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Chapter 11 - Upgrades - Re:Animation - Chapter 11 by Ordin K. Cambel full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11 - Upgrades

Hoshiro was throw to the ground. His face hit the rocks and gave him a big bruise. The cave they were in was dimly lit and the smell of feces saturated the air. It was loathsome to breathe. The rest of the party were also thrown in a similar manner.

One of the orcs kicked Hoshiro in the stomach and then chanted some incoherent babble and laughed.

The party was spared for now, but for how long, Hoshiro had no idea. He surveyed the cave whilst being tied by ropes, rendering him immobile. He noticed that all the weaponry of the team were missing.

The orcs gathered around a fire and roasted a mutton for food. The aroma mixed with the smell of the cave gave a sense of vertigo to Hoshiro. And the fire being some ways away from the travellers, it was hard for the mass of orcs to see the team that they deposited on their way in.

One of the orcs came to Hoshiro. His was a tall stature, a bit wide on the waist too. He had with him a mighty club and large teeth protruded out of his mouth.

“I am Turumka, the grand. You are now our slaves! Do as I say and your lives will be spared.”

“We will not surrender!” Declared Merillion, as she struggled to up right herself and come to see the orc.

“We will see if your will stays this strong after tomorrow.”

“The Calvary is coming for us. You just wait.” Retorted Merillion. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Her lie fooled the orc somewhat as he pondered the situation.

“Calvary you say?”

“Yes. 200 men on their horses are searching for us right now.” She continued the lie.

“We will make short work of riders. They will be no match for Turumka and his tribe.”

Hoshiro thought it amusing to see the Princess lie to the orc to instill fear in the enemy, but he really wished that there was calvary coming, but alas, he knew it was fantasy.

Turumka taunted the travellers a bit more, then went back to his horde for some food.

In the dimly lit cave, something shimmered towards the entrance and none of the orcs even noticed it. But Hoshiro had an idea who that was.

“Cecil!” Whispered Hoshiro.

The robot nodded.

“Undo these bindings and free us Cecil.” Whispered the hero again.

In less than a minute, the four travellers were freed.

Still sitting down as if they were still bound, Hoshiro took out his sketch book and pen, which luckily the orcs did not discard, as they were only stationary items.

He clicked on his HUD and survey the cave. As his gaze fell upon Turumka, it read:

Turumka: Level 29

Followers: 143 orcs – Levels 14 – 21

Hoshiro then accessed his stats too.

Hoshiro: Level 26

New skill:

Animation: Level 3: Size reformation – the ability to draw any item and make it proportional to its intended size.

Hoshiro quickly turned off his HUD and then drew a few items for the team.

For Lance, he drew a beam blade.

“Lance, don’t turn the blade on until we are all ready to storm the orcs.” Commanded Hoshiro.

“You got it.” Replied the knight.

The hero then drew a sniper rifle with infinite ammunition as he drew the infinity symbol on its hilt. And lastly, Hoshiro drew a long staff for Larael.

After some instruction, the team stood up.

One of the orcs seemed to notice the travellers were on their feet and screamed for the others to take notice. But it was too late. The party had been upgraded and their powers about to be released.

A beam of blue lit up the area of the travellers as Lance activated his blade. Larael’s Morodon’s Staff lit up in red as she said.

“Lumous Arcanus!” Creating artificial light in the cave, as bright as the sun.

The orcs were stunned and blinded. They hid their bodies away from the intense light and drew out their weapons.

In this short time of adjustment, Merillion was able to snipe 6 orcs in quick succession.

Hoshiro, with haste casted, rushed the enemy at close combat range. Lance also followed.

The sniper rifle did not stop firing. The beam blade slashed scores of orcs with ease. The Morodon’s staff shot lightening bolts out of its tip and Cecil melted armour and flesh alike like butter.

The team within 10 minutes, obliterated Turumka’s forces. When there was only a handful of survivors left, the party, at the command of Hoshiro, stopped their onslaught.

“Great Hero. Spare our lives. We will not harm humanity again.” Pleaded Turumka.

“I have a better use for you.” Said Hoshiro. “Set your course to Thangdrium. Let them know that the Hero of Londawn is coming for them.”

The greater orc bowed and agreed. And then, with fervor, scuttled with the few survivors out of the cave.

“Why would you give them a warning?” Said Lance, confused by Hoshiro’s gesture.

“Because I want them to fear us. And that being said. We are the calvary.” Replied Hoshiro.

“We need more men if we are to lay siege to Thangdrium.”

“Perhaps, but I have an idea to fight against them. You’ll see.” Said Hoshiro confidently.

He checked his team’s stats on his HUD and as far as he was concerned, their stats were not bad by any means.

Hoshiro: Level 31– Hero class


Attack - 339

Defense - 281

Agility - 331

Magic – 00

Luck – 280

Merillion: Level 29 / Archer/ Mage


Attack – 288

Defense – 217

Agility – 339

Magic – 290

Luck – 255

Lance: Level 29 – Knight/ Half Mage


Attack – 302

Defense – 487

Agility – 209

Magic – 114

Luck – 267

Larael: Level 27 – Mage


Attack – 45

Defense – 62

Agility – 298

Magic – 509

Luck - 278

He beated his chest, and then said.

“We’ve got this!”

He then gathered his team and led them out of the cave and towards Thangdrium.

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