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Project Relife: 2x Isekai System Project Relife: 2x Isekai System original

Project Relife: 2x Isekai System

Author: TokyoAnime_Seven

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Chapter 1: Isekai Ticket

Author's Note: Dropped due to personal reasons, don't waste time reading it


In every era, the four gates of Heaven's space, time, numerics, and energy come together to create a Saviour Soul. A soul that will act as a guardian and will protect a universe from its greatest calamity.

Like the other times, this time too, the four great gates came together..... Fck, this intro is too long. I am skipping to the main part. Hope you enjoy this novel.

"Come on, come on, come on. Just do it!!" Xin screamed in excitement as he stared towards Truck Kun, approaching him at full speed. The so-called girl to be saved in this novel was already saved. Now Xin was just waiting for the truck to hit and send him on an Isekai.

Crash!! Everything became dark around. Xin closed his eyes in joy and hoped to open eyes in a different world~~

When Xin's eyes bleared open, he found himself standing before a person with an elderly face. White hairs, long beards, and a pair of spectacles giving him the exact features of a true Isekai god.

The elderly figure sipped tea from his silvery cup and invited the person before him to come and have a seat in the cafeteria made on top of clouds.

Black eyes, a small nose, and a fair Asian face with semi-long hairs,

Xin went near and took a seat as asked by the person before him. He was somewhat confused, as the person before him didn't have a Kami tag on him, as it should have been in one of those isekai anime.

"So, are you a god or an angel?" Xin asked. His eyes gleamed right then. Just some moment ago, darkness and emptiness were visible in his eyes. He was in a daze. But the moment he saw the person with the name tag "Itsuki," his eyes began to glow.

"I am ne—" before Itsuki said something, the person sitting before him opened his mouth again and threw a wave of questions towards him.

"Will I be reborn as a new life? Or will I get transferred into a world of sword and magic? And will I get a harem or single girl?"

Hearing the person's barrage of questions, Itsuki asked him to calm down and hear him out first.

"Okay, tell then," Xin replied and allowed the elderly figure to tell his part of the story.

"Thanks," replied the elderly figure and introduced himself.

"Xin Karlos, age 24. Hear me out. I am neither a god nor an angel. I am an ascended Saviour, known by the name Itsuki Mizuhara." The old man sipped his tea once again.

"Okay…. Since you already know my name, I don't think I have to introduce myself again. So, what's the reason for calling me here? If I'm not wrong, I died some hours ago, in that truck kun event. If I am right, then a soul is called to such a place after death, then there must be one of the two reasons. God killed him by mistake and wants him to start a new life in a different world. Or God wants him to complete any mission for them. So which one is it?" asked the person named Xin Karlos.

Hearing his deduction skill, Itsuki choked on his tea. The fantasy creation level of the earthlings was something that he should never underestimate again. He made a note of this in his mind and opened his mouth to answer his questions.

"Both. This time both things happened with you."

"Oh~~~!!" Xin exclaimed and didn't say anything about it.

Seeing his demeanor, Itsuki asked him why wasn't he angry about it?

And like the last time, this time too, he got choked after listening to the reply given by the person named Xin Karlos.

"Why should I get angry about it?! I am getting a chance to get to another world, also getting a chance to save a world. What else can I ask from God as compensation? And since you are sending me to save a world, you will give me some cheat skills or cheat powers, right?"

Listening to his question, Itsuki blinked at the boy with amazement. It was his first time seeing someone more excited about his isekai trip rather than his previous world life.

'Must be the effect of those mangas and anime,' Itsuki shook his head before he replied to his question.

"Yes, you will get your share of cheat skills and power. But before that, hear out the entire story from my side."

"Okay, tell," Xin agreed and listened to his narration attentively.

According to Itsuki, Xin was supposed to be born in a world of programming and magic. But during his soul transportation, something happened, and his soul was split into two.

Upon hearing it, Xin frowned and narrowed his eyes. Itsuki didn't show any reaction and continued the story as he was narrating before.

One part went to a universe devoid of magic and landed on a planet called earth, while the other part landed in the world of programming and magic as planned before.

The person born with the half savior soul in the world of magic was a talented genius for sure, but at the same time, he was also the target of many.

In his entire life of fifty-two years excluding some, each and every friend he had made have betrayed and backstabbed him at one point. At one point, he couldn't take it anymore and ended his life by hanging on the rope.

Listening to his narration, Xin felt a tingling sensation throughout his body. The first thing that blew his mind was the thing that he was only a half soul. And the second thing that was making him feel frustrated was the bad ending of his other part.

On earth, Xin was the second-best international programmer in the market after his dad. And his property alone gave him a tycoon ranking in the top twenty. But listening to his other half's story, he was feeling bad deep inside his heart.

"So, what am I supposed to do now?" Xin asked with a frown. Even though he was feeling bad, he was not connected to that other soul. So he put it aside and jumped to the main topic.

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