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2.51% Problematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 I'm an accomplice?

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5 I'm an accomplice?

Translator: Doggotranslation

'This bratty girl didn't wear bras!'

I quickly averted my eyes. I did not know if the rumor about elder brothers, who took advantage of little sisters, would get a stye on their eyes was real or not, but the embarrassment in my heart was real. It made me feel like I was an animal.

I quickly moved close to the bed, making it look like it was more comfortable for me to sit that way. But, in fact, it was to get out of that awkward position. God knows if this bratty girl would go crazy if she found out what I saw.

"The writing is very good. The story flow is very smooth, and the feelings of the characters are very rich. Overall pretty good." My heart was stirred, and I was absent-minded. I just wanted to flatter her with a few compliments and hurry back to my room to sleep.

"Uh-huh, uh-huh," my little sister nodded again and again, but seeing that I stopped talking, she hurriedly said, "That's it? Don't just say good things, are there no bad parts?"

The eyes of this bratty girl were filled with anticipation. It made me unable to refuse it. Although when I had nothing to do during my spare time, I would go to the 'Qidian' to check out novels online; and I even registered a VIP account as well. But after all, it was just a way to relax, I had never even written a book review before. So I had no idea how to evaluate a novel at all. Besides, it was a story about love between women...

After searching for the words in my mind, I began to say whatever that came to my mind, "the setting is a bit cliche. Nowadays, many books have exactly the same opening. The protagonist broke up with a walk-on character, and then met the childhood sweetheart..."

"True, true. What you said makes sense. In fact, I'm not very satisfied with the opening either."

It was just some nonsense, but I did not believe that Chu Yuan actually agreed to it. Thinking about it, it was actually the first time that she had actually agreed to something I said in many years. But when she suddenly looked at me with admiration as if I was some kind of expert, it made me feel very anxious.

"Is there anything else?"

"And... There are too many scenery descriptions. For example, sometimes, when I was looking forward to what the protagonist was going to say next. It is followed by 'the wind blows over, the grass also moves, and the sunshine has touched the white cloud, making it look like a girl's blushed face...' et cetera... Huh? Hang on a second, why do I need to say this?"

I just realized, and pushed away the little sister, who once again leaned closer to me, and said in confusion, "You brought me to your room this late just to ask me to read the novel you wrote?"

"How did you know that I wrote it?!" The shocked expression of Chu Yuan made me feel like she was an idiot for the first time in my life.

She made some pretentious coughs, and quickly changed her expression and said, "So, you should understand it now, right? I did not collect those... those... things because I like it... I was looking for inspiration."


'Can you not find a better excuse?' I did not dare to show too much obvious expression, but I still couldn't help but want to laugh.

"Of course! If you don't believe me, look at this." my little sister urged me to open her novel, and pointed to a paragraph and said to me, "There are some intimate scenes in the novel, I did not understand how to write them, so... If I don't see those things, how am I going to write it?"

In the opening part of the book, there was an intimate scene between the protagonist Xiao Yuan and her elder cousin Naner. The writing was very detailed. Especially the titillate technique and the erotic play of Naner, it even made me feel aroused. It was hard to say that it was perfect, but it was indeed very vivid. So based on this, what she said might be true.

Although I didn't believe it fully, I did not doubt her either. I remembered that there were more than a dozen notebooks in the paper box. If they were all novels written by Chu Yuan, it was enough to prove that she was serious about writing. The DVD may be really just some aids for seeking inspiration for writing.

"I believe you."

"You believe me?" My little sister probably thought that she would need to spend a bit of time explaining it to me, so she was quite surprised.

"Yes." I couldn't help but pat my little sister's head and smiled tenderly.

"Although it is too early for you to write this type of novel, if this is your hobby, your dream, then I have no reason to laugh at you, right? Because I am your elder brother, as long as it does not affect your study, I will definitely support you."

The room fell in a short silence, the atmosphere was a bit weird. It even made me scared to move my butt. Tears once again appeared in Chu Yuan's eyes. Her little nose sniffed twice rapidly as if there were tears even inside her nose, and her thin lips twitched slightly as if she wanted to say something. I couldn't help but begin to imagine widely that she was finally moved by me?

"Since you understand it now, then there are no other things. I am going to sleep, so you can go now. Get out, get out..."

Imaginations would always just be imaginations. After all, my not-cute little sister would never be cute. She dragged me up rudely and pushed me out of her room. I didn't even receive any thank you.

"Okay, okay, you don't need to push, I will go by myself."

"Wait!" Just when I left her room, my little sister suddenly stopped me. As I turned around, she quickly rushed back to the room.

