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Chapter 1: Chapter 1:The Successor of The Primordial Monarch System

A young man with long hair was sitting on a chair around a table. There was 4 such chairs around the table.

There is a child around the age of 4 on the one chair excluding the young man. Whose face and body had started to mature.

The name of this young man is Henry. A woman with long hair who wore a one-piece walked towards the table with a plate of food in her two hands.

She looked at the young sitting there and a mid-aged man sitting opposite to the young man the young man was reading a newspaper. Then she said

"Henry, tell your father to put down the newspaper and help us put food on the table, "The young woman said to Henry.

However, just as Henry was about to say something. The man putted down the paper.

This man's hair and eyebrows showed signs of aging since they are turning white. Then the man said

"Of course, I will help you, scarlet dear. "The middle-aged man said.

The woman just smiled warmly and said

"Ok Henry and Mateo dear put food on the table, "Scarlet said to the both of them.

Then she let go of the plates on her hand and it started to float in the air. The plates rushed towards the two of them at a fast speed.

The middle ages easily caught them but Henry struggled to get a hold on the plate.

He was sent flying backward and then he hitted the wall.

Seeing this Scarlet immediately rushed to help him.

In a matter of few seconds, she arrived in front of him and asked.

"Are you alright dear? "Scarlet asked as she saw tears started to flow down his cheeks.

"I am such a useless burden, Mom. I can't even control the Qi in my body in the slightest.

Due to this reason, I can't even become the cultivator that I wanted to become ever since I was young to help you and your father live a good life.

I should have never been born in the first place" Henry said while he tried to wipe the tears out from his cheeks.

Henry is a person who doesn't have any talent for cultivation since he can't even control his Qi or spiritual energy in the slightest.

Qi and spiritual energy are the same thing. The Qi is just a name of spiritual energy.

However a few years after his birth he found that he doesn't have any talent for cultivation.

At first, his parents had gotten him checked by a healer to check his meridian network.

However, he said nothing is wrong with it. He just doesn't have any talent for cultivation.

Then his mother tried to reassure him by saying.

"If you can't become a cultivator you can become something else that will allow you to take our responsibility," Scarlet said with a smile on her face.

His father said the same things to him. However, Henry knew that they are saying this to reassure them.

Then he opened his mouth and said.

"Mom and Dad, I know that you are saying this to reassure me.

However, you all should know better than without cultivating talent. You can't survive in this world.

Everyone would look down on those that don't have a cultivation talent.

Without cultivating talent, you would remain a mortal who will struggle to survive.

Moreover, there isn't any job that a mortal can do after the receding of spiritual energy starts since cultivators can do it better."Henry said aloud while tears flowed down his eyes.

Henry's parents won't be able to find the right words to refute him since everything he said is the truth.

However, just as they were about to reassure him.

A loud explosion came from outside. It was so loud that their ears started to bleed.

Then Scarlet, Meteo, and Henry exclaimed at the same time.

"What's going on??"They blinked their eyes in confusion.

Then Meteo took a peek outside the window of their house. What he saw shocked him greatly and he started to tremble in fear.

Then Meteo said

"Hey, Henry and Scarlet, you two escaped by the backdoor of the house with your little brother. We are being attacked by cultivators.

I will try to slow them down while you three try to escape."Mateo said to everyone present in the room.

Then immediately after they heard these words. One of them will burst into tears

"No honey you can't do this if you do so then you might not be able to live, "Scarlet said to Mateo.

Mateo didn't said anything to her, he just pointed his finger towards the younger brother of Henry.

Then he will say.

"For his sake please leave," Mateo said to Scarlet.

Scarlet just nodded her head recultantly and then she said

"Let's go, "Scarlet said in a solemn voice.

When Henry realized that they are going to leave his father alone to fight the cultivator.

He immediately voiced out his options.

"Mom, we can't just leave Father alone, you know what is going to happen to him if he stays here, "Henry said to his mother in a desperate voice.

Then just as she was about to refute him.

An overwhelming pressure bored down on the body of everyone present in the room. Then his father roared

"They are coming, you all escape!!"Mateo said out aloud.

The sound of glass shattering resounded throughout the entire place. Then a figure could be seen closing up on Mateo.

"Oh well, what do we have here? A cultivator who is just at the early stage of the Basic Qi Realm.

Then his family of mortals. Uh, killing them will be so much fun"The figure said aloud.

Henry's father was a cultivator who has just become a cultivator. The Basic Qi realm is a cultivation realm.

Then after seeing this Mateo appeared in front of his family to shield them from this cultivator.

"You all try to snap out of his pressure, "Mateo said aloud.

However, his voice won't have any effect on those who are present. Then he will let out a curse.

Then after experiencing such pressure, the young boy who is Henry's brother fell to the ground, and then he started to grasp.

Then Qi started to gathee around him in small quantities. Then it enveloped his body in a thin layer of Qi.

The cultivation who is battling with Mateo took out his sword and pointed it towards Henry.

