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50% Potato in the growing world / Chapter 3: RUUUDEUS

RUUUDEUS - Potato in the growing world - Chapter 3 by arroz_batata full book limited free

Chapter 3: RUUUDEUS

-A few weeks passed-

And here i was doing my kung fu again, if you ask yourself how? Well, Groot's skills are really good, I can move now that my roots have thickened and look like arms and legs, I'm still in the garden I was in before. After practicing my kung fu for a long time I bury myself again to train my energy, energy training is like meditating, I just need to concentrate while standing still and absorb energy, but the pace is too slow.

'I still don't consider myself good enough to get out of this garden, I don't need to have the level of those monsters I've seen before, but I still need to improve a little and it's logical to try to solve that problem. '

It's actually a bit of a nuisance problem, but not so much, as for the problem, I can't speak, or should I say, speak it well, after all the only words that come out of my mouth are my own name, I should say Groot's skills also have their problems, although it doesn't bother me too much, I don't really need words after all, who would stop to hear a potato, the interesting thing is that besides the hands and feet of roots I also have a mouth and eyes, not exactly either, they're more like marks in my potatoes that make them at least work, I mean, I could see it before, but now I see it better than before.

'It's almost time to leave this garden I must say that I've become a little attached to it, but I still need to strengthen myself and as my sensei would say. -Rudeus, you only get stronger fighting strong people hahahahahaha. ' That damn psychopath almost killed me in training, but I must say that thanks to him I became strong and it's time to do the same in this world too. '

My face shines in the sun, right after my training I feel like I'm finally ready, I get my will, dig up and start walking, obviously to the opposite side of those monsters, I'm not in the mood to find a sect or something like that yet, but one day I'll come back and show these monsters what it's like to be a real monster.

More than shit, I've been walking in this damn direction for a day and all I find is bush, these days I've been training at my best and I'm not even close to breaking down again, but at least I managed to get used to this strange body, as it were. that way I start to hear sounds later, it seems like a struggle, I get closer to see what exactly is happening.

'What the hell is that? '

I see a guy with a huge six-foot sword, the sword's width a little wider than his body, the man who wields it wears nothing but baggy pants and leather boots, his muscular torso is showing, his hair brown in a bun with fringes falling to the side.

'I must say that, as masculine as this potato here is, I'm impressed, it's so fucking hot. '

Behind the man is a crouched woman looking at her as if she was being protected by him, fuck until the woman is beautiful, her long golden hair, her thin face, golden eyes, with an amazing model figure. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'I must say that if the people of this world are like that, I will suffer a big blow to my self-esteem. '

Right in front of the man is a strange creature that looks like a ball of lard and skin with short limbs and a round nose that drops into its mouth, its mouth releasing saliva that eats away at the ground beneath it.

'*huulg* I'm disgusted just seeing this, I feel like throwing up, fuck you bitch, disgusting business, my self-esteem has returned a little.'

- hot warrior - "Fuck you, damn blobb, daring to attack my wife, you really want to die, don't you?"

With the veins in his neck and forehead pulsing with pure hatred, the blobb just makes a disgusting cattaro sound and starts walking towards the warrior, and despite being walking, it's still very fast.

-Mc pov- 'blobb? Did he say blobb? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha

hahahahh, can't be, hahahah, is that a blobb? Hahaha, when I'm strong I need to go play with that fat cultivator, this one I won't let go of, hahahah, my god I'm going to laugh out of here. '

Seeing the blobb running towards him, the warrior takes his sword in one hand, bending his knees, taking the right hand with the sword backwards, and the left hand pointing forward, when the blobb comes he cuts everything horizontally, taking a strong gust of wind to get out of your sword and run towards the blobb.

Fuck the bloob trips and falls on his stomach, when oddly enough when his belly touches the ground he bounces, like a ball making the wind pass almost catching his body, still in the air he spits a disgusting phlegm at the warrior, that he he just defends with the sword, his sword starts to smoke because of the acid, but it remains intact, seeing this the woman screams with concern.


"Don't worry my love, I may not be a cultivator, but I still have enough strength to kill this worm."

Says the man with a woman-destroying smile as he turns to the bubble, when his smile fades and a cold face appears when he speaks.

"It's time to get this over with, after all my wife is waiting."

Bending his knees well, he rests his left hand on the ground, with his right hand and sword in front of him, just by the force of his physique the ground under his feet cracks, the blobb seeing this seems to understand the danger when he takes action strange, the bubble spits that phlegm in its own belly, when in its belly the acid instead of devouring it, the acid melts in its belly, the belly the skin color of the bubble suddenly looks metallic.

The man launches like a missile, with his sword in front, arrives in an instant in front of the bubble and his sword hits the stomach of the bubble.


Sound of metal collision and flying sparks, the incredible thing is that even with the metallic aspect of the bubble's belly it seems to have an elastic property too, but even so the sword pierces the stomach and goes through, where the warrior comes out. in blobb, you can see the fleece falling to the ground with a big hole in most of the stomach.

When the warrior turns with a victorious smile on his face, looking at his wife is completely shocked, he drops his sword immediately and runs towards his wife, who is currently lying motionless on the ground, bleeding profusely, when he does. Reaching out, she takes it very carefully and turns it over, only to see a root stuck in its chest as it bleeds profusely.


A guttural scream like a monster's roar came out of his mouth as tears streamed from his eyes, the moment he saw the wound he knew she was dead.


Even before the man cries for the death of his beloved, a sword goes through his stomach, seeing this he knows he doesn't have much time to live either, but his hatred is so much that he holds him back, he turns and looks at the attacker.

"Because because why ??"

The man just asks the attacker as the blood comes out of his mouth what he says.

'Because I liked your sword and wanted to see if there was something good with you too.'

But everything that comes out of his mouth is.


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