"Those are for you," Chu Yuan put four or five magazines in my hands, and said to me with a blush on her face, "Those were what my classmate stole from her house and gave them to me, and I am giving them to you."

As I looked down, my eyes almost fell on the floor. Three "Playboy" magazines, two "Long Hu Pao" pornographic magazines!

"Giving... giving them... to me?" I stuttered. This was probably the first time that my little sister gave me a present. But this present... was too appalling.

"Uh-huh," my little sister nodded. "I watch lesb... Cough... I watch those movies just for the sake of writing. It's not because I like it. I don't want to watch those pornographic magazines."

'If you don't want them, why do you have them...' *Facepalm*

"Now, we are accomplices."

"Accomplices?" I had the feeling that I had fallen into a trap.

"Yes." My little sister smirked. No matter how I looked at her, she still looked like a cunny little fox, "If you dare to tell mom and dad about my thing, I will tell them that you gave me those magazines. Even if I am dead, I will drag you down. And goodnight... elder brother."

The door was closed. But I stayed outside the door and looked at the porn magazine in my hand while having a bitter smile on my face. I still fell into the trap that had been set up by her. All those tears, excuses, and some other things were just baits to lure me into the trap...

The strange thing was that although I was deceived by her, I was not even upset. On the contrary, I was a little happy. Although it was no different from the past, and my caring and yielding towards her were still not understood or trusted by her, for the first time in my life, I had a sense of accomplishment for being an elder brother. Yes, I had tasted the joy of being recognized as an elder brother when Chu Yuan called me elder brother.

It turned out that my little sister also had a lovely side...


My little sister finally became cute now?


When I woke up the next day, my relationship with Chu Yuan returned to the cold state of the past. If it weren't a few pornographic magazines under my pillow, I would have thought that what had happened yesterday was just a ridiculous dream.

From the time she got up to the time she finished breakfast and left the flat, she didn't even say a single word, let alone call me "elder brother".

The feeling of disappointment in my heart was telling me that I was just looking for troubles for myself.

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Feeling gloomy, I made heavy steps and headed toward my company.

Bei Tian City Fengchang Building; this was where I worked. A 34-stories comprehensive office building, located in the center of the city.

Every time I looked up at the building from outside, I would feel that I was a very lucky guy. For a fresh graduate, who had no work experience and no important family background, being hired by the company of this size was like hitting the jackpot. I was very fortunate to be that fresh graduate who hit the jackpot, or I should say that I was lucky enough to meet someone who helped me to hit that jackpot...

"Morning, Older brother Nan!"

As soon as I sat at my desk, an extremely handsome guy came to greet me. He had buzz-cut hair, thin eyebrows, and bright eyes, a pair of thin lips, and very white teeth; and his sharp-lined face always had an unrestrained smile, making him look very friendly.

This person was very close to me. We two were called the "loser couple" by other colleagues of the investment department.

Why? you ask. It was all because of our names. My name was Chu Nan, which sounded like the word virgin in Chinese. His name was Yang Wei, which sounded like the word - Erectile dysfunction in Chinese!

One was a virgin, and the other was Erectile Dysfunction! The two most unfortunate men in the world...

"Early, Older Brother Wei." seeing him being very energetic every day, I was quite envious. The word 'worries' might not exist in his dictionary.

"Older brother Nan, can I ask you a question?" Yang Wei casually pulled over Liusu's chair and sat next to me. He lazily placed his chin on the back of the chair and said. "Do you know why I want to call you older brother even though I am older than you?"

I turned on the computer and said unconcernedly, "It will be easy to pick up girls."

"No." This funny guy began to pound his chest and pretended to cry. "It is because I don't want you to call me older brother! Older Brother Wei? It sounds exactly like Viagra in Chinese. I'm still young and strong, and you are going to jinx me!"

"Well, it is better that way. Fewer women will be ruined by you." Before I even talked, someone had already answered him for me.

Miss Cheng Liusu, who just entered the door, swung her bag ruthlessly, and hit Yang Wei's head. "Get lost, how dare you sit on this granny's chair. You don't want to live?"

"Ouch," Yang Wei was not a little kid, but he still liked to play around. He did a fake kneeling posture, and said with a fake high-pitched voice, "This lowly one greets granny, wishes granny good health and long life..."

'This man is hopeless.' I shook my head secretly and turned to look at Liusu.

The beauty Cheng, who had a great body shape of a fashion model, was wearing a white professional suit, which was simple, elegant, and stylish. It tightly wrapped around her body, revealing her slender figure; the silk-textured pink short-sleeved top revealed the feminine side of an energetic girl. The only sad thing was that her little chest was a bit pitiful…

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