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Chapter 5: Chapter 4.

As we pulled up to the ranch, I was introduced to many sights that left me in awe. The Night family pokemon ranch was more comparable to a habitat based on its size alone. It had several different areas, designated for different kinds of pokemon.

There was an ice enclosure present, where Sneasel and a few Weavile could be seen. then there was the desert area, where pokemon such as Scraggy, Sandile, and the occasional Krokorok was present. A little distance away from the Desert area was the Rocky area. Here some Houndour and Houndooms could be observed.

Moving from one area to another, we finally reached the biggest enclosure of them all, The Forest enclosure. This enclosure was easily thrice as big as any other enclosure. It consisted of a huge forest that surrounded a large body of water. This water body was connected to the nearby ocean through an underground channel.[Note: Shalour City is located close to the ocean. Check the Kalos map for reference. ]

This enclosure had the widest variety of pokemon in comparison to the other enclosures. Ones were ranging from Grass-types such as Cacnea and Seedot that would further evolve to their counterparts Nuzleaf and Cacturne which had Grass and Dark dual typings. There were even Flying types, specifically Vullaby and Murkrow. Near the lake pokemon like Corphish and Carvanha were present.

Looking at all those different Dark types made me unable to hold my excitement. But I was also plagued with some issues related to the pokemon present inside the enclosures.

Seeing my troubled look, Arthur guessed my problems and asked me a question.

"Young master, are you wondering how are all these pokemon managed in their habitats?"

Seeing me nod he continued, "Most of the pokemon here are present with us for a limited time. The Night family has connections with the Pokemon League, to which we provide our Pokemon so that they could be given to young trainers. Some of the Pokemon are set aside, to be sent out of Kalos to other regions, where Dark types are less prominent. Sometimes Dark-type Pokemon families from other regions contact our family to breed or sometimes trade pokemon."

Listening to his explanations, I finally understood a simple fact, which until now I had completely ignored. The distribution of starter Pokemon. Unlike the Anime and Videogames, everyone was not as fortunate to be provided a Royal Pokemon(Pokemon such as Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. Basically, the starter trio of each generation of Pokemon games) at the beginning of their journey.

Royal pokemon are special pokemon whose breeding and distribution are carried out by the Champion, Elite Four, and the Gym leaders of each region. Even families like ours could not get these pokemon easily. Such distribution is done so to make sure these Pokemon are only used by trainers with good potential. This is done so, to promote strong trainers.

This method helps in preventing Royal Pokemon from being taken away by spoilt Mistresses and arrogant Young Masters of prominent families. The strength of the new generation is related to the strength of the region as a whole. To boost the strength of Kalos, as a whole, such measures of the distribution of Royal pokemon are necessary.

Due to this reason, the trainers without specific backgrounds and funds are given other Pokemon when they come to age. The Pokemon which were sent out from the Ranch was used by such trainers all over the Kalos region, and sometimes, even in some other regions.

While thinking about all this, we moved towards the visiting areas.

Here families and trainers could be seen interacting with the different pokemon present. As we reached the area, many eyes turned to look towards us. Eager to meet the pokemon present, I went towards the pokemon, which was closest to me, a Scraggy. As I neared the pokemon it turned to look towards me. Getting close to it, I knelt and asked for his permission to touch him.

"Hey Scraggy is it fine if I pat you?"

Scraggy looked at me as if trying to gauge my intentions. Seeing me hold on ill will, it gave me its permission. Now that I think about it, this would be my first time touching a pokemon, despite seeing them all the time, ever since coming into this world.

As I patted Scraggy's head, I felt something change within me. There seemed to be a huge amount of electricity running from the palm of my hand into my body. Along with this feeling, it also felt as if the perception of the whole world is changing around me. It appeared for a moment that time was moving slowly, making me more aware of my surroundings. Throughout this change, I felt a burning sensation in my eyes.

All these changes happened in a moment. But for me, it appeared as if I had been undergoing these changes for a while. The result of all these changes in such a short period made me yelp and fall on my butt.

"Are you alright, young master?", Arthur asked, clearly a little worried.

"I'm fine," I replied glancing towards him. Looking towards him, I noticed the concern in his eyes as well the amusement present in the eyes of his Umbreon. That stupid pokemon was still as annoying as ever. Looking sideways, I noticed Scraggy giving me a weird look as if doubting my sanity. Great! That's all I needed! Another pokemon that thinks that I am a weirdo.

"It's nothing, I was just a little startled," I replied, trying to provide a believable excuse for my antics. After standing up, I dusted my clothes and started observing my body, to find the reason for that strange development.

As I observed my body, I felt nothing different. But as I brought my focus to my eyes, I noticed the same changes I had felt before. The feeling of the perception of the whole world changing around me. After getting a bit used to my unusual vision, I once again observed my surroundings. All other guests and staff along with the surroundings had no change around them. The only difference is the pokemon. I could observe some sort of a glow, which surrounded the body of the pokemon I was observing.

At first, I was a bit confused about what it was. But as a person who has read a lot of fanfics in his past life, I soon understood what it was. The realization it bought me made me unable to calm down. As if, in order to celebrate, I began jumping around, waving my arms in joy.

To others, it might seem as if I was falling into hysteria. Even Arthur was giving me dubious looks. But only I understood the importance of this day. Today I got my very own golden finger, one that I had given up hopes on getting, ever since that fateful day at the hospital.

This realization lifted a huge weight off my shoulder. One that I did not realize I had been holding on to.


The MC finally got his own Golden Finger!!!!!


There won't be any systems since I hate those kinds of settings.


Just the power to check the potential of pokemon is already quite op to me. Plus don't forget the fact he already has an affinity with Dark pokemon due to him being a member of the Night family. Nothing more is needed.


Comment what pokemon would you like to see on MC's team.

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