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Chapter 8: Time-skip

"Mo, isn't this flower beautiful!?"

In a garden of the Professor Birch's Institute, Gardevoir with blue hair is dancing in front of Alex.

"Of course, you are the most beautiful here."

Hearing the crisp voice in his mind, Alex smiled lightly. Seeing Gardevoir's agile appearance, his thoughts inevitably wandered.


It's been a year since he was brought to the Pokémon world by Mew. Over the past year, Alex has clearly understood a few things. For example: Trainer level.

For the levels of the trainer, the Alliance has issued detailed rules and will issue appropriate clothing and IDs according to the regulations.

It's also not allowed whether a low-level trainer pretending to be a high-level trainer or a high-level trainer pretending to be a low-level trainer.

The Alliance Trainer Rules are very detailed.

[Beginner Trainer: A rookie trainer who can have a Pokémon.

Intermediate Trainer: It is necessary to have at least six Pokémon and at least one of them has reached the intermediate level.

Advanced trainer: You must have at least six intermediate Pokémon and at least one of them is advanced level.]

And all this from ordinary beginner trainers to advanced trainers.

Things are a little different when you become a Superior trainer. First of all, more stricter than the previous conditions, you must have at least one Supreme level Pokemon and five advanced level Pokemon.

On this basis, you also need to collect eight or more badges from one of the continent regions.

If you meet these two standards, you will become a superior trainer certified by the Alliance, otherwise you will only be an Advanced trainer with the strength of a Superior trainer.

To be a Quasi-king trainer which is after Superior, you need at least one quasi-king level Pokémon and five Superior-level Pokémon.

Based on this, you must have reached the top 16 in at least one regional league competition. If the ranking is not enough, you only have the strength of quasi-king and the Alliance will not recognize you.

However, this is generally impossible because in every league competition, there are almost no elite-level trainers and quasi-king-level trainers are also counted on one hand.

After the Quasi-king, there is an Elite-level trainer which is not of the same nature as the League Elite Four.

Elite level trainers, if they have one elite level Pokemon between them, that's enough. The reason for this arrangement is that Pokemon have a qualitative jump when they reach elite level.

Of course, to be recognized by the Alliance, you must reach the top four in at least one regional level competition.

At this time, the Alliance's Elite Four was involved. At worst, they have six elite-level Pokemon. If they're stronger, it's not impossible to get one or even a few Champion-level Pokemon.

And especially among the elite four, every Pokemon is a champion-level and the number of Elite-level Pokemon to become an elite four is not a standard because it is not a strength but a profession determined by the Alliance.

Becoming an Elite Four is very 'easy'. You must have reached the semifinals of at least three regional league competitions or won more than two championships to be eligible to challenge.

As long as you can challenge and win, you can replace the Elite Four that you have challenged to become the next Elite Four.

After qualifying, you are only eligible to challenge three times a year. This is also the protection the Alliance given to Elite, otherwise this will be very annoying to face challenges all day long.

As for the last, a Champion trainer, it's very simple, you have to defeat the Elite Four. Of course, Champion-level Pokémons are also a must.

Speaking of which, some may ask how do you know the strength of Pokemon? Does every trainer report their strength so obediently?

There are actually two reasons for this. The higher the level of a Pokémon trainer, the more treatment in the Alliance will be agreed upon, such as allowances, priority and discounts for purchasing things, etc.

In addition, there's also the Pokéballs. Unlike the anime, this world of Pokémon, the Pokéball is a product of the will of the world.

For this Pokéball, the Alliance only has the right to release and count and cannot manufacture it themselves. Of course, there are still plenty of Pokéballs, so we have to worry about not having any.

Fortunately, the Pokéball will only roughly tell Alliance, the strength of Pokémon but will not tell you the type of Pokémon and various data and abilities.

This kind of confidentiality has made the trainers accept Pokéball. At that time, some Pokémon Professors led by Professor Oak rationally invented the Pokémon Pokédex.

Pokémon Pokédex records the general statistics and common situations of each Pokémon.

After you catch a Pokémon and put it on the Poké Ball, Pokémon Pokédex will also tell you some skills about Pokémon.

Through the control of Pokémon's skills, trainers can more or less judge the research value of a Pokémon. For example, a Pidgey who has mastered Aerial Ace and a Pidgey who has not mastered it are definitely much different in aptitude.

Therefore, having Pokédex is definitely a very fortunate thing for every trainer because they will not spend too much time training an unqualified Pokémon.

Although, Pokédex detection has many limitations. Therefore, in order to deepen the rule, the Alliance has monopolized the manufacturing rights of Pokédex.

Of course, the so-called Alliance is nothing more than some powerful aristocratic families uniting to control the regime.

There are still a few civilians who can rise and even if they do rise, they will benefit from each other. After all, this is still a real 'human' world...

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