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32.14% POKEMON: A JOURNEY / Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Half emperor

Chapter 9: Half emperor - POKEMON: A JOURNEY - Chapter 9 by SHADE_Shado full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Half emperor

Prof Oak:Come Alex I will introduce you to the others.....Daisy where are you

Daisy: coming grandpa.

A 6 beautiful young lady come running down stairs.

Prof Oak: This is my granddaughter, Daisy, she wants to become a pokemon groomer... This is Alex a pokemon trainer he will working here or sometime...

Daisy: Hello Alex...

Alex: Hello Daisy.....

Prof Oak: Daisy show Alex his room.....and Alex see you tomorrow and don't forget to get your pidgey from the center.

Alex: Thanks professor, I will visit the center tomorrow morning.

Daisy takes Alex to his room.....

Alex: so Daisy do you have any siblings??

Daisy: No..Why ??

Alex : just curious....'This world is quite different from the Anime ....Pokemon levels, mastery levels, no Gary..if there is no Gary then maybe Ash may not be here as well'..

As Alex was thinking to himself they reach his room.

Daisy: This will be your room Alex, it's not that big hope you don't mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Alex: no.. it's more than enough.. Thank you Daisy..... Good night

Daisy: Good night Alex..

Next day morning prof Oak's Pokemon ranch and farm area....

"Come on out guys" Alex releases his pokemons. Both pokemons understands it's training time starts their own training without waiting for Alex.

Alex: Wait from today we r going to do different type training.... But first let's warm up by running a bit.

Both pokemons looks at Alex and sighs... After training Alex calls them both and says" slowpoke you should train water gun, bubble, headbutt and confusion.Gastly you continue training nightshade confuse ray and toxic for now...I will go and fetch pidgey back from the Pokemon center."

Pokemon center....

Alex: good morning nurse joy.... I am here for my Pokemon.

Saying that Alex gives his alliance card to nurse joy to prove his identity... people who do not have a pokedex uses alliance card to prove their identity...

Nurse Joy: Sure just a sec.... Chansey bring the pidgey that was brought yesterday...

Chansey brings pidgey's pokeball in a tray....

Nurse Joy: Here you go ...Your Pokemon has recovered and is healthy..

Alex: Thank you Nurse Joy....

Professor Oak's Ranch...

Alex releases pidgey and calls his other Pokemons..

Alex : Guys this is the newest member of the family....come and say Hello him...

Both slowpoke and gastly greets pidgey and talks between themselves for sometime.

Alex : Pidgey I have created a training table for you....come let's start your training.... We want your wings to be very strong so we will do some strengthening exercises.....and then work on your speed...ok....

Alex help pidgey start training by making him strike the trees nearby and then flying by carrying small weights...

Alex : you guys should continue training I will visit professor Oak's lab help him out and then bring you all food...

Alex returns to the lab and starts help professor Oak for some before both come out carrying food for all the Pokemons in the ranch as well as the wild pokemons that visits the farm.....Alex sees a huge variety of pokemons ranging from caterpies to rhydon.

Roar .....Roar.....

Some of the weaker Pokemon faints from hearing the roar while some moves away from the area..

'What was that???' thinking so Alex looks up to see a huge Charizard followed by an equally strong looking Dragonite coming down...

Professor Oak: What are you doing Charizard.....

Alex understands that Charizard is professor Oak's Pokemon so he takes a 'closer' look.

Pokemon name: Charizard

Gender: Male

Age: 51 years

Level: 87( High Half emperor)

Status: Healthy

Attribute: Fire/flying

Talent: Blaze ( Hidden ability: Solar power)

Potential: A

HP: 427(337+ 90(vitamins))

Attack: 359(269+90)

Defence: 328(238+90)

Special attack: 439(349+90)

Special defence: 355(265+90)

Speed: 400(310+90)

Moves:Normal- Thunder punch, Shadowclaw, Focus Punch

E- rage, smokescreen, Flare Blitz, scary face, Crunch, Rock slide, Outrage

M- fire spin, Fly,Air slash, Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Dragon pulse,Metal Claw, Dragon Rush

GM- ember, fire fang, fire pledge, sunny day, flame charge, inferno, flame burst, flamethrower, Aerial Ace, incinerate, iron tail, seismic toss, fire punch, blast burn.

P- Heat Wave

'Oh Arceus... It's a half emperor.... What the hell are those moves....there is even a perfect move...'

Charizard lands near professor Oak and looks around and notices a new person staring at him but ignores it ....

Professor Oak: Alex this is my strongest Pokemon Charizard and his partner Dragonite both of them are half emperors...ohh and Charizard is the strongest Pokemon in the kanto region excluding the wild ones..

Alex: Then who is the strongest wild Pokemon in kanto ??

Professor Oak: we have a. Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos at top half emperor levels and a OH-HO at the low emperor level. They are presently the strongest Pokemon in kanto. The alliance have made deal with all 4 of them so they won't attack any human populated cities in kanto. Then there is myth about one Pokemon many say they have seen it but no reliable data hae ever been collected about this one. It's called MEW and is said to be at the high emperor level Pokemon.

'There is so much to discover and find out in this world'thinks Alex..

Prof Oak: Come Alex let's continue with work in the lab.


A big chapter I think... Creating the monstrous Charizard took some time

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