wore their own.

When the crowd cheered Prometheus' arrogance soared and he raised his head high basking in the glory. Drake payed him no mind and asked the photographer to take a photo of him and Prometheus.

The ceremony wasn't long, Drake gave the photographer his home address and asked him to mail the photos there. He was going walk off but he saw the reporters eyeing him, so he just said he doesn't do interviews and jumped on Prometheus' back and they flew off.

Speaking of flying, this was the first time Prometheus flew. Alex expected him to experience some difficulty but he was excelling.

After they left the city he got Prometheus to land so he could get off and let Prometheus continue flying by himself.

Drake released Terry and mounted him and set off for Celadon City along Route 8. Drake released his other Pokémon and had them deal with the wild Pokémon and trainers they encountered.

While he was traveling though occasionally Pokémon corpses fell from the sky. They were mostly Pidgeottos and the occasional Pidgeot and Skarmory.

Apparently Prometheus didn't respond well to threats. This was good news to Drake because they all went to his food reserves.

By the time Drake arrived before Celadon City all of his Pokémon reached level 40 except Zeus, Wrath, Andromeda and Prometheus.

Zeus didn't reach level 46 because Drake wanted to trigger another early evolution. Wrath reached level 41 affer the Gym battle, Andromeda was still in training and Prometheus' sky rampage brought him to level 47.

Prometheus was in love with flying, he only came down to eat and sleep. Drake whistled and Prometheus flew down when he heard it. This was Drake's solution to communicate with Prometheus while he was flying solo.

Drake recalled him along with the rest of his Pokémon and went into the city. There wasn't much in this city besides the gym and the casino. So Drake just made his way to the Gym and got an appointment for the next day at 3 pm.

While Drake was in his room at the Pokémon Center and his Pokémon were being checked on he finally opened his new treasure map. Like the others it disintegrated and pinpointed a location on the map.

But this time the map changed from it's region view to world view. It was pointing at a location in Johto Drake had his suspicions where but since it was too far away currently, he paid it no mind.

The night was uneventful, the next day Drake arrived on time for his Gym battle after mailing his medals home. This battle was important, it wasn't difficult but Drake was hoping to use the battle to trigger another early evolution for Zeus.

Erika wasn't going to be a difficult battle for Drake but he still took it seriously. He made his way inside and she was waiting for him on the other side of the grass type battlefield.

She introduced herself and went on with the typical spiel about Grass type Pokémon and their advantages. Drake waited until she finished a few minutes later and she indicated the judge to start the battle.

Drake sent out Zeus and Erika sent out a level 40 Tangrowth, she managed to order her Tangrowth to use Sunny Day. Drake immediately knew what she was aiming for but didn't give Zeus any orders.

Zeus felt the increased heat and used Flamethrower, Erika was shocked but still managed to get her Tangrowth to use Protect. This was her Trump card, all of her Pokémon knew Protect and the move was at a high level.

This was why Drake chose this Gym for Zeus' trigger. This tactic should provide the necessary pressure for Zeus' Evolution.

Zeus kept firing off Flamethrowers but they kept getting blocked. He even tried focusing the attack into a thinner stream and breathing the attack longer but none of it worked.

To make things worse he had to keep moving to dodge Solar Beams. The high stress environment and Zeus' own desire for power pushed him to reach for another evolution.

... .... ..... ...

Author's Note:

Sorry for the late chapter, swapped the writing order of my fanfics.

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