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President's Pampered First Love President's Pampered First Love original

President's Pampered First Love

Author: lizmorgan

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The Deal

Genesis sat in front of her vanity doing her makeup.Her average-sized, rectangular bedroom has matching metal furniture. The floor is carpeted and the walls are painted with a paneled dado.Everything simple and yet elegant.Nothing too special or eye catching.Instead it is the simplicity of it that makes anybody feel comfortable.Just like herself.Despite being a rich heiress she prefers to live her life like any other person.To experience love,hate and live.

A few years back she was nothing like this.Is not that she liked to be extravagant, outstanding and arrogant but the price of wealth required it.Her parents were never biased in the sense of her being a female and the eldest like what you would expect.Instead she was the apple of their eyes, the one that would be the image and example of their family.But it was exactly that way of thinking that made her feel like she was being caged.

She had to be like everyone expected her to be.She had to be arrogant and show others that she was at the top or that her family is and that nobody can touch them.Unlike her Ethan Smith her younger brother by only one year was able to be whoever he wanted.For him she sacrificed her passion and decided to walk over a path of needles so that her brother would not have to.

After her parents' car crash this continued and the situation became more critical than ever.She was cold and domineering.She was the empress of her own kingdom ruling over the business world with an iron fist.And she enjoyed it very much.She felt happy and content that she was able to make her parents proud.Even if her true happiness was far from her reach it didn't matter.

But some things are just not meant to be.After a tragic accident she lost confidence in ruling an empire her parents left for her to manage.You could say it was a blessing in disguise.And now she is living that blessing well sort of….

  "Perfect.." She whispered with a smile as she admired her masterpiece or that is what she sees.Her smile died and she groaned.She saw the little smudge of eye liner on her cheek and sighed.She decided to take out all her makeup.She was truly not made for makeup.As much as she tried the art of placing makeup in one's face it's just not for her.

She decided to put on some mascara and lip gloss.She found it a lot easier. She put on a pair of earrings and walked towards her bed to choose her outfit. She chose a peach colored blouse and a pencil skirt. She put on a pair of stilettos and grabbed her purse. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time nodded in approval.

She walked out of her apartment and drove her car towards her favorite coffee shop.She ordered two coffees one for herself and her boss.She decided to also grab a bagel for herself.

Not long after she arrived at her boss' office who happens to be the president of ILG International, a multimillionaire company at the top of the charts that was built from Scratch by Aiden Miller AKA her boss and well…..

Her fiance.

Yes you heard that right.Now the real question is how the heck did an average(or that is what she refers to herself as) person like her end up being the personal assistant and fiance of a self made billionaire who ran away from home at the age of 18 to become a billionaire in the first place?

It's all a BIG HUGE ENORMOUS thing called a drum roll please!


Genesis sighed.Even now she still felt the sequence of events quite troubling.

Fortunately,being the personal assistant of this demon will only last for two more months. Unfortunately her engagement with this demon would last longer than 2 months.She can only blame her parents for getting her into this mess.

Before their deaths Mr. and Mrs.Smith decided to take extra precautions so they talked with their friends Mr and Mrs.Miller and made out a plan.If their daughter were not ready to take on their company they she would work under the Miller's son for a period of two years.During this time they would both be in an engagement and cannot involved themselves in any kind of romantic relationship except each other.The engagement will last until they both agree to break it with REASONABLE EXCUSES i repeat REASONABLE EXCUSES.

How many did she give?

Here is one….

Well how is "I don't want to get married to a stranger" not count as a reasonable excuse like hello????

She had to also cover up her image as Miss Smith the empress of the business world and heiress of the Smith Family riches.And become Genesis a Harvard graduate who got lucky and earned the position of personal assistant to the big boss.

This is not a problem for her because she did want to get rid of all her titles and learn to depend on herself because of two years ago.

She was too young and reckless two years ago.But what was she supposed to do?Her life was perfect.Her boyfriend who she was planning to marry sooner or later cheated on her and her parents passed away suddenly in a car accident.Her image as a cold and ruthless business woman completely shattered.She became an emotional monster.For a moment there she even though she became bipolar.

She regretted all her actions.Therefore she agreed to this deal and got herself into this mess.Now this 'MESS' is because IF she did not have a hard crush on her boss she would be able to get over this deal easily.But now things suddenly became complicated.

If they had warned her that she would encounter such a perfect human being that would be able to awaken her fantasy wishes up she would have avoided this.

How did she end up like this?

She was such a different person but he changed her somehow.She learned to become an independent and strong 26 year old woman.She learned more about herself and learned from the one and only business genius but she also learned to cope with her losses.

Despite being a cruel Demon lord who makes her work overtime inside his office under his stares, he still taught her a lot.

So at the end of the day whatever happens in the next two months she must learn to move on and live her life.

lizmorgan lizmorgan

Welcome to my new readers! This story is my entry to the Webnovel Spirity Awards 2020.

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