He began to channel spiritual energy into it and an overwhelming pressure bored down on everyone present in the room.

Henry also fell to the ground due to this overwhelming pressure.

"What a powerful pressure this"Henry thought to himself as a sweat dropped from his forehead.

Seeing this Mateo let out a scream that jolted Henry awakened while he tried to block the attack of the cultivator with his hand.

"Henry escaped with your mother and brother. I won't be able to hold him for too long" Mateo said to him in a loud voice.

The blade of the cultivator collided with the hand of Mateo.

A strong shockwave was sent out throughout the entire room.

Mateo only was able to hold him down for a few seconds before he was sent flying backward.

He let out another scream.

"What the hell are you three doing with standing there running!!?!"Mateo screamed out aloud.

It jolted awake Scarlet when she heard the voice. She saw the state of Mateo.

She clenched her teeth, she clenched them so tightly that they started to bleed.

"Henry let's go, don't say anything more about this. I don't want your father's sacrifice to go to waste!"Scarlet said out loud.

She picked up the younger brother of Henry and signaled Henry to come with her.

Henry just nodded his head and began to run towards the exit. Since he knows that there is no talking her out of this.

In the end, it just boils down to a single fact.

"I am f**king too weak. If I was born with talent no if I was just a little bit stronger then none of this will have happened today"Henry thought to himself as he ran towards the exit with his mother and brother.

Then the cultivator saw this and he just smiled slightly and said

"No, you won't get out of here. I shall be the reason behind your death"The cultivation roared out loudly.

He began to charge toward them. However, Mateo also charged toward him, ignoring all of his injuries.

He charged toward him for the next few minutes.

He caught up to him. He channeled his Qi into his hand. He punched him in the back and then he let out a weak scream.

"Ahahaha"The cultivation let out a weak scream.

He looked behind him and saw him.

"It's you I shall give you an even more painful death for stopping me.

Besides, others will take care of them. I won't even let you speak"The cultivation said with a serious look on his face while he pointed his finger in their direction.

He started to control the Qi in the air at the same time when he said those words.He gathered it around his face.

At the moment Mateo felt that something is holding his mouth and preventing him from speaking.

He tried to desperately try to speak to warn his family about the danger awaiting them.

However no matter how much he tries he won't be able to speak.

"It's a martial technique that I have used to control the Qi in the surroundings to prevent you from speaking but I won't go into too much detail regarding their technique since you will die."The cultivation said to him as he took out a sword.

He started to channel his spiritual energy into the sword. He slashed his body several times. A moment later he fell to the ground.

He uttered his last words.

"Be safe you all. I couldn't help you but I hope you all survive.

I wish Henry gain's the best talent so that he doesn't met with the same faith as me his father"Mateo thought to himself as he bleed to death and with tears streaming down his eyes.

The cultivator just looked at him with amusement. He kicked his body after he dies.

"He is dead, let's go and kill the other three, "The cultivation said to himself.

At the same time outside the door of the house.

Scarlet ran away with the younger brother of Henry on her lap as he sleeps since he has fell asleep due to fear. Henry reluctantly followed her while leaving his father behind.

As they are running away from this place. They spotted shadows of several figures in the distance.

Scarlet and Henry stopped stop in their tracks after seeing so many people.

Qi will be gathering around them.That meant that they are cultivators.

The Scarlet said

"They are cultivators and there is no doubt about that since spiritual energy is gathering around them," Scarlet said in a fearful voice.

A figure started to approach her and a voice resounded through the entire place.

"Don't even try to run if you don't want to die a really painful death"The person who's closing up on them said in a cold voice as she approached her.

"We will have to go back, "Scarlet said loudly.

However just as she was about to go back she saw the man Mateo was fighting some time ago. When she saw him, her body went numb.

"You are here then won't that mean"Scralet said in a weak voice as she dropped Henry's brother.

The cultivator just smiled warmly seeing her struggles. She began to charge towards him in an enraged voice.

"You bastard I'll kill you, "Scralet said out loud as tears flowed down her eyes.

The cultivator appeared in front of him and pierced a sword through her heart.

Her eyes turned lifeless and blood started to flow to her chest area at a fast pace.

In a matter of seconds, a puddle of blood formed below her. She fell lifelessly to the ground. She had died.

When Henry saw this he let out a scream.

"Nononononononononono!!!!!!!"Henry let out a scream.

He felt rage fill every part of his body. A tremendous amount of Qi started to gather inside his body automatically. He felt a tremendous amount of power surging through his body.

For the first time in his life, he felt spiritual energy in his body and his surroundings.

However, he won't have the time to appreciate this as he looked at those around him except his brother with murderous intent.

A powerful aura erupted from his body, the pitch black clouds gather above him, golden rays of light then descended from the sky and engulfed his entire body.

After a few seconds, the golden ray of light disappeared, he opened his eyes and noticed something strange flashing in his retina.

(Ding-Ding You have chosen the Primordial Monarch System as its owner)

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