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Power Stolen By The Kiss(male reader x rwby) +18 Power Stolen By The Kiss(male reader x rwby) +18 original

Power Stolen By The Kiss(male reader x rwby) +18

Author: MeowChan0

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Chapter 1: Midnight Drive

Kevin revved his motorcycle's engine, the loud hum resonating through the air. His gloved hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as he maneuvered through the lanes of the bustling highway. The scent of asphalt and exhaust filled his nostrils, blending with the orange glow of street lamps that lined the middle of the road. The constant flow of traffic kept him on edge, ensuring that the large vehicles didn't collide with each other. As he rode through the night, he noticed numerous people darting left and right, their presence adding to the chaotic atmosphere.

To shield himself from the heavy traffic, Kevin wore a neon red and black helmet. Raindrops splattered against his motorcycle outfit, leaving it damp and clinging to his body in the cold night air. The cars behind him sent sprays of water as they passed, threatening to drench him if he didn't maintain distance. Despite his rubber gloves, his hands started to feel slippery, making it challenging to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars.

In the distance, Kevin spotted a cavernous opening leading to other parts of the city. Fortunately, he didn't need to navigate there, as his destination lay atop a hill. Some drivers slowed down, indicating their intention to reach the same area, marked by a big green sign that advertised fast food places, hotels, and apartments. Kevin's motorcycle weaved through the traffic, offering him more stability compared to the other vehicles on the road. Some drivers honked their horns in frustration, but Kevin paid them no mind. He accelerated, tightening his grip on the wet gloves to prevent them from slipping off.

Coming to a stop at a traffic sign, Kevin glanced around, taking in the sprawling bridges and the traffic flowing beneath them. He scanned to his left and right, ensuring that it was safe to proceed. Cars continued to pass by, but Kevin found a gap and pressed forward. Most of the vehicles followed behind him in a humming line, maintaining a respectful distance.

Suddenly, his phone buzzed, signaling an incoming call. Kevin reached into his black and red leather jacket, adorned with red strings, and retrieved the phone. With a tight grip on the device, he saw that it was his best friend, Sam, calling from their home base academy. Annoyed by the interruption, Kevin ignored the call and returned the phone to his unzipped pocket before securing it with a zipper. He was ready to continue his ride, the traffic clearing to accommodate him and the others on the road. With a swift acceleration, Kevin zoomed ahead.

The surroundings grew quieter and somewhat eerie as Kevin left the main road. Thick bushes and trees lined the path, partially obstructed by gray steel fences and barriers. The heavy traffic lights of cars moving in the opposite direction added to the groan-inducing atmosphere. Even with his black and red helmet, the lights seemed intense, reminding him that visibility was crucial for drivers navigating the darkness of the night.

Kevin glanced at the signs, indicating the neighborhoods that lay ahead. Making left turns and right turns, he passed houses and observed mailboxes in the quiet residential area. The neighborhood appeared to be asleep, with only a few cars on the road. As he approached a narrow path, he took a hesitant right turn, the traffic dwindling until there were barely any cars in sight. The surroundings felt like uncertain territory, a place where even the bravest would be wary of entering. It grew eerier by the minute as Kevin continued his journey, his motorcycle carrying him toward his undisclosed d